Friday, December 6, 2013


Thank you for the sweet comments yesterday.  I have some very intelligent people reading this!  :)

I don't have much of an update on Zoey/Winky - her 'mom' sent me this yesterday morning - "She is doing ok. She socializes with us when I get home from work until we go to bed (she groomed herself for the first time last night!!) and is up with us when when I go to work. She is doing less hiding under the bed and coffee table and her eyes seem to be improving as well. We will take her  back to the vet either later today or tomorrow on my day off."  I continue to keep her in my prayers and hope she continues to improve, from whatever is ailing her.  Poor baby girl.  :(

While this blog is mainly about the cats I see each and every day, my thoughts and feelings creep in and this blog becomes sort of cathartic for me - a diary almost.  I have been down lately due to finances, and expressed this to a distant cousin who lives in the Catskill Mountains with my favorite Aunt Mary - whom I remember with great joy from my childhood.  My grandmother had six sisters, and Mary was one of them.  She lived in New Jersey, was a wild redhead who was larger than life to me with her makeup, constant tan, jewels galore, and that Jersey accent.  Her husband, Uncle Don, was a handsome man too.  Her daughter and I have recently started to keep in touch after many years apart.  I sent her a note telling her about some of the difficulties I've had recently, and with Christmas coming and how down I was about it.  She sent me something that was so beautiful I wanted to share it.  I hope you get something out of it also.

"Dearest Cousin,
It is never a trouble when you share your concerns with me.  On the contrary, it is what family and friendship is all about; to help share the burdens of those we love.  I truly believe that capitalism has just ruined the real meaning of Christmas.  It is not about Santa Clause bringing us all lots of presents.  The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate God's love and HIs gift to us, Jesus.  And Jesus's love and gift to us of salvation and eternal life.  That is why we give a gift to those we love, to honor that memory.  But our gift does not have to be a material thing.  However we can give love to those we love; either with our time, our service, a heartfelt note, or even food.  You know what those you love can use the most.  Love, support, time, all count as gifts.  So don't fret about not having enough money to BUY something.  Gifts from the heart mean much more than those things purchased in a store.  And those who love you realize your situation and do not judge you or think any less of you.  Hard times, poor health, injustices happen to us all at one time or another.  With God's love and grace, if we trust in Him, we will get through anything and come through it stronger and with a blessing for being faithful.  
Mom's dementia is progressing.  She will be 96 in February.  She does not get dressed and rarely bathes.  She only wants to eat cookies, desserts and ice cream.  Her short term memory is non-existent and her long term memory is failing her.  I can no longer leave her alone for very long and she refuses to have anyone come in to stay with her if I have to go out for the day.  Each day is a challenge.  She asks the same questions over and over and complains about the same things nonstop.  However I count it as a blessing that she is still here with us, still able to walk and talk and still there for me to hug and love. "

So, thanks for that note Cousin.  I am so thankful for all the people in my life.  The new and the old. 
Have a great weekend.
"Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances."


  1. That is a special letter Janine, no one has ever sent me anything like that, you will always keep it, I know. Zoey has someone special in her life for her too now, they dont come any better than that, if only all would/could take such care of their kittys. May God bless them.

  2. Hi Janine, what a beautiful note your cousin sent you; very wise words. I wish more people lived by's world is ALL about gifts, gifts, gifts. I see kids making HUGE lists, commercials geared towards getting them to want even more, and no mention of helping those less fortunate. It's sad....but I take faith they'll eventually know the real meaning of Christmas. Hope you're feeling better my friend. I'll see you soon. I have some stuff for you. Nancy C.

  3. What a lovely note from your cousin, and she couldn't be more right. It's so sad that many people feel down this time of year - I know it has happened to me occassionally throughout the years. I'm divorced, own my own home, have a dog and cat, as well as the 2 feral kittens I take care of that basically live on my back deck. I also feed the rest of the strays in the neighborhood. I understanding how money (or lack thereof) can be a huge issue. Several years ago, instead of buying gifts for my family, I started donating money in their name to help homeless pets. They need it much more than my family needs another new shirt or pajamas! I have already made my donation this month with Pet Adoption Network where I volunteer, but come January I would like to send you some money to help with the kitties you feed and rescue. Can I still use the link located here on your blog "Help Janine feed homeless cats in Rochester" by Jessica Canham? Please reply and let me know. Wendy B.

  4. Wendy B. Yes, you can still use that link or you can click on the yellow Donate button that takes you right to Paypal. Thank you so much! :)


    1. I don't have a Paypal account - can I still click on the donate button? Wendy B

    2. Hello Neighbor!~ Wendy, you have shown me such kindness - thank you so much for still reading my blog! :) And I am so thankful that you adopted little Timmy from the streets too. He was one of my very special little rescues. His wobbly little legs.. :) You do not have to donate, but if you are so inclined, you do not need an account, its an account set up for me through Paypal. Thank you and bless you Wendy! XOXOXOXOXO

    3. Hi Janine - I'm not actually the Wendy who adopted Timmy - must be another Wendy. I live in the Southwedge and just started reading you blog a couple of months ago. I trapped and spayed/neutered a momma cat and 3 kittens who were living in my backyard, made winter houses for them and continue to take care of them (I'm trying to get them used to human touch so that maybe eventually they can come indoors, but it's slow going). I understand in a small way how much work it can be and I only take care of a few and it's right outside my back door. I am so inspired by all that you do which is why I want to help. Wendy B

    4. Hi Wendy! how embarrassing! I am sorry I mistook you for another Wendy that I know. She is a woman who lives nearby and adopted a kitty from me. But KUDOS to you for all you have done! You are awesome for that! Boy do I wish I could move all the ktties I feed to my yard! I feel so bad for them in this frigid weather out there. Thank you for your kind words, and your generous offer!

  5. I was very touched by your cousin's beautiful letter and was actually going to suggest that you share it here. I'm so glad that you did. Here's a quote that made me think of you:
    "The rich man is not one who is in possession of much, but one who gives much." John Chrysostom