Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brrrr... Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Red Kitty on Pennsylvania this morning

With the temperatures in the teens this morning, its no wonder that even with two layers of socks, my toes were frozen three quarters into my rounds.  I could barely feel them, but they ached on my drive home.  There were lot of cops, ambulances in different locations this morning - lots going on in the early morning hours.  But for me, its quiet, nothing changes, the cats are still waiting for me.  I laid down a lot of towels over the snow covered ones.  I do this just where they have to stand to eat, so that their little toes can at least rest on something dry, cottony, instead of the frozen snow.  I also spread a little more straw in some of my spots, but I think someone donated a bag of hay by mistake.  I wish I knew the difference in sight - I think hay is more shiny?  Anyone know?  Tomorrwo, I will pack a bag of the other bale I received - which I am sure is straw.

Regardless, they are cold.  Here is a pic to tell all.  These cats are waiting on Central for me each and every morning.  These cats need adoption, fast.  If you can't commit, at least foster one of them?  Please please please spread the word.  Winter has not even started.  I fear that the Almanac may be right this year - we are going to  have a brutal winter.
Central - my only location where there is NO shelter - they destroy whatever I put there

Day Two of Captivity - Abby!

Abby's picture - SEXY!

Abby's Mugshot

She is a very very sweet kitty - I am now wondering if she is pregnant.  Her belly feels a little round to me.  I must get her to a vet.  She is NOT very good getting a picture of.  She is quite camera shy.  But she does love her belly rubbed!  I must find her a home, and fast!  Gordie looks at me every morning now on Chamberlain and says "is today the day you will rescue me, is today the day you will take me to your nice warm home?"  Heartbreaking.  Please consider fostering a kitty - you will not regret it.

I have tomorrow off - hurray.  I also am late getting ready for tomorrow's feedings and then getting myself read for work, so keeping this short but sweet. 

Have a great day!

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