Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zoey and Other Stuff

Zoey's mom sent me her picture yesterday, along with this little note:   
Dec 10 at 8:41 PM
I found out today that the meaning of the name Zoey is "life".
The vet had to shave the side of her neck, but she still looks beautiful.

Makes me cry, it really does.  Such a sweet little kitty.  I still pray for a miracle for her.

In regards to yesterday's post, and comments, I have to say a few things.  First, thank you everyone for all the comments, I love to hear differences of opinions, that's what makes our world the way it is, complex and beautiful.  We all have our opinions and there is nothing wrong with them.  They are the way we see life to be, and who is to judge?  I do have to say though, unless you are who I think you are, you really need to walk in my shoes day in and day out to know whats best for these cats.  And legally, they may not be mine, but morally, I am the only one to know what is right and wrong for them.  I am their caretaker, and if I believe one of them is in danger, then I will do whatever I can to get them out of it.  There are far less dangers in a barn situation than there are on some streets and some neighborhoods.  I know this firsthand.  Prince was darting in and out of two busy streets before I made the decision to move him.  I pray he is still ok, but I don't regret the decision to take him away from those conditions one bit.  He lived in a box on a porch of a boarded up house.  Who has ever picked up a cat, that was literally frozen, from under a porch.  I have.  I know what these cats face every day, and the more I can take off the street, place them into loving homes.  A barn is not where I would ideally want a cat to end up, but its far better than the streets. 

I did it again.  Guess who's in my bathroom?  ABBY!!!  Abby is the sweet young black kitty, less than a year old, from Pennsylvania and Fourth!  I need to find a home for her temporarily so that I can rescue Gordie, the grey kitty on Garson/Chamberlain who I originally intended to rescue.  But Abby is not eartipped, so its likely she is not spayed, and she is young.  Also, who could pass up a little kitty sitting waiting for you every morning in the snow.  And in the conditions we are in now in Rochester, with temps in the 20s, and two inches of snowfall overnight, I couldn't just leave her.  She is too defenseless.  So please, consider fostering Abby for me.  There are thousands of unwanted and mistreated animals out on the streets.  We may not be able to solve world hunger and war, but this is something concrete that we can do to improve our community - and that is to help, in whatever way is possible for you.

Pictures for you tomorrow!

Have a great day!

"Don't be so quick to judge, you never know when you might just find yourself walking in that person's shoes."


  1. So sad about Zoey and Prince. Zoey's family sound wonderful - even though her fate is uncertain, they still do not regret taking her in and having her for whatever time they do - long or short. That's how we all feel, right? It doesn't matter how long they are with us - they are a blessing. One of the feral kittens I take care of got hit by a car 2 weeks ago - he wasn't there for breakfast, so I feared something was wrong. He's the only one I had not yet been able to trap and neuter. I'm just glad I found him and was able to bring him "home" to my yard and bury him. The only thing that makes me feel better is that I provided him with food, shelter, and love for the little time he did have - I made a difference in his life - that makes me feel a little better. You did the best you could for Prince, and I agree that if that woman doesn't do this kind of work herself, then it really isn't for her to say what is best - you have to deal with these cats everyday - you know what it's like out there for them. They are yours because you are the only one who takes the time and expense to take care of them. And as far as leaving them in the "hood" where they grew up, from what you have said these neighborhoods are filled with people who don't care about these animals and consider them a nuisance. If Prince is gone, at least he lived in a place where he was loved, taken care of and warm. Hang in there! Wendy B

  2. One more comment - I live in a very nice neighborhood in the city, and when I found a momma cat and her 3 kittens living in my back yard and the surrounding area, I just could not ignore them. I trapped them (with help), got them spayed/neutered, and continue to feed and provide winter housing for them all with my own time and money. All of my neighbors thought it was just "wonderful" what I was doing. Did any of them offer to help me trap the cats or pay for their spay/neuter or food? Not a single one. I find that most people will just ignore the situation - it's not their problem. If not for you, these cats would have nothing. Wendy B

  3. Janine,
    You are a Saint and you know better than any of us what these poor defenseless cats go through every day because you are out there at 5:00 AM in the snow and cold not us.Anyone can publish comments from the warmth of our homes and until we walk in your shoes we really have no right to ever tell you when or what cat needs to be Euthanized or relocated to a barn. I agree with Wendy B. It sickens me that your followers couldnt even match that guy Walts $100.00. But we still want to tell you how to rescue your cats.Time to put our money where our mouths are and help Janine do what she does best Rescue Rochesters Cats one at a time.

  4. Oh my goodness! Why am I not surprised. :D Let's get a photo of her up on the Bean's Facebook page so we can get Abby adopted.