Tuesday, December 3, 2013


My babies!  Left to Right- Smokey, Midnight, Scooter!

In answer to someone's comment yesterday, I could really use a large board, and the size of that would be - I would guestimate to be - 5 foot by 4 foot?  Pretty large.  I would probably need help delivering it to Hayward, which is near East Main Street/Goodman/Culver area.  Any help anyone can offer, would be great.  Thank you!

I took some photos this morning of shelters, and kitties!  Here they are!

Hayward Shelter - where they removed the large board - this looks terrible.

Baldwin Kitty
Baldwin Shelters - under the board I place food there too - pretty pathetic

Baldwin Kitties

Sixth St. Shelter that Sheryl built - thanks Sheryl!
Inside the shelter - you can see they've been using it - I refilled with straw this morning

Sixth Street Shelters


Hatch Shelter on Seventh - Kristin made - thanks Kristin!
OK, running out of time, must get to work, but before I forget, my sweet Rupert, the very sick, white cat I rescued from Baldwin almost a month ago, has been adopted!  The same woman that adopted a kitty from the street from me almost two years ago told me last week that he needed a companion, and she took Rupert, sight unseen.  He is thrilled in his new home - he joins his brother Toby, and two canine siblings!  :) 
Some news that has brought me sadness - my baby Winky, the kitten I rescued nearly two months ago, and was adopted a month ago, - she is very ill.  She has been brought to the vet is being watched closely.  I feel terrible about it.  I had her tested for FIV and Leuk before her adoption, and has now had a second test for that because they aren't always 100% correct, from what I understand, along with along with toxoplasmosis and FIP, which is apparently uncurable.  Please keep Winky - now Zoey, in your prayers today. 


  1. Aaww, poor little Winky/Zoey, what ever the outcome Janine, she has known love for some part of her life, anything is better than the risk od some weirdo on the streets getting hold of her yes, prayers for her and her people. xoxox

  2. I'm so sad for Winky and her family. They are definitely in my prayers.

    Good for Rupert! What a wonderful family to take him in sight unseen. I'm so glad it's working out for him. He deserves it!