Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do You Know What Day It Is?

Uh huh, hump day!  hurrah!  I had five days off from work last week - that includes Saturday and Sunday, and boy was it heavenly.  Back at work, the hours drag slowly by.  I am almost asleep by 2 pm.  Oh, how I would love to win the lottery!

Speaking of, its been a very tough year for me - filled with worry, and sadness over my own personal affairs - I also was not able to TNR (trap neuter release) many cats either - certainly not as many as last year - and it showed by seeing a few pregnant cats, and also seeing new kittens running around.  But I rescued over 10 kittens this year, and found them all good homes!  I rescued a ton of adult cats, and found them all good homes too!  I also had to euthanize quite a few of my own, and also some very sick kitties on the streets.  I've also never someone adopt a kitty from me and have them get sick, and die shortly after.  Not to say that this has happened to Winky/Zoey - I actually don't know how she is today.  I think her new family are very concerned about her - but somehow I feel responsible, even though she was tested for disease before she was adopted, and was negative.  I pray I hear good news sometime soon.

I have a cold today, my throat was raw last night, and I am dragging.  Its so hard sometimes to get myself motivated to head out into the cold, and the wet - its raining this morning - and get out of my car 15 times within the hour - to move boards, to fill plates, to pick up wet towels, to trudge to the back of empty lots and behind abandoned boarded up houses.  Its so hard to give a pat here and there to the friendly ones, knowing they are hungry and just want me to put the food down, and then drive away from them.

I guess I am throwing my self a pity party this morning, but that's OK.  I deserve it.  We all deserve our own party once in a while, right?  :)  Well, break out the champagne and pour me a glass.  Kidding.  Its only 6:35 am., and I need to get moving and ready for work. 

Sorry for the lame post today - but I deserve it!  :)

Some more pictures I took yesterday morning:

Pennsylvania (side of house shelter for food)

Pennsylvania (back - shelters - kitty inside!)

Central Kitty (sweet - he was very shy when I first started to feed him)

Again, Black Kitty on Central - definitely homeless - needs a home!)

A few more on Central - Charlie Sr. at left, Snickers in the middle

Have a great day!

"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."


  1. Janine I thought I had a board that would be ok for you, but by those measurements, it will not fit, sorry, hope you can get an old are not alone in your pity party, "misery loves company" girl. All my animals are ganging up against me.....taking over..........dont they like living here anymore ? :(

  2. Hi Janine - hope Thanksgiving was nice for you. You can have all the pity parties you want - you're entitled!! Just invite me to at least one of them!! Share some wine, My crew are all fine - Baxter and Redford are settling in nicely with the rest of them. Talk to you soon. Nancy C.