Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where There's A Will, There's a Way

I rescued Prince and Cedric, two males that I had been feeding for ages on a regular basis on Central Park at a boarded up house, with feeding stations and shelter on both the porch and in the back of the house.  I brought them to a barn out in Scottsville after this kind woman posted for cats for her horse barn.  Things went well, she kept them caged for two weeks - Cedric was shy and ran and hid when he was released, and Prince was Prince, just the sweetest and friendliest boy.  A week later he had an injury to his paw, but his new 'mom' said it was getting better, and he was also seen by a vet tech that comes to look at the horses there.  Cedric was still in hiding but coming out to eat.  There is lots of hay and straw there for the several horses that are kept there.  Its a nice 'barn' building, I could live there!  Anyways, all was going well until Monday when Pat informed me "wanted to let you know Prince wasn't at breakfast yesterday or today. I hope he's just out roaming but it's very unusual fro him at the barn. He spent all day friday with us as we were working in the barn. He had lunch with us, sat on out laps around the fire. I remain hopeful but sad at the thought that he may have left or ...... "     That was on Sunday night. On Monday I got this:  "Some friends told me they saw a cat that looked like prince at the side of the road on sat. I went to try to find it but it was not there today. I am very sad about all this"

I also am very sad about this.  It makes me rethink the whole barn situation.  There are predators in the country, lots of fox, coyotes - I am so sad to think that something has happened to my little Prince.  Then again, it happened in Webster to my mother's cat when a coyote snapped her little neck seconds after she was let out of the house in the early morning hours.

The other bit of news:  Winky/Zoey - this is the kitten I rescued when she was about four months old - a sweet little thing that ran across the road to me starving - on Garson Avenue.  I was able to swoop her up while gobbling food, thought she might be feral because of how frantic she was, and within minutes after soothing her in my bathroom, she because a cuddle bunny.  Sweetest little thing in the world.  My neighbor fostered her, fell in love with her, and then she was adopted by Chelsea.  But there was something that just wasn't right with her- after Tracy mentioned to me that she wasn't feeling well, I brought her to the doctor for lethargy, and not eating, she was placed on antibiotic and got better.  Then after her adoption, Chelsea reported the same thing, and here is what she reported yesterday:  "We are waiting to hear from the Doctor today regarding Zoey's test results. We are hoping the test went out on Friday so we can know today. If not today then Wednesday. She is SOO active when we give her the steroids. She acts like a wild kitty, you would never think she was sick, unfortunately she "crashes" shortly after. I thought we had turned a corner on Thursday, but sadly we have not. She is not eating as much as she use to and you can just tell that she is uncomfortable. She would be happy just to lay in your arms forever.  My heart is quite heavy, but I am reminded often that she is very loved and happy where she is right now. I have loved every second of being with her and I am grateful that you were able to find her and bring her to us. I will let you know if we hear anything else today. "

Of course, this is doubly sad for me.  But I am so grateful she is not suffering in the streets like she would have if it hadn't been for that one second I was able to grab her.  Thank God.

There are two sweet kitties I want to rescue so bad out there.  One is a little black girl, uneartipped, but not pregnant.  The other is Gordie on Garson.  He is such a sweet grey boy.  Where there's a will, there is a way.

Have a nice day.


  1. oh Janine. I am so sad about Prince. My heart is very heavy and sad . I am giving you a big hug right now.......

  2. I'm sorry about Prince and Winky Janine. You've had so much sadness lately....plus being sick. It's just not fair. I think of you all the time. Nancy C.

  3. Hi Janine, I have been reading your blog for a while now. I am very sorry to hear about Winky and Prince. I would like to comment on Prince and Cedric. I remember when you rescued them that you said that you felt that Prince was in danger of being hit by a car when he ran across the street to get his food each morning. I remember thinking at the time that he could just as easily be hit by a car in Scottsville. And now it seems that may have happened. I am also concerned that Prince had a foot injury that went untreated except to be "Looked at by a vet tech", even tho these adopters seem to have the means to get him some veterinary care and they were able to handle him.I also think that it appears that Cedric is somewaht less than happy in his new situation. In this case, I think these cats would have been far better off left where they were. Feral cats and some strays who live in the city can do very well if they have food and shelter, which you were providing for them. Cats do not have any conception of the fact that they live in a "bad" neighborhood. And they can live interesting and colorful lives in such neighborhoods. There are just as many cruel and abusive people in the 'burbs and rural areas as there are in the city. And there are just as many kind hearts in the city as there are elsewhere, maybe more! These animals have a right to their lives and happiness, and tho you feed them, they are not "yours". So I think you need to rethink these types of "rescues". On a brighter note, I absolutely do agree and give you MUCH credit for the rescues you have done of cats that have been placed in loving indoor homes. That is wonderful! Just be aware that not all cats are going to find this acceptable.

  4. Janine I know it is hard for you to send them out to a barn and there are definitely risks, but I personally have relocated many cats to barns and would do again versus leaving them in the ghetto where people try to kill them, there are so many cars, there are dogs all over, at least on the farm they don't have people intentionally trying to Hurt them and much less chance of getting

    1. Hit or intentionally killed

  5. Janine,
    Your work for these cats is just amazing. I can guarantee you that without you, many more would be tormented, run over and not fed within the city. Your presence and care for the cats shows the neighborhoods that these cats are actually cared about.
    Putting a feral or stray cat in an indoor only home isn't always the best idea for their mental well being. As you know, it isn't fair to them as many do enjoy and prefer the thrill of an actual hunt and appreciate their independence.
    Janine, You have a knack for placing the cats in proper homes.
    Having indoor cats and having barn cats all my life, there are definitely differences in the background and qualities of each of the cats and some were more successful in their respective locales than others. Barns can be an awesome place for these cats where they have less worry and less competition for resources. Honestly, the ability of the cat to fit into a new situation has many variables since no one situation is the same. Most of the variables with barn cats is the length and quality of acclimation, along with the personality of said cat. Can't make everyone happy... ;)
    Thank you for all you so..... SPC

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Prince and I feel a bit sick over it. Maybe he did come to a sad end, but at least he got a chance to experience love, shelter, and plenty to eat, which he wasn't getting out on the streets! God bless you for never giving up on these cats. And bless Zoey's family for taking such good care of her. I'm so sad for them. You're in my prayers!

  7. My comment on the Prince and Cedric situation is this- and I have been in similar dilemmas myself, as someone who TNR's and fosters and adopts and keeps cats and kittens too, but in the country areas, not city. HINDSIGHT IS 20/ 20!!!!! It is VERY difficult to decide or guess what is "best" for each cat and even kittens in each situation. Especially when Janine is dealing with SO many and doesn't have the opportunity to get to know each cat more personally. she can only guess, and base her decisions on her feelings of which cats are in the most danger where they are, and on what is available as far as barns, homes, foster offers, at the time. ALL one can do is make the best choice they can AT THE TIME, with the information they have available THEN, and then hope for the best for that cat. I tend to make the decision to do nothing and take care of the cats where they are (TNR) but that is in the country or already at a barn or in a small town. and of course THAT has turned out to be the "wrong" decision sometimes too- in HINDSIGHT when a cat disappears and I think i "should have gotten him to safety". of course then I feel bad, but try not to kick myself TOO hard- and I am glad that i don't have a blog and commenters at times like those!!
    I haven't always agreed with Janine's decisions, but i am understanding more and more how difficult these decisions are. I have taken care of the same outdoor cats in one place for over 8 years now, and recently had to have my favorite sweetheart boy there euthanized suddenly due to difficulty breathing caused by a chestful of fluid from lymphoma they were sure, and for 8 years I had struggled with whether i should leave him there with his buddies or take him home. Would he have lived longer if I had? I'll never know. But he died due to natural causes and lived his life free like I knew he wanted to be, yet i believe he knew how much i loved him- and these cats live right near a VERY main road. ALL the decisions we make are difficult, even the ones we make to do nothing.
    So I'm going to try REAL hard to not question Janine's decisions any more. I would not WANT to walk a mile in her shoes. My shoes are bad enough. I wouldn't want my decisions to be under anyone's microscope. Regardless of their outcome, her motives are pure, and no results are ever guaranteed.