Monday, April 30, 2012

Happiness is a Direction, not a Place.

So true, we are all trying to get there, but we will already 'be' if we follow its path!  Or something like that.  Hey, I get what I mean!  :)

Another crazy weekend.  Mike may have a foster.  I have been moving him between two bathrooms, a porch and a bedroom.  Its hard keeping an animal for over a week in a tiny enclosed room.  He really likes the diversity, and until he goes to his foster home, thats what he will continue to get! 

In other news, Harry may be getting a new home also.  I will miss little Prince Harry.  He had a fractured hip when I first rescued him.  I kept him confined for a few weeks, but the kitten in him took over.  I couldn't contain him any longer.  He now rolls and romps and has a blast with Rufus and the other kitties.  They take turns grooming each other, its so sweet to watch.  He has become like part of the family and I will miss him so much.  A very beautiful cat.  He is very long haired, beautiful eyes, and reminds me of Digit, who I rescued from Seventh a year ago - they look so much alike.  Digit was limping when I saw him and I thought he had injured his paw, so I grabbed him.  Turns out he has like 8 or 9 toes! and his nails were so overgrown and curled under one was growing into his paw.  After lots of trimming and removing that one nail, he is happy as a clam with my sister as his new mom.

This morning, on my route, I had a woman from HFC and Heather tag along.  We will be doing a massive (10 cats Tuesday, 10 Cats Thursday, and next week the same) trap, neuter, return tomorrow.  An apparently anonymous donor has come forward to pay for 30-50 cats on my route through Lollipop Farm.  The logistics for me are mind boggling and I thank God for Heather for her organizing skills, and for her willingness to help me in the first place.  I just couldn't do it without these other people willing to help.  I am one person, and I obviously cannot do it alone.  I have been  feeding these cats for so long now.  I pray this helps to reduce the population and helps me financially with the food and rescue costs.  I have spent a small fortune, not small, actually large, large enough to not have extra money from hard earned paycheck to take care of the household necessities I've been neglecting for many years now.  I need new everything, and could have had everything, if I didn't do what I do.  But I love these animals, and will spend my last penny on them. 

Have a great day, and wish us success tomorrow!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I finally figured out - am having trouble with the thigga ma jigger thingy you put the thing in from the camera, onto the hard drive, to download the pics.  I hope you all got that.  :)  Didn't work at home, and doesn't work on another computer.  So, something wrong with that.  And on that is where the picture is of Mike.  So, in the meantime, until I can get it working, or have to replace it, here is a picture of Julie's kitties - I would love to know their story, and I am sure they have one: 

Simi and Sushi:

and here is a picture of the new Mom, Tulip, and her five babies, they were born on Thursday of last week!  I rescued Tulip from Ferndale and Webster in the nick of time.  And to imagine, I petted her for weeks, and kept feeling her belly, and I just couldn't tell if she was pregnant because she was so FAT!  :)  Glad I got her, and thank you Diane for being her foster mommy. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Vacation Day?

Thats what its called, but its certainly not 'vacation' for me.  It started this morning, getting up at 3 to feed my own brood (they have me trained), only to wipe up the accident on the (thankfully) linoleum floor that my dog Thunder left (has bladder issue).  Finally back to bed only to get up an hour later at 4:30 to go on my 5 am. journey in the hood.  All the usual suspects there, minus the raccoons - I am sure they were lurking though.  Then home to get ready for grocery shopping, and then to Mom's to feed her cats as she is on her quite often weekend getaway (lucky her!).  Then home to drag in the gazillion dollars worth of groceries and cat food, up the steps, down the steps, oh Lord my knees!  Then to begin my major weekend cleaning.  But not before breakfast of course, and then by 10 am., after cleaning up the downstairs bathroom, I moved Mike from the upstairs bathroom to the newly cleaned downstairs bathroom to give him a change of scenery.  The upstairs bathroom, where he has been since Wednesday, only has a skylight, and the downstairs has a nice ledge and window for him to sit on and look out into the back yard.  He really is a sweetheart.  I have now learned how to easily download pics at work, but put me on my own computer, and I can't figure it out!  I got a great shot of Mike last night and I am so mad I cannot show you him, right now at least.  Check out later, maybe I will have figured it out!

There are so many cats out there.  Its getting lighter out earlier now and I can see them all.  There were four at the first stop, four at the second, three at the third, three at the fourth, three at the next, four at the next, three at the next, six at the next, five at the next, two at the next, two at the next, and three at the final one.  How many is that?  I am not going to count.  It makes me sick.  Although big plans for next week for a TNR through Lollipop.  Apparently someone has donated some money to pay for TNR for over 20-30 cats.  Will need all the help I can get, if anyone can?  Mostly transport to and from Lollipop, and release.   My thanks to Heather and Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue for helping to organize for me, and Karen at  Four Legged Friends rescue for always being there if needed too.

As I was driving home, I saw the dreaded dead cat on the road.  This beautiful kitty.  Someone just hit it and left it to die.  She was so pretty - soft soft colors of brown and orange against a white background.   I gently wrapped a blanket around her and placed her in my car.  She was very light, which means she was either very young, or emaciated.  Whatever the case, she is in a better place now.  I never harden over cats that are killed out there.  I always cry for them.  They deserve to know they were loved in some small way. 

I can't wait for an update on Blossom.  I also can't wait for an update on Laura.  I may have a foster or home for Harry (Prince) on Monday, fingers crossed.  That will leave Buster, Rufus and Midnight.  Yippee!

I must show you the most beautiful picture of Tulip, who just had five babies yesterday, one of my rescues.  Unfortunately, I don't have the picture on my home computer, so will try to figure that one out today also.  Thanks everyone for continuing to reading and commenting on my blog, happy or sad.  Have a great day.  XO

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breaking News!

Doot doo doo dew!!!  (thats supposed to be the sound of a bugle) Tulip, a female pregnant cat I rescued from Fernwood and Webster, where I also rescued Timmy, and Gumdrop, and a couple of others, and who I could not tell if pregnant or not, has finally delivered her babies!  I am told five right now, although she was as big as a house, so at this moment, not sure if five was it.  These pictures only show one baby.  Hopefully I will have a better picture for you tomorrow.

Other great news!  Blossom came back from the clinic, along with Mike yesterday.  Nancy, a girl who has helped me trap before, who lovingly took in BusterII and cared for him during his final days of leukemia, and who has adopted four others of mine from the streets, offered to take Blossom!  I just can't believe the compassion in some people.  Its overwhelming to know its out there.  Thank God for her.  Can't wait to get the report on Blossom today.    I share pictures of where Blossom was picked up from on Short Street.  I feed four other cats here, under a porch.

Mike, I am going to try to adopt him out, as soon as I can get a good picture of him.  If I can't, he will be put back on the street this weekend..  I had heard it was going to be rotten outside weatherwise for the next couple of days so I didn't just want to put him out immediately after his surgery.  The papers that came back with him mentioned he was licking his excessively bleeding scrotum, so they suggested to keep him overnight.  He is so sweet, its very very hard to imagine dumping him back on that street again.  Such a sweet boy.  ]
And the final bit of great news for the day.  A girl who has read my blog for years now, moved to Florida a year or so ago, has a sister in law in Rochester that was looking for a cat.  Turns out she works at the same hospital that I do, and lives just down the street from me!  And guess who has a new home???  LAURA~!!  And Maria is MADLY in love with her.  I can't wait to share a picture of "Gypsy" with you, thats her new name!   Here is my picture of Laura/Gypsy, just to remind you of what she looks like.  

"If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blossom and Mike

I want to first thank everyone who wrote me yesterday about Gumdrop.  Each and every time I have to make a decision such as putting an animal to sleep, it affects me deeply.  Especially with a situation like I have on my hands right now.  I've had Blossom in my bathroom since Monday morning when I finally rescued her from Short St.  She is very full term and I just know she would be delivering any moment now.  She finally warmed up to me yesterday as I sat in the bathroom and talked and cooed to her.  She let me rub her enormous belly, and she was purring loudly.  I had the spot at the clinic this morning and had every intention prior to last night to have her spayed and return her to the streets.  I made one attempt this morning to find her a safe place to have her babies, but it failed.  I was too late in asking.  Her appointment at the clinic was at 8 this morning.  I feel terrible about it.  I sometimes wonder if kitties are saying 'please don't take my babies'.  I am sick over this one.  If only she hadn't warmed up to me!   But I am an animal realist.  Here is a fact you can count on 100%, every time: for every litter of kittens born and adopted out into homes, another litter dies at at the kill animal shelter because nobody showed up to adopt or foster them. Unlike with human kids, when there aren’t enough homes for cats, they get put to sleep. It’s happening every single day at animal control time of year.

I also went out this morning and picked up Mike from Third Street.  I had two spots at the clinic, and Mike was super easy.  Good little boy.  Needs a snip snip.    They both look a like, don't they!

I want to share another picture of little momma Tabitha, who was one of the first pregnant kitties I rescued from the mean streets, and her babies, along with her (step) baby daddy Bamm Bamm (white)!  They are in love!  :)  Julie is the lucky foster mommy to this family!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I brought this little guy in to the vet yesterday.  His little body weighed just 3 pounds.  He was half the size of what he should have been at what they estimated him at 8-10 months old.  Dr. Boehm took a look at him, as he stopped in to say hello just after his blood was drawn for a leukemia test, and he said his gums were very white, that he looked anemic.  After a bit, Dr.  Ennis came in with the very sad news.  I said my goodbyes to Gumdrop as he lay still on the table, and his little soul went straight up to heaven!  Rest in peace my sweet Gumdrop.  Here is a sweet prayer I found in honor of my little Gumdrop, and his sweet short life that he lived.

A Parting Prayer

Dear Lord, please open your gates
and call St. Francis
to come escort this beloved companion
across the Rainbow Bridge.

Assign him to a place of honor,
for he has been a faithful servant
and has always done his best to please me.

Bless the hands that send him to you,
for they are doing so in love and compassion,
freeing him from pain and suffering.

Grant me the strength not to dwell on my loss.
Help me remember the details of his life
with the love he has shown me.

And grant me the courage to honor him
by sharing those memories with others.

Let him remember me as well
and let him know that I will always love him.

And when it's my time to pass over into your paradise,
please allow him to accompany those
who will bring me home.

Thank you, Lord,
for the gift of his companionship
and for the time we've had together.

And thank you, Lord,
for granting me the strength
to give him to you now.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Misery and Jubilation!

Those are quite the opposites, aren't they?  But they were both felt this morning.  Its a blizzard out there, when its snowing, and when its not, it was pouring down heavy rain drops throughout the night.  The wind is howling, and we are expected to receive 2-4 inches by end of today.  MISERABLE.  I was soaked from head to toe. 

Meet Blossom.  This is the pregnant kitty I've been trying for three days to get.  What a morning.  She let me grab her easily, but she is not happy in my tiny bathroom.  I am not sure what I will do with her.   I have two clinic appointments this Wednesday, and may have her spayed and returned to the street.  I am just not sure about this one.  No doubt, she is scared right now.

Gumdrop, the very sick kitty I picked up yesterday morning (see my posts over weekend), is still very sick, and not keeping her food in her.  I will be calling the vet this morning, actually in a few minutes, to make an appt. for him to get tested first, and if negative, see how I can treat him.  If he tests positive, I will have to have him euthanized.  I have no where for him to live out his remaining days, if that.  He is a gentle soul and lets you hold him like a baby.  I love the name Gumdrop my friend Kristin picked out for him.  Gumdrop can weigh any more than three pounds, if that.  The last picture shows how thin he is.  You can feel every bone.  Poor baby, I am SO thankful I got him off the street to where he would suffer greatly.  (and please excuse my clodhopper feet!)

Also, thanks to those who commented yesterday.  I so appreciate your kind words and offer of help.  I am so over my head at this point.  I need help.  (My mother would say a psychiatrist, but I need help physically with these extra cats!)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


No, I was not successful in seeing the little pregnant girl this morning.  I really am beating myself up over not getting her that first morning, but I didn't have a carrier with me, and I know I should have had one with me.  I went back twice yesterday, in the rain, and still no show.  I will go back there again this afternoon and call for her.   The others were there though, as usual.   And I did see Angel, whose nose looks like its healing nicely.  And I finally saw Sparkles, after not having seen her in two days, and I finally saw Jimena, who I have not seen in two days either!  Maybe they were hangin' together!

I did, however, see a little grey kitty with white stripes, as I have for the past couple of weeks here and there, on Fernwood and Webster, where Tulip and Timmy were rescued from.  But today, I could see this little one in a better light, and he actually let me get close enough to pick him up.  I was shocked and saddened, and immediately reacted by placing him in the carrier I had in my car, knowing he wasn't well.  He weighs about three pounds.  Very small, emaciated little boy.  Very very dirty.  I"
 wound up driving straight to the Emergency Vet.  They rejected him for euthanization, telling me to bring him to a shelter.  I have the little one in my bathroom now, and have bathed him.  He is very gentle and loving.  If I only had the financial means, he would be checked out.  I don't.  Thats why its such a crime that we don't have better funding for animals in this country.   I can't even get into this subject now, I want to have a somewhat nice relaxing day today, without my blood pressure rising.  I will be posting pictures here later of "Lucky", and will be thinking of what I am going to do with him, and what I will do when I go back and the soon-to-be Mama is waiting for me to rescue her - fingers crossed.  Stay tuned. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another One!

On my rounds this morning, on Short Street, a black and white cat was crying, and normally, the little ones there stay far away from me.  This one came right up.  I felt her, and she was very pregnant.  I made a big mistake, and left her there, having no carrier in my car.  I tried twice today to get her, by going back, but no luck.  I pray she is there tomorrow.  I did, however, meet the owner of the house that I place the food under the porch of, and he is a very nice man.  He told me it takes a special kind of person to do what I do, and said God was going to bless me.  I thought that was so awesome, to make a friend like that living on such a poverty stricken street.  Many people were out and about, and normally that would frighten me, but they just ignored me and went on their way.  Please say a prayer for a much needed rescue tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2012


"God made all the creatures and gave them our love and our fear, To give sign, we and they are His children, one family here."  Robert Browning

The smell of rain was in the air this morning when I left my house at 5:15 sharp.  I stopped yesterday to buy a vinyl tablecloth at The Dollar General on Route 104 on my way home from Newark.  I had to get one because at one of my shelters, someone actually went out of their way to walk to the back of the vacant lot, take the best (and heaviest) board I had that was used for shelter, and leave a rickety old piece of fencing in place of it.  The kind where if it rains, it goes right through the slats.  I just couldn't believe it.  The spot wasn't vandalized, like it has been in the past, but that someone just wanted that piece of wood.  Really sad.  So, I went out and got the vinyl tablecloth - thought I was going to pay ONE DOLLAR for it at Dollar General, but wound up paying $4!!  I could really use these too.  Will have to get some more.  They could really help keep my spots dry during rainy days.  If any one has any old vinyl/plastic tableclothes they aren't using, that would be wonderful!

All my usual suspects were out this morning, including a couple of new ones.  Where Lilliana was rescued on Garson, a pretty, and friendly calico came up to me.  A she.  But she had no signs of being pregnant either.  Angel was out and about, his nose still wounded but not looking any worse.  I hope he does ok.

Picture is of Raichu, the kitty I rescued from Grand who just had her babies two days ago who is being fostered by a girl from Another Chance Pet Rescue.  I share them with you!  Not the best quality picture, but I hope you can see her babies!   One looks like it has tiger stripes!

Above picture is of Tabitha, another of the first pregnant kitties I rescued, with her six week old babies.  They are getting so big!  Can you imagine if these animals had been born out on the street?  It would have been a very sad situation.  But just look at the look on Mom's face!  She is so happy, and proud of her kids!

Here is reality - I hope this gives you more awareness of the importance of getting unneutered animals fixed and/or off the street!   I've certainly learned a lesson!  Thank you Jess for finding this for me!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Judgment Day

Jeremiah 25:4

“How long will the ground be dry and the pasturelands parched? The birds and animals are dead and gone. And all of this happened because the people are so sinful. They even brag, “God can’t see the sins we commit.”
Proverbs 12:10

“Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”

Matthew 6:26

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

I had to reacquaint myself just now to certain passages in the bible that speak of God loving all creatures.  This morning, as I went to my last stop, where Sparkles, the pregnant female I had spayed and returned to 4th and Pennsylvania, continues to run and greet me with a roll over and waiting for her morning meal, I pulled up and noticed someone had taken her shelter, the boards, the towels, all were gone.  I was heartsick.  This was a shelter that she and others could go to in storms and such, for protection.  Its against a boarded up house, right next to a church, the same church that I spoke to the pastor that preaches there same time last year who had tried to move my stuff.  After a few tears and words, he didnt' bother my stuff there, until now.  Or at least I believe it was him.  How cruel.  A 'man of God'.  Its cruelty in my opinion, to know that it was helping animals, and you took it away and TRASHED a good shelter that was built with loving hands by my friend Kristin and her husband, and Kristin's art class at Gates Chili.  And those precious boards.  The boards that are so hard to come by.  Shame on you.  You will be judged by God in the end.  I may have to remind this 'man' of that someday.  I placed food and water down for hungry Sparkles, and said a little prayer as I drove away.  I am very shaken up by this.  It will be very hard to replace these items, let alone figure out where to put something new for Sparkles and the others that go there.  Its the cats that will suffer.

Also, the cat I had spayed at the clinic yesterday, I kept on my porch overnight, named him Ally, and he is a he.  I was hoping it would be a she.  I let him back quietly this morning where he came from, and he happily scampered out of the trap he'd been in for 24 hours!  He was a small guy, so he didn't have a hard time turning around in the trap, and he was fed tuna and water, a good meal!

On another happy note, one of the kitties I rescued from Grand Avenue had her babies yesterday.  Yes, more babies.  She was named Raichu by her foster mother.  This is the same woman that has Whitey from Grand, and that had Angel for a brief time. Anyways, thats three litters of kittens born in three days.  Its mind boggling.  And these rescue groups have to deal with all these cats, but at least they are off the streets and the mothers will never reproduce again.  I hope to share pictures someday.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Prisoner of Love!

Yes, I do mean LOVE, because if we didn't love these animals, we wouldn't go out at 5 am. behind people's houses to trap a cat in a cage, scare it to death, and make it stay that way for a whole day - sometimes day and night, and let it back out where it came from.  Thanks to Habitat again, I was able to secure a spot to trap, neuter and return, which I did from Second Street this morning, and really was hoping to get another pregnant female, like I did this past Sunday for Another Chance Rescue clinic.  At this point I do not know if male or female, or if pregnant.   I will keep you informed when I find out later today!  I pray to God this cat has not been spayed or neutered previously.  There are some clinics that don't tip (clip) the ear on cats, and as much as I hate it, its almost imperative if you are letting these cats back on the street.  You have to know which is which, and this baby has both ears (lobes?) intact!  Thanks to Nancy and her sister Lorry for the transport again! 

I have somne other great news.  Remember the beautiful pregnant female, one of the first ones I got?  Here is her picture to remind you. 

She was renamed Emma.  A foster mom named Joanna from Another Chance took her - she was quite the popular girl due to her colors when I got her, and people jumped at the chance to take her.   Well, GUESS WHO HAD HER BABIES YESTERDAY???? 

I can't wait to see all the beautiful colored babies that came from this girl!!!    Congratulations Sasha!  :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Updates Part Two!

OK, first off, Angel, who was let back out to the streets yesterday after mending and healing at Diane's house for a few days after his traumatic ordeal with his first set of fosters after surgery last Wednesday, was there this morning on Second to greet me.  First thing was a cry 'hello', and then a roll over onto his back for a pat and a scratch.  I was hesitant at first because of the biting he did due to his injury and pain, but he was just as I first found him, lovable and kind.  His nose looks a bit better, and I pray the antibiotics he's already had is enough to finish the job.

Secondly, another of the cats I rescued within the past month, Emma, has had her babies yesterday, all four.  Get a load of these little cuties! 

The next update is about Jack - a/k/a Jackson, a/k/a Jackie.  Here are pictures I've been dying to share with you, its like he is posing for Playgirl, and here is what his caregiver has to say about him:

"He's doing great at his new foster home. He is a real love bug and likes nothing more than to "help" with whatever you are working on. No hiding, no fear or shyness, at all. It turns out that he's both cat and dog friendly and not a bit shy with the dogs. In less than 24 hours (it's usually a week or two) he now has the run of the house. He likes to nap with another older male cat (one of my Garson Ave. street cats that she adopted years ago) and has already charmed his foster pop. His new foster mom is very impressed!"   Thanks Brad!  By the way, you are pretty good at pet pictures!!  :)
I was thinking this morning, as I often do, about how terrifying it would be for most people to go into the neighborhoods that I do in the dark, going behind abandoned houses, placing down food for cats.  But as I've come to learn, these neighborhoods are not as bad as most people think.  Sure, there is a lot of ignorance, and a lot of poverty, which drives people to do bad things, but at least at that time of the morning, they are just like you and me (well, not me, I am NOT sleeping then!) - sleeping, and its safe at that time of day.  And the only ones that charge at me are the kitties that have come to know and trust me.  They are running to me with hungry tummies and thirsty lips.  They are so grateful to have me.  And I am so grateful to God for keeping me healthy just another day longer to care for them all!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Updates on My Babies!

Let me begin by saying thank you to Heather for allowing me a spot at the clinic she works at once a month for TNR'g a cat.  I was able to get a female Sunday morning from Second Street, her name is Sophia, and she was pregnant.  I got another one.  I am so thrilled.  Here is her picture.  I kept her at my house in the trap for the day and night yesterday, and she scampered out quickly when I had to let her loose this morning.  Poor baby, but I do believe she has had sufficient time to heal.  Its going to be a beautiful day today, so I am not too worried about her.  Here is her picture, isn't she lovely! 
I am also proud of the fact, and this was after just yesterday afternoon, having a quiet moment on the porch with her in front of me, while I was sipping a white wine, just how many kittens would have been born if I had not rescued the so far - last count? - 12 pregnant females.  If all had an average of three kittens - that would have been 36 more cats out there.  I am astounded.  And so so grateful to everyone, the fosters, the clinics and the girl with the barn that helped make this happen - only a couple had to be placed back on the street.

Angel is doing much better.  He has been given medicine in his food and we think its doing good.  His caregiver Diane is an angel sent from heaven to have taken him under her wiing with all the other kitties she has to care for, which includes Lilliana from Garson Avenue - the new mamma I rescued, and Tulip from Webster Avenue, who we are still awaiting her babies to pop out.   And I am still waiting for pictures to share with you of Lilliana and Tulip!  So stay tuned on that one!

I also want to share with you the picture of Jackie - Jackie is now Jack - he first was thought to be a male, and I had named him Jackson.  He is the kitty that got in my car when I pulled up and wouldn't leave my lap.  He was finally rescued and will be adopted out soon through Pet Adoption Network.  Thanks to Brad who offered to take him off the street!  Anyways, after feeling Jackson 'back there', I thought, hmmm.. nothing, he must be a she!  So I named her Jackie!  Well, turns out, after getting vetted, she is a he, for sure!  Must have a small package!  ha!  Look at these pictures of him.  He is so beautiful, and I am so glad I was able to get him off the street, on Second.  Well I am having technical difficulties loading his picture on here from a ZIP drive?  Anyone know how to do this, or does this mean the pictures are too large? 

Another update:  Emma is having her babies right now!  Stay tuned!  Here is a picture of Emma the day before!   Emma is another of my rescues!!!  She's just had three so far, as we speak!  :)  Thank you to Wendy, her foster mommy!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

In The Heat of the Moment?

I know that we, as humans, can sometimes say things that we wish we can take back.  I know, for myself, that when I say something completely wrong, or stupid, its usually said when I am very upset. But I also know that at that very same moment its said, I am feeling very bad about it, and immediately rectify the situation, no matter how the other person takes it, which honestly, is usually very well, because the circle of people in my life, that experience my emotions, are good good people, or I wouldn't have them around.  I don't hang around people that say and do something hurtful and not have a conscience about it minutes afterwards.

What I am referring to is Angel.  I've been feeding and petting Angel for well over a year now, he is always very friendly and was named due to him doing 'snow angels' in the snow.  He also rolls over for me to scratch him even in the worst of weather, rain, winds, etc.  When I got him in my carrier last Wednesday morning to be brought to the clinic for neutering, he had a severe wound on his nose, that had been getting worse and worse, which I feel guilt for not taking him and getting him treated sooner.  But I thought the clinic would help it a little and at least give him an antibiotic.  I pled to my circle of people to see if anyone would want to foster these sweet boys - just a shot in the dark before I had to return them to their dreaded neighborhoods.  A foster stepped up and offered to take them.  And thank God for her for doing that, I might add.  She had had them for two days and Angel had not been a good boy due to his condition.  He was very injured and was in a lot of pain,because he had not been medicated.  When the foster went to get him out to take him for combo testing, he bit her and went crazy out of the cage.  Now let me tell you, getting bit hurts.  Bad.  But once you start antibiotics yourself, the pain goes away.  Same for cats.  Get it?  So here is a poor animal out of its elements, and in a lot of pain, and its scared to death.   I received a message to 'come get the viscious bastard outta here".  Does this sound like someone that loves cats, or a heat of the moment thing.  Regardless.  Thats all I will say.  The better news:  Another foster met them to get Angel, and is keeping Angel for the week to give him his medications and feed him.  This poor animal has not been treated for over a month for his injury, and is now being treated.  I will have to return him to the streets, as I have no where to place him, but hopefully his wound will have healed by then.   He has had his first dose already.  Thank GOD for this girl's parents who created her, and Thank GOD for allowing her to get to this point in her life to do what she does for the animals.  She is 100% pure love.

By the way, Whitey is negative for leukemia, and Lilliana, who had her babies last Easter morning, the very next morning after I rescued her from Garson, is also now nursing two motherless newborns whose mother was killed.  Thats pure love too.  :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Its Friday, Yay.

I am in a blah mood today.  I don't have enough hours in my life to do what I want.  I feel guilt all around me, for not doing this, or not doing that.  I know Miss B. would love to see me, I know Wally would love to get out of his house, I know I need to go get those leaves in between my bushes, the ones where you can walk or drive by and they are in your face.  I know I need to clean out my garden beds so that the new sprouts can sprout.  I know I have to go up and finish cleaning the kitchen, the one room I have left after having the interruption of the dental cleaning I had to leave for.  And then I know in another hour I have to get ready to go to work.  Yes, I was supposed to have the day off, but my workload comes first, and I am behind.  Plus, the boss asked me to come in for an event they are having.  So, off I go.

This morning, as I was making my rounds, here is what I counted as far as cats that were waiting for me:  3, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 2, 2, 2, 4, 6, 3 - ok, how many is that......  well, its 35, and thats a little less than what it was a month ago.  I know I've made a dent.  I know that.  But its still rough on me, and I don't know how long I can keep doing this.  Its very expensive to feed all those cats.  And its heartwrenching for me to trap.  I hate doing it.  But it must be done.  I have a chance to TNR this Sunday morning, one cat.  I've seen at least three pregnant cats at various places, all in the dark, so its not 100% positive, but I will start at Second Street, and pray for a female.  Wish me luck. 

Also, the update on Whitey and Angel.  Whitey is doing great, a real sweetheart, and Angel is doing not so great.  Its foster cannot give him antibiotics for his injury.  He's just very scared, and he is hurting very bad.  I feel terrible about that.  And they will be combo tested this evening, so fingers crossed! 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Divine Intervention

Yes, it surely happened yesterday.  I had the opportunity to trap neuter return (TNR) two cats.  I have rescued so many females, all of whom were pregnant, in the past month, that I didn't have a lot of females hanging around, so I grabbed two very unneutered, intact, tough looking males for their 'cut'.  Now I knew that Angel, the little boy who laid down in the rain, sleet, snow and wind at my feet when I got out of the car every morning and rolled over for belly rubs had been in a fight or something due to the wound on his nose.  I noticed this many weeks ago, and at first told myself that it would heal.  After a while, it was getting worse, and I kept making a mental note to myself to ask around for some meds to try to give him in is food.  And anyone knowing my superior sharp mind - NOT - knows that I forget, easily, if not written down.  So, each time I kept forgetting, until the next morning when I saw Angel again!

Anyways, after getting him in my carrier, in the dark, and bringing him home, and seeing him in the light, his wound was severe.  And poor Whitey, he was as dirty as could be, but a real sweetheart.  I knew then and there, before I left for work with them waiting on my porch for transport to the clinic, that they needed some divine help.  They were too wounded, and sweet, to go back on the streets, but I was prepared to do just that, but not without begging for help first.

Another Chance Pet Rescue found a foster for both these boys.  I have to say, their group has such devoted people - they truly care for the cats of Rochester, and for each other.  I just don't know what I  would have done without them.  Their would be so many sad sad cases that I would have to witness each day if it weren't for them taking in so many pregnant and sick cats.  And their success rate at adoption of these cats is high.  They are a wonderful group.

Angel is being treated with antibiotics by his foster mom, and at the clinic they tried the best they could with a suture to close the wound on his nose.  Whitey had "excessive bleeding in his left scrotum."  So both clearly could not go back to the streets that day. 

They will both be tested for Leukemia and FIV tonight.  My only regret is that they are not tested first before going through all that they have gone through already.  We need funding at our clinics here in Rochester so that testing is provided prior to surgery.  It would be so much more cost effective for rescuers, and less stressful for the cats so please say a prayer for both.  They deserve this.  I am at an offsite class today, and a vacation day tomorrow, but I will keep you posted!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I had a successful morning grabbing two unneutered males off the street this morning, knowing they have a spot at the Habitat for Cats clinic.  One is Whitey, who is just the most laid back sweetheart from Grand Ave.  I thought he was all that was left, after having rescued about 10 cats from that street since June of last year.  Of course there is always someone lurking in the shadows, and lately I've seen two more coming around when I place food down at the abandonded boarded up house there.  White was very easy to pick up and place in my carrier. 

The second kitty is Angel, who I have written about in the past.  I caution you about his picture.  He has a wound that has been getting worse and worse, and I pray they give him some antibiotic today to help heal him.   I obviously never knew it was this bad, as I do everything in the dark, the poor boy has been suffering, obviously.  He is the little red kitty that lays down on the ground and rolls around to his back for tummy rubs.  He will do that in rain and snow.  Thats why he got the name Angel - as in snow angels!  I am praying that divine intervention happens today and someone wants to adopt these two boys.  I will have to put them back out on the street if no one comes to their rescue.  These two are highly adoptable cats, and beautiful once they heal and beautify from street life.

Their personalities are very sweet.  They would make a great cuddly buddy to someone willing to give them a chance. 

Thank you so much to the two girls who are helping with transport, Nancy and Lorry.  You are both angels for this, I could not do this if it weren't for both of you.  Thanks for reading, and considering adoption for one or both.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Attached is a picture of Tulip.  This is the kitty I rescued from the corners of Webster and Fernwood, the kitty I couldn't tell if was pregnant or not.  Isn't she purdy! Still waiting on pics of the new black mamma - now named Lilianna - who was rescued on Saturday morning, and her three darling babies she had the next morning, on Easter!  I am hoping her foster mom will name one of the kitties Bunny.  Jackie, who I rescued yesterday, is doing well, and will be vetted tomorrow.  Here is her picture again. 

And of course, lets not forget about Laura, who still needs adoption, and is patiently, and sweetly waiting in my house for that to happen, here is her picture again.  

And of course, least but not last, lets not forget about Prince Harry, the little guy who is about seven months old, and has a little fracture in his hip, but is getting around like gangbusters.  I let him out yesterday to stroll around the house.  He is so lonely cooped up in a small room so that he does not jump around and his break can heal.  But he enjoyed his little excursion yesterday.  And, there was no hissing!

Tomorrow, I will be trap, neutering and returning, thanks to Habitat for Cats' two open spots at the clinic for me.  I am hoping to get Angel, and one of the two black kitty brothers on Hayward.  I have the chance to do it again next Wednesday, and will hopefully get the other brother, and the white kitty on Grand.  Angel has a very bad wound on her nose that is not healing, and I am hoping they will treat her for that with a shot of antibiotic.  This cat business is expensive.  I had to bring my own boy Jack in to the vet yesteday for an upper respiratory infection that cost me $133.  Boy, they sure get you, don't they?

I want to thank those who have contributed to this cause of mine so far with the new donation button.  I can't tell you how grateful I am, nor could I ever show it, but hopefully you can see how your money is being spent, by helping these angels.  So far I can pay for two spayings, and feed all of these cats.  There are so many, but thanks to people like you, and people from the rescue groups who have helped, the numbers are dwindling.  But as my vet pointed out to me (he could've lied to me, or not said anything!), it will never go away.  There will always be more and more.  Yes, back to reality, thanks Doc.  Ka-ching, Ka-ching!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Workers Comp...

is what I wish I had on my 'morning job'.  This morning we had high winds, actually all through the night, and at one of my spots, as I was getting back into the car, the very heavy door closed on my ankle before I could get it in.  Thank God I was getting back in the car when it happened, because I cried the most agonizing cry - its when something really painful happens and the rest of your body goes numb because of the incredible stab of pain where the injury occurs.  This was right on the bone of the ankle.  I winced in pain for at least a minute, felt like a lifetime before the pain went away.  So, off I go to the next stop, and just as the pain has gone away, I got out, did my thing, came back to get in the car, and the SAME THING HAPPENED.  I swear I chipped away some of that bone that second time.  IT HURT SO BAD.  Then, at my third to last spot, I moved a board out of the way to place food down, and the wind hurled it right into the bridge of my nose.  ANOTHER EARTH SHATTERING PAIN.  I waited for the blood to pour out of my nose, but it didn't happen.  GOD, what a bad morning.

But I have some excellent news to share with you.  I had the most busiest weekend, time for nothing but cat stuff, but it was worth it.  I never stopped, seriously.  Between cats and cooking for Easter.  In order of events:  First, Saturday morning, I rescued, with the help of a very nice gentleman who fosters for another group, Pet Adoption Network, the black kitty that I suspected was pregnant, but again, always hard to confirm that in the dark, and she wouldn't let me get too close to her.  YAY!  This gentleman took her home and put her in a cage in his tool shed (a very nice set up if I do say so!), and we had plans that a girl from Another Chance Pet Rescue was going to take her.  So this was good.  Later in the morning, I left to meet the girl from the other rescue group who took two of my other black pregnant cats that had been spayed by her group (Four Legged Friends) out to a barn in Williamson.   We set them up in very nice comfortable cages.    Turns out those cats would most likely be adoptable.  Very sweet but scared.   This was my first time acclimating cats to this situation, so I was very impressed, but also very sad.  I feel every cat deserves a loving warm roof over their heads. I pray this works out.

I had no luck trapping the pregnant kitten either Saturday, Sunday or Monday on Webster and Fernwood, but she is still out there, and all I can do is say a prayer that she survives the delivery.  I had to release two other cats each time trying for the pregnant kitten.

Now some really good news.  Sunday morning, as I was preparing to go to this gentleman's house to get the black pregnant kitty to transport to her new foster home, I got a call saying there was more than one black cat in the cage!  She had her kittens that very morning!  She had three beautiful babies!  All are doing well, and we have three new Easter kittens!  I asked the foster that at least one be named Bunny!  I promise to post pictures as soon as I have them.   Later in the day, I got a call from this foster that Tulip, the kitty I rescued from the same location as where the pregnant kitten is - remember I kept posting that I wasn't sure if the cat was pregnant or not - I just couldn't tell!  I knew she was fat, for sure! - the call came in that she was in labor!  So, I have yet to hear if there are new babies there too!

My next bit of fabulous news, this gentleman told me once he was able to move new momma black kitty out, he would take Jackie in and get her fostered.  So I managed to scoop up Jackie, the kitty that jumps in my lap every morning when I pull up to that spot on Second every single day.  She looks SO grateful to be rescued!  All in all, a great news weekend!  I have the day off, guilt has taken over me because its a Monday and everyone else is back slaving away for the week.  I will post pictures of Tulip, and new black momma and her kittens as soon as I am able.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Punky and Peepers

My condolences to my good friends Kristin and Darrin - their two babies passed today, one right after the other.

May you find solace in knowing that they are in heaven and will be waiting for you!

RIP -  4/6/2012

Great Friday! and Harry News...

Its Good Friday today, and I am working, after having gone to physical therapy for my old knee.  Tough getting old!  I have a great boss who has offered us either today, or Monday, to choose as a freebie for vacation.  He's da best.  So, most everyone, including me, wanted today off, so I stood back and said I would take Monday off.  I HATE Mondays, whether I am working or not.  But hey, I can't complain, right?  I STILL have to get up and feed the kitties in the morning, I STILL have to go grocery shopping, and I STILL have to spend nearly four hours cleaning my house - I am extremely rigid in my ways about my Saturday morning cleaning, but if I had Friday off, I would be having a free Saturday morning!  ARGH!  Can't win.

This morning, I skipped one of my spots, where the black pregnant kitty is, and where Red and Talkie hang, in hopes of making Mama Black Kitty very hungry to go into a trap in the morning on Saturday.  A kind man whom I have made acquaintance with recently is willing to take her and keep her until my Habitat For Cats clinic appointment next Wednesday!   I also set a trap for the pregnant kitten, but got a wrong kitty in there.  When I reset it, and came back, there was NO one in sight.  I am afraid they are afraid of my now and that might hinder my trapping in the future.

Otherwise, it was a normal morning for me.  Dull actually.  No raccoons to contend with, no prostitutes out either.  Dullsville.

One bit of news.  Harry (aka Prince Harry) who I rescued due to his friendliness, young age, and primarily his limp on Sunday, went to the vet on Wednesday night, was tested (negative), neutered, and diagnosed with a fractured hip!  24 hours later, he is back in my house, back to purring, walking around my legs for affection, and being as sweet as can be.  We are going to have to treat him gently, and hopefuly with time it will heal on its own.  Surgery costs thousands of dollars, and we certainly don't have that! 

I wish everyone a very happy Easter, and will update you if I have any success in trapping the two pregnant cats this weekend!
"Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the little voice
at the end of the day that says, I'll try again tomorrow."

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Here is a test to find out if your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't.


I don't have a lot to share from my route this morning.   All I know was that I didn't want to get out of bed, but once I am up, and get moving, its game on!  Little Laura - the little girl I am trying to get adopted out - is now in the habit of laying with me at night on the pillow beside me, and doesn't move the entire night.  She is so content, and so mellow, its amazing.  Never have I seen a cat so darned sweet.  The downside is she hisses at the other kids that try to claim their spot.  Cinnamon, Boris and Toonces have always shared the bed with their momma, and now they are being hissed at!  What to make of it!  I am sure they don't like it one bit, so Laura has got to go!

I did not see pregnant black kitty this morning on Garson, but did see Big Red.  He is a mess.  I have not had the heart to bring him to the shelter because he loves his pats and scratches, and he is still getting around.  i have thought it would be for the best for a few years now, as he has had some serious injuries, but he is still getting around so I don't have the heart.  I know he suffers though, that is the only reason I would even consider taking him to the shelter.  But for now, I can't do it.

I did, however, see the pregnant kitten.  She is bursting at the seams.  And she is very very fluffy, and she is very very young.  She runs to see me when I pull up, but just as quickly runs away as I get out of the car.  She would need to be trapped, for sure, but where would she go after that?  I am sick over this. 

I have a couple more animal stories from friends I would like to share.  I hope you enjoy them.  I also hope to get more!  Thanks for reading!  (boy, lots of typos today!)

"I have had many many pets in my life time and have loved each and every one of them. My babies "Dylan" and "Rocky" 2 beautiful,sweet 14 year old Shih Tzus are part of the family and have brought so much joy , happiness and love to us over the years. They are starting to grow very old and can no longer see or hear but every afternoon when we get home they are waiting at the door wagging their tails and happy as can be to know that we are there. My husband walks them which they really enjoy and we play with them for a few minutes they eat and go back to bed. Before we go to bed they sit on the couch with us , we talk to them, brush them give them their treats and back to sleep they go. They are very content .When I have a day off from work they follow my every footstep and want to be where ever I go and I love to have them near. Our Kitty "BOO" is just turning 20 years old and is healthy {besides a little arthritis} She also gathers with us on the couch every night to get her share of "Lovins.""  Paula

"My animal story is not a pretty one.  Cody pooped on my back seat while I was in Kmart the other day after work.  I thought I was being nice taking him with me because he is cooped up in the house all day, so I stopped home to get him.  He went pee but would not poop before we left.  Thank God I have a rag rug on the seat, it was not a pretty sight (or smell) when I opened the door.  How’s that for a animal story?  Probably not what you had in mind."  Diane


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Animal Stories

Yes, this is what I am feeling this morning.  This past month, I've had a knee problem that is draining me, I had someone hack into bank card this past weekend and use up the money I had to cover my bills that I mailed out on Friday, and I don't get paid until next Friday, I got "the ticket" that I have not dealt with yet, and my car needed a very expensive part which cost me an arm and a leg.  And I have just rescued the ninth or so cat from the street, all but one pregant.  All this past month.  Its gotten to me.  And I had to get out of bed this morning because all these cats were waiting for their meal.  Some of them their only meal for the day, as the raccoons are all over the place.  I saw the pregant baby and the pregnant black kitty, who must be on her second or third litter.  I can't get an appointment with Habitat for Cats until next week, so hopefully these cats will still be around, and won't have given birth by then.  And hopefully they will even come into the traps that I need to set.  Plus I need to find transportation for them to and from the clinic.  I just can't do all of this on my own.  I wish I had some help.  I know, complain complain complain.  Sorry.

Yesterday, I asked my friends and family to send me a little ditty on their earliest recollection with an animal and how that animal affected them.  I only received back two responses, but they were good ones!  I share them with you here, and I do hope to hear from more of you!  Send me a pic along with it!!

"What an awesome idea. I will send you a picture of my love Rahja. She was so small when I got her I carried her around in a basket. We got her on her on May 27th. 1994. My husband died one year later on May 27th 1995. So she was my link to him and helped me through so many rough patches. She was my baby and I miss her often I am sure she is playing fetch with daddy now. "  Mel

"I always wanted a cat growing up but my father hated them.  We always had dogs, never a cat.  On my 13th birthday his best friend brought me a young cat he found in a dumpster at his grocery store he owned.  It was a black and white 6 month old kitten.  I was so happy I cried!  I named her Woobie and she was my best friend.  My father was less than thrilled and retaliated by buying their kids a pony.  HaHa!!  Anyways, much against my wishes, even as a child I knew it was wrong, but they declawed my Woobie, and then used to let her outside too!  I was so upset I used to tie her collar to my nightgown when I went to bed so they couldn’t let her go out. I could dress her in doll clothes, whatever I wanted, she was my baby and let me do whatever I wanted.  I used to paint her back toe nails and even colored her hair on top of her head one time..what a nut I know J  I had Woobie until my early 20s.  She was my first love and the reason I became a crazy cat lady!"  Julie

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Did it Again!

First off, if you will recall the past week or so posts about a large cat that I couldn't tell for sure if she was pregnant or not, I rescued her this morning.  And yes, she is pregnant.  She is an older cat, and very pretty.  Diane, from Another Chance Pet Rescue offered to care for her.  God, I am so thankful to all these people who have helped me out this past month.  This is the EIGHTH pregnant cat I've rescued in a month.  There are still two out there, that I know of, and one is barely six months old.  A BABY.  PREGNANT.  I will share a picture of this latest, rescued from Fernwood and Webster Ave. as soon as Diane shares one with me. 

Now, meetTaffy's babies!  Taffy was one of the first pregnant cats I rescued about ...  four weeks ago?  She just delivered five babies, one of which died.  And I hear she is such a great Mom from Linda, the wonderful girl who took her to care for her. 

Sunday morning, actually Saturday afternoon, Wally called and asked if I could give him a ride on Sunday morning to church.  Now, I feel for Wally, he doesn't get around too much, and feels isolated and lonely in the neighborhood he lives in.  On top of that, he is a very poor man, and can't afford to do much anyways.  So I went to pick him up at 11:15 on a dreary rainy morning, and knew he was going to a church on Hudson Avenue, so after waiting for him to get ready (he fell back asleep since the 8 am. phone call), we finally got to his 'church', which turned out to be the The House of Mercy, a homeless shelter,a grassroots homeless shelter and advocacy center located in one of the poorest areas in Rochester, N.Y., where their mission is to provide a beacon of hope for the poorest of poor.  The House of Mercy also offers church services.  We did a U-turn so that I could pull up in front of it to let him out, and we wound up sitting for a few minutes together, watching.  There were so many lost souls in front of this place.  Wally spoke quietly, as he watched the people out front milling about, and told me this used to be his home for a little while.  He told me he had once been homeless.  I looked at him, I've never known a homeless person, so I was a little taken back.  I then reminded Wally what a good life he had now, with a roof over his head, and a good friend like me - :).  He told me he had three friends, one was me, one was Kings, and the other was the man upstairs.  I thought he was talking about the person who lived above him in his house, but he meant God.   I thought this was very touching.  I left him there, and told him to call me when he wanted a ride home.  I felt so humbled on my drive home.  Well, no sooner had I pulled up to my driveway when he called and asked me to come pick him up!  He said he would explain when I got there.   Apparently when I left, there were people there that were fighting.  He muttered something about ignorance in people, and how he was there for spirituality, but that wasn't possible with these folks arguing with each other there.  So, I didn't press it.  I could tell he was upset, and I said he should start thinking about another church, as he now missed his opportunity for socializing, and worship.  I felt bad for him.  He was really looking forward to this time.

Next, meet Tabitha's Babies!  I stopped by last night to get a picture of them.  SO SWEET!  She also was one of the first pregnant kitties I rescued close to a month ago.  Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue has been caring for them all.  Thank you so much Julie!  Aren't they precious! 
Finally, little Harry is doing well, getting some much needed rest after spending his life on the streets fending for his life - not putting too much pressure on his hind leg.  I am waiting to get him to a vet.  He is just the sweetest little guy.  Very mellow.  Just lays there. 

And Laura continues to be a sweetheart.  She will lay with me, under the covers, snuggled right up next to me with her head on the pillow, and my arm slung over her in bed, for hours, if I let her.  Just a sweetheart.  I must get these cats adopted!