Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Have A Dream

I have a dream, that one or more persons reading this will write me and say:  "Janine, I will take ANY cat you deem adoptable, right off the street, and I will place them in a room, and give them warmth, safety, food, shelter, and the love they deserve.  I promise to work with them to earn their trust, and let you make the vet appointment for them, get them checked out, and spayed/neutered if needed, and keep them for as long as it takes for them to be adopted."

That's my dream.

Its in the single digits tonight.  It was 17 degrees this morning.  At each of my spots this morning, they all came running.  Did they run to say pick me up, hold me, rescue me, I'm freezing!  I can only hope and pray that the food and water I leave for them, and the dry towels for their little feet while they eat, and the shelters with straw in them, is sufficient enough in this frigid, bitter temperature, for them to make it through another night.

I've also decided I need help in opening one side of this garage, I need a few crowbars and manpower.  There is NO "NO TRESPASSING" sign, so I won't be breaking that law, but I need these cats to be able to get inside for shelter.  I will continue to feed under the porch.  The garage door that was bolted just needs to be open a little for these animals to enter and exit.

That's my dream.

Happy New Year!

"Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.”

Monday, December 30, 2013


I don't usually post on weekends, its hard enough writing five days a week, although then again, sometimes its my only outlet, so once I get going, its not so hard.  So check out Saturday's post.

Good news!  Gordie may be getting a new home!  A man contact me recently and was asking about Rupert, the white cat I rescued months ago, but I told him I adopted him out to Pat just a month ago.  He contacted me again last week after reading about Gordie, and I brought him over for a meet and greet today.  He is a very nice man, and has a girl kitty named Cleo.  He just lost his other beloved kitty Neo, and felt it was time for Cleo to have a companion, as this man travels quite a bit for his job.  I think they will do fine, and will be bringing Gordie over on Tuesday, if this man doesn't change his mind before then!  :)

Gordie is stalked by Leo, Leo is talked by Scooter - I look forward to news that Gordie will be walking around his new home like a free bird, without fear of being attacked.  You get so attached to these guys - in such a short time - whether or not you have rescued them yourself personally.  Why is that?  Is it the nestling your nose into their soft fur, is it their eyes when they look at you, is it their beauty, is it the way they make little chirping noises, or their purring?  Whatever it is, they have something that millions and millions of people in this world love about them, for sure!

Here are a few more pictures of Gordie.  He is in constant movement, so hard to snap a picture of!

"Boy Mom, your floor needs cleaning and polishing!!  and why
do you have to show them my dirty litter box???"

"Can you please get that flash out of my eye?"

"Listen, if you take one more picture, you are gonna regret it."
I look forward to hearing of Abby's progress today.  I am sure she was introduced to the clan at her new home that I brought her to on Christmas morning.  I am hoping to get a good report card from her new mom today!
"Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself."

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I ran into a woman named Seven this morning on my last round on - funny enough - Seventh Street.  I first came upon Seven almost two years ago, when I saw a very pregnant, and very drunk, woman staggering down Bay Street at 5:30 in the morning.  I called 911, as I was horrified to see this combination, and thought it HAD to be against the law.   Months later, I saw her pushing a stroller down Central Park and she was with Tamara, the other hooker I had become acquainted with.  I had to make a cat stop, and she stopped and asked if I had any money, or something (I've recorded all this in past blogs if you've read from back that far - my mind is going!).  She told me how she loved cats and thought I was doing a beautiful thing, and that she was feeding at her 'home' also. 

We have run into each other many times since, and "Henry", her baby, was a sweet little boy.  I always thought, after I had seen the two of them, what a life he was being brought up in.  Very sad.  Well, this morning, when I got out to give her my usual hug, she was crying and trembling, and told me Henry had died, and that she had just buried him yesterday.  He died of SIDS.  It was heartwrenching to see her stand there and sob her eyes out.   Now, who knows if that was the real cause, or what, but it was certainly for real.  I tried to comfort her with words, but how can you ever comfort someone who has lost a child.  A young black guy had been walking towards us and he apparently knew her, and he stopped to talk and pointed out to her that I was her savior, that he saw me 'every day coming to feed the cats', and I said yes, we all need a purpose, a passion.  I said God doesn't give us any more than we can handle.  It was a rather chaotic conversation actually, at 6 am. in the dark, with an hysterical woman somewhat loud, and here I am trying to stifle their loud voices so that no one would call the police, although in those neighborhoods, I am sure they are used to loud voices.

Anyways, that was sad, and I am so grateful for my life, the one my mother provided for me.  I am so grateful my life didn't turn down a wrong path.  Some people lead such sad lives.  But there is hope for everyone, I firmly believe this.  So I will say a little prayer for sweet little Henry, and his mom. 

That's it, have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, December 27, 2013

And on it goes...

One of my old shelters on Garson

Sally from Second
 There is nothing much to report from this morning.  It was pretty quiet out there, as it usually is - any one that goes with me can see that there is little traffic and no one out and about at that time of the morning - the only thing you can see are cats.  And the occasional dog bark, or a rooster crowing.  Yes, a rooster.  There is one on either 7th or 8th Street, that crows like the devil right around six each morning.  As soon as the dog barks, there goes the rooster.  I pulled over twice this morning seeing cats come out of no where as I passed by, and set a bowl or two with dry and wet food for them.  They watch from a distance, waiting for me to leave, knowing there might be their only source of food in that bowl, and hungrily running to it after I drive away.  I watch them.  Its true, they do.


I forgot to mention - last weekend I was driving past the spot I feed at every other day on Parsells, and a nice young black man who rents out half a house on Parsells and allows me to feed in his backyard - he was up and standing at the door when I drove past.  I thought that was unusual, I went past to the next spot on Stout, and then thought 'maybe he was waiting for me to tell me something about my shelters' so I drove back and walked up on the porch to him, and he was on the phone and called out to me that someone had stolen his car and he was on the phone with the insurance company.   I thought this was so sad, he kept saying I have to get to my job, etc.  I offered him my business card and told him to call me if he needed a ride.  I never found out what happened after that as I don't see him that early normally, but I still felt bad.  No one deserves their property to be taken like that, I don't care what it is.

Which leads me to the Stout/Grand garage - where my stuff is still being held hostage.  Those poor cats there - I picked one up this morning and walked it over to under the porch to get some food, after it was pathetically crying for me to leave it food.  These cats still aren't familiar with being fed under the porch after losing their only home they've known in the garage.  I did call the NET office which was a wrong number - the kind woman - an animal lover herself, gave me the correct one, who handled that district, but so did Walt, who called the correct number, and the woman he spoke to thought I was practically a criminal doing what I do --- couldn't believe that I actually fed cats!  She also gave Walt the Inspector's name and number, who actually ordered the boarding up of the garage, and he gave it to me.  I am not calling this man right away, for fear that he will come by to let me get my stuff out, and will see under the porch the stuff I've placed for temporary shelter for these three cats, one of which I still haven't seen.  I am in a dilemma, I don't know how to handle this situation.  I still can't understand the mindset of people who have no compassion for homeless cats.  I think its either the way they were brought up- with hate, or they have a malfunction in their brains and don't feel compassion.

I must get to work, thanks for listening, and have a great day.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the
smile is the beginning of love."

Thursday, December 26, 2013

All is Calm!

From my flower garden this past year!

Its the day after Christmas, and after all the family festivities, its finally quiet.  No more obligations for a while.   Except of course, feeding the city's kitties.   Someone asked me the other day, how long are you going to continue to do this?  Well, for as long as I am able to walk and breathe.  There are over 50 cats on my route that depend on me.  I go to 15 different locations, I place shelters, food and water, and I give them their one meal for the day.  It doesn't matter if its a blinding blizzard, thunder and lightning in the pouring rain, I am there for them between 5 and 6 am. every single day.  I've spent my last penny buying the 18 pounds of dry food needed to feed them PER DAY, and a case of wet food, PER DAY, it doesn't matter.  We all know what its like to feel hungry.  Just think of their tiny bellies, and fighting to get that meal between sometimes four other cats, not to mention raccoons and opossums.  Who else is going to do it?  I don't have help, I don't get a break.  God forbid I need to leave town for some unforeseen reason.  Take a vacation to an exotic locale?  Forget it.  Not on my clock.  Unfortunately. 

I delivered Abby to her new home yesterday.  She was a bit shy, but I have no doubt she will soon warm up to her big canine brother, and her two big feline brothers.  What a lovely home she has now.  And what wonderful parents!  Many thanks to my niece who cared for her the last week before her adoption.  It helped immensely with Gordie, the other beautiful grey cat that needs adoption, who is my extra right now in the house.  More than two rescues in the same house at the same time is a bit chaotic.

Please spread the word about Gordie.  There are so many other beautiful kitties that need rescuing and adoption.  At least a room in your home to foster them until they are adopted.  Please think about it!

In the meantime, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go.  I will be calling the NET office today to find out how I can get in the garage, legally, to get my shelters, on Stout Street, where the Grinch came by the other day to board it up.   I brought a whole bale of straw with me this morning and threw it under the porch where the three kitties new home is, temporarily.  I hope they know enough to break it up and burrow into it, if they don't know enough to use my last two plastic tote shelters I placed under there.

I wish you all a GREAT day today.  Think Spring!  :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Just a quickie to let you know that the kitties have been fed, and watered with care, a pat here, and a pat there. 

Thank you everyone, Carol, Walt, Kristin, Jess, Wendy, Mary, Sheryl, anonymous, and others for all your research, offer of help, and good intentions.  I will try the NET office tomorrow to see how I can get my stuff out of that garage.  I placed another tiny plastic tote under the porch there - when I pulled up two of the three kitties ran to me, crying.  Its heartbreaking, but I have to trust they will use the two tiny shelters I've placed for them for warmth. 

I spoke out loud wishing them all a Merry Christmas at each stop, and gave them a bit more of their most precious part of breakfast - wet food. 

The good news is that Abby is going to her new home today, Charlie is doing great with his new family, and Gordie is safe and sound in my home, waiting for adoption. 

Have a wonderful, blessed day.



"Love is a gift from God, and one of the most important gifts that He wants us to share."

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Kitties!...

...said the green eyed Grinch who boarded up the Stout Street garage yesterday.  He double boarded it.  He ran the three cats that have called this home for a year now out and reboarded it.  What a mean man you are Mr. Grinch.  You with your part-time city job, going around making life miserable for these animals. 

It made me sick to pull up here and see this.  And then to see the kitties run to me, and then run to the garage, with me holding my hammer, trying to get the boards loose.  I am glad I saved a larger plastic tote shelter in the back of the truck.  I placed it under the porch of this boarded up house, along with a fleece blanket and some paper plates for food and a plastic bowl for water.  These cats were hungry, and they need a place to huddle in this entire winter, and this was the best I could provide them, for now.

I am asking anyone - if anyone knows any city workers that could take pity on these cats, I need to get the nice shelters I have out of this garage.  I will move on down the street if I have to.  If anyone has a crowbar and can meet me, I can then break in and get my stuff.

Why can't there be more kindness and compassion?

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
 For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
 For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
 For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
 People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
 As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.”

Sam Levenson

Monday, December 23, 2013

Soaking Wet!

Do cats love boxes?  My Vanessa sure does!!

Its always a relief when the snow melts and its even tolerably warm or at least not so cold. Unfortunately, the snow melt has hit me hard, a flooded basement this morning!  Joy to the World!  Thank God for the towels I've received as donations (I don't need any more!), they helped to sop up the water that must have risen overnight. 

Christmas is just a couple of days away and once again on Wednesday morning I will be out there because as you all know there is never a day off. Certainly its never a day off for the kitties. Life always go on for them and always remains a struggle.  I woke with a toothache, which went straight into a headache.  I lay there thinking 'God I don't want to get up.", but just as always, I remember the kitties.  I also remember that there are people that can't get up in the morning due to a debilitating disease or illness.  (Thanks Mom, for bringing me up this way!)  So as I drag my feet to the floor, I thank the Lord for one more day. 

Charlie Sr. was adopted out to a nice young couple in Churchville.  I can't wait to receive a picture of him, as I've never seen him except in the dark, on the street, where it was either raining, or snowing, or something, and where he would run to me starving.  I've cared for him for so long, had him neutered, had to heart-wrenchingly place him back out there, due to lack of adopters or fosters.  Its always nice to see the kitties I rescue in a warm loving home environment afterwards.  Its so special to see this - to know you've made not only a cat happy, but a person as well.

Abby will be going to her new home on Wednesday morning.  Talk about a Christmas gift!  She is one lucky girl.  I am so grateful to have taken her off Pennsylvania and Fourth, where she would run to me each morning crying, waiting for her one meal for the day. 


Gordie had the run of the house yesterday (I hope you all checked out the blog posts over the weekend - he is healthy, and loving, and ready for his forever loving home).  Midnight, my little girl brat was stalking him around 2:30 this morning so I had to get up and chase Gordie til I got him and put him back in the bathroom.  There is always an adjustment period when a new cat comes in the house, but at least there wasn't bloodshed!
About 5 years ago there were places where I would regularly feed nearly 20 cats every day. There were people out there who didn't want me feeding them but I did and in time got the numbers down. I know there are people in the 'hood who do not like me but I have also met some wonderful people who with little to their name will do what they can even if its just digging some snow for me.
This is a picture of the kitty I want to rescue next, just as soon as we find a home for Gordie.  He is a sweet sweet kitty that waits for me each morning.  I believe that when I rescued Vanessa and her two kittens, Pumpkin and Magic, that this one got away.  He is a beautiful fluffball. 
Have a great day everyone!  And spread the word! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Clean Bill of Health!

Just in case anyone tunes in today to see if Gordie made it, he did!  Gordie tested negative for Leukemia!  He is now a she!  Just kidding.  He was neutered, given all his shots, and is ready for a loving home.  Please spread the word!

"Hey, don't make me look at the flash, it hurts my eyes!!"

"Don't take a picture of me under a toilet, puleeese!!"

Friday, December 20, 2013

Good News Channel

I have the day off, so this is quick.  I was on my way home, after feeding many many little kitties standing there waiting for me at each of the 15 locations I go to in just over an hour each day, and the radio was on.  I have it set on AM talk radio just for background noise as I get in and out of my car.  After getting back in the car after my very last stop, the news was about someone getting killed in an accident, the next report was about someone being killed somewhere.  I thought to myself, there is so much sad, bad news - why can't we have a radio station that is dedicated to nothing but good news, good stories!  Or even set a certain hour in the day with nothing but.  Its very sad to hear about tragedies, especially during this time of year, because you know so many people are suffering, while others are feeling pure joy.  Maybe some won the lottery, some are sweet innocent children who have nothing in the world to worry about, some are young couples just starting out in the world.  But whatever position you are in, you have to find some joy.  Even if you have to go looking for it.  Its not going to come to you.

I read this on Facebook the other day:

"Sobering thoughts as we enter the holiday season...It is important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And, many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness. We all need caring, loving thoughts right now.  Give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune."
Finally, I ran into Chester, the tall lanky older man with dreadlocks on Sixth Street this morning.  He has a great half toothless smile for me when I roll down my window to talk to him every so often.  He was telling me that I am known in the neighborhood, as he pointed out houses where he knows folks, and they talk about me feeding the kitties.  Chester lives in the back of a tiny house just down from the garage where I feed about six cats each morning.  He has an older dog who is unneutered.  He always remembers the flier I left him about the new low-income clinic that opened up on Bay Street, and he jokes that he doesn't want his dog fixed because he wants grandchildren.  :)  He is a character.   I got a lot of waves this morning, and one black gentlemen who consistently toots his horn to me on Seventh every day stopped just to wish me a Merry Christmas!  He told me he doesn't work, but transports people to and from their jobs. 
Yes, there are good people in this world. 
Prayers for Gordie as he undergoes a leukemia test this morning, and then has his manhood taken away!  :) 
Have a GREAT day and weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Feliz Navidad

As I pulled up to my second to last spot on Central this morning, the woman that lives in the house right next to the empty lot where the tree and chained shelter is was outside sweeping her steps.  She is a tiny older Puerto Rican woman, very petite, very frail looking, and doesn't speak a lick of English - she knows me, has seen me, I have tried to converse with her - we greet each other with a nod of the head and a smile.  This morning I said 'hola' to her.  She looked at me and repeated the word, and then said it again with a laugh.  I must have said it wrong, and she must have been laughing at me.  As I was bending down placing the food and water for the sweet black and white kitty there that comes each morning - but I don't know if he is using the shelters provided there - I was thinking, when I walk past her I will say 'feliz navidad' - that is Spanish for Merry Christmas, right?  But she wasn't there.  She went back into her house.  I will be sure to say it to her again if I see her again before next Wednesday. 

Just yesterday, I got out of the car on Chamberlain to place food and water down for Lucy, the only cat I know of (Casey has not been around) since rescuing Gordie from there, and a young black man was walking by.  I got out, he said "Goodmorning Kind Lady!"  I thought, that is SO SWEET!  I greeted him back with a laugh and a smile.  That made my morning.  Now, if I could just get them to feed and shelter and rescue their own cats!

I want to point out another good deed I noticed this morning.  SOMEONE shoveled paths for the kitties on Baldwin.  Now, I don't know if someone who is reading this now did that for me, or if one of the neighbors there did it.  I am thinking Larry, the kind black man across from this empty corner lot who loves cats, but his wife doesn't.  He has a meticulous property, his large driveway is shoveled perfectly.  It was amazing, how someone saw the paths that were cut by the kitties in several directions, and someone shoveled those perfectly for the little furballs to get around better in the knee high snow.  Amazing.  I am reminded that there really are good people left in this world.

Charlie Sr. is doing well at his foster mom Sue's house.  Sue is Kristin's mom, who after getting her arm twisted by her two daughters, was able to take in Charlie, who couldn't stop shaking he was so cold the other morning.  I got a call last night that someone wanted to adopt Charlie.  I was thrilled at this news.  I also got word yesterday that someone wants to adopt Abby!  I am 98% sure of this, and she will go to her new home after the Christmas holiday.  These are two very lucky kitties!!  Now to get Gordie fostered and adopted, or adopted period!  Gordie goes to get snipped tomorrow morning, but tested for Leukemia first.  Fingers crossed!

"When all seems lost, and there is no hope left, remember that this time will pass, and you will look back and see how it made you stronger"

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


LOVE that word Jess.  Is that the correct spelling?  Yes, cats can have conniptions, can't they!  :)

Before I forget, here is a picture of little Molly - isn't it terrible that I forget the names of kitties that I rescue, and name, and then adopt out, and then their new parents RENAME them!  :(  But who can forget this face?? 

Here she is now:

Can you imagine this baby girl living on the streets before I rescued her at what ... 14 weeks old?  Just a little kitten!  I am so thankful I am able to do these rescues when I can. 

Also, little Winky/Zoey is doing good - they are still not sure of what is wrong with her, but her parents LOVE HER TO PIECES.  This is what her mom reported earlier this week:  "She had a good weekend. The vet called us yesterday and after speaking with her colleagues, they think that it could be a bowel obstruction (may not be stooling enough). We are no longer giving her dry food, but high protein wet food. We have seen a major difference in the size of her belly (getting smaller) in the last 24 hours . Keep your fingers crossed!"

She is another little girl kitten that was living on the streets, and has been through so much if  you've followed the past few months of this blog.  I am so grateful I was able to get her also.  She was running across the streets on Garson Avenue at the tender age of 15 weeks or so also.

It was sort of a heat wave out there today, in double digits, compared to the past week.  All the usual suspects were out.  My little Gordie.  He is a joy.  He has turned into a mushball.  He is still in my bathroom, waiting on his manhood to diminish on Friday, but he now turns over for belly rubs.  Its amazing how you can see a very frightened homeless cat start to trust you over a matter of months, come closer and closer, allow you to pick it up, be rescued, be frightened again, and within hours know to use the litterbox, and finally turn over for belly rubs.  Amazing these animals are.  I must find this very beautiful all grey fluffball a home.  Captive #1 Abby is doing well also.  A real snuggle bunny she is.  She loves to be held and loves to be scratched.  She is a very sweet mellow girl who needs a loving forever home!  Spread the word!

I need to do my posts twice a day, as I run out of room in the mornings.  Its tough trudging through all this snow and getting back home to get ready for the next morning's feedings, and then get yourself ready for a long day at work.  So, again, sorry for the short post, but work comes first! 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


OK, I got Gordie!  Another rescue!  He was a willing participant, for sure.  I have hesitated getting him because I still have Abby to contend with.  Abby is a good girl, she is all black, except for a whisp of white under her neck, and I really need to move her out so that I can concentrate on Gordie.  I need to find someone to foster Abby - I can then concentrate on getting Abby's picture out there for possible adoption.  Her chances of adoption are slim, but there is always someone who knows someone that may want a companion, no matter what.  Most adopters are particular about what they want.  Most want kittens, most want pretty kitties - but what about the others - the older ones, the not so pretty - they have so much love to give, you forget what they look like.  You forget when you bury your nose into their fur, when you listen to them purr, when you know they are so grateful to be off the street and know they are loved.  I am truly over my limit with two rescues in my home.  One in one room, the other in another.  Its too much.  I must find them both a place to go for now until I can get them adopted.

Gordie - I need a new name.  Its not a great name for a cat.  I chose a name beginning with a G because of where I rescued him.  Garson Avenue.  I brought him into my bathroom twenty minutes ago, opened the carrier door, and he slowly came out.  I held him on my lap, stroked his back and scratched him under the chin.  He is scared, as is normal, but I can tell he is coming around, slowly.  I think he is going to be a real sweetheart.  (OK, I just went up to get his picture, held him again, got to kiss him on his forehead, and he started to purr!  YAY!)   I find most grey cats are the sweetest.  I miss my Boris.  My Smokey (aka FANG) is a total lover boy.  A real lap cat. I hope "Gordie" turns out the same way.
Igloo behind Paul's on Second

Central Calico

Central & Third

Its very cold out there this morning - single digits - but it was good to see most of my kitties in their shelters still when I pulled up.  Thank God for all of you that have helped me with these shelters.  You've helped save lives out there. 

Please spread the word about these kitties, they need your help!

Have a FANTASTIC day!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Can You Dig It?

I don't have much time this morning - it takes me forever out there in the morning when the snow falls - I posted on Saturday what it was like out there, and then we had about 10 inches of snow fall that evening - all I can say was I did a lot of digging.  I had to shovel pathways for these poor kitties to get around.  I saw a few pop out of the shelters I have placed here and there for them, so that was a good thing to see, but they had a very hard time getting around in the snow.  Keep in mind, most spots I had to wade through were up to my knees, and I had to cut paths with my feet in some places that I just could not shovel through.  I call it shuffling.

Charlie Sr.

I rescued another kitty on Sunday morning.  Charlie Sr.  He is a beauty.  Kristin and Darrin delivered a shelter on Central late Saturday morning (below) - and Charlie was there.  I picked him up and he was literally shaking.  I could tell Kristin was disturbed by this.  She called me later that day and said her mother would foster Charlie if I could get him.  We met back there later that afternoon, but Charlie was not around.  I spotted him early Sunday morning, peeking out from the shelter, with snow knee high, and I grabbed him.  There was no struggle, he was a willing participant.  And what a lover he is.  He is up for adoption, anyone interested?  Don't forget about Abby!  She is a beautiful girl, just waiting for a home.  I plan on rescuing Gordie sometime during this week.  He is the grey kitty from Garson.  I made an appointment for him for neutering on Friday.  He will also need a home, please spread the word!  I need people to help me with fostering! 

Here are some other pictures I took this morning. 

Hayward (click on for closer look)


Milly & Morgan - Short Street

Outside the Short Street shelter

Pennsylvania & Fourth
Have a Great Day!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Quickie

The door to the garage on Stout was still down.  It leads me to believe that the city is now in charge.  Thank GOD they did not return, as it housed the two kitties that depend on that shelter overnight, and hopefully will house them tonight as well.  Its really cold out there.

I appreciate all the help I received yesterday about locating the owner.  Thank you for the comments as well.  I have a plastic tote and a board ready just in case I will need it at this location, to place somewhere.  I do want to mention that I do snap to judgment when it comes to the cats, and whoever did board up the garage must have had a compassionate thread in their soul, because of the hinge that was not connected.  Maybe he thought "she will be able to open this - I just don't want my buddy who is helping me to know that I've left this unsecured".  :)  I like to think of the good in people before I judge them to be 'evil', but the majority are, and could care less about the welfare of these cats.  And the bowls and plates of food are in full view, along with the shelters, so this person, or people, knew what they were doing.  I am very kind to people when I try to explain why I am doing what I am doing on their property, which is why I am able to keep the shelters that I have for so long at all these different locations.  But there are truly nasty people out there.  But I always give people the benefit of the doubt first. 

I am meeting my friend Kristin and her husband soon, we will go back to Central and place another shelter that they have built out of an entertainment center!  They are bring a chain to place around the tree there, so that no one can take it.  We are expecting a foot of snow by tomorrow, and these two poor animals that are waiting under the tree for me each morning -  that are freezing to death out there will have a warm place to crawl into.  Thank God for Kristin and Darrin! 

Stay warm and dry!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gimme Shelter (& Food!)

Stout & Grand

This is a picture of what I saw this morning as I pulled up to my third stop, on the corner of Grand and Stout, where I've been feeding a pretty black kitty, a pretty spotted tabby, and a pretty red and white kitty.  This is where many a kitties have been rescued in the past, the most recent Jack, whom my friend Nancy adopted.  This is a dilapidated garage, that housed some old couches, that I turned into a nice warm shelter with four plastic totes, and a few boards covering them to keep the wind and snow away from them.  Someone came along and boarded up this garage.  The lucky thing for me is that when I went to inspect it, one side was not nailed properly, and I was able to scoot inside and call for the kitties that were obviously in distress waiting for me, on the outside.  Unfortunately, the wind was whipping and when I went to prop the door a crack so the cats could get in and out, and it wouldn't be too visible in case the owner of the property took a drive by later in the day, the large board flipped on its side.  After trying to reprop it, it still wouldn't stay due to the way the lock was placed on it, which is now bent, and the wind, so if the owner does drive by, he is going to be hopping mad.  But for some reason, I believe it may be the city who owns it now.

If anyone has any connections, or knows anyone who works for the city, and can find out the name of the owner of this place, I would be extremely grateful.  The address is 301 Grand Avenue, Rochester, NY 14609.  I need to speak to this person.  If he comes and boards up the garage again, my stuff is in there.  I did leave a flyer that was made for me that has my blog site and phone number, but I've not received a call from anyone.  I believe whoever did this knew full well that cats were using this garage, that it was in the teens temperature-wise, and they deliberately decided that none of that mattered.  I believe this is animal cruelty.  I believe that who ever did this is evil.  I just don't know how people can have such black hearts.  Life is so short.  Why do we have to be mean?  I am the one who put boards over the shattered windows of this garage to keep the wind and snow out.  I wasn't hurting anything.  Its very evil and cruel.  I hope I can speak to this person.  I may have to drive over there later to see whats up. 

I know I need more shelters now.  I placed my last one where these three poor animals have none on Central this morning.  They were waiting there, crying in the freezing wind and snow.   

One last note, I am bringing little Abby into the clinic today - she will have a leukemia test, and they will hopefully be able to tell me if she is pregnant, which I am beginning to suspect she is.  I thank God I got her off the street. She is a sweet little cuddly precious young cat.  I will have to have her babies aborted if she is - we have far too many cats in this world, its just not fair to bring new ones in when there are so many being put to sleep in shelters.  And I must find her temporary housing.  I must continue to rescue these poor souls.

Baldwin Cats this morning

These cats are freezing to death out there.  I need more help.  I need people to take in a cat or two, I promise we will find them a home!  I need food, and I need shelters.  I need a new brain, but I will check on that at a later point.  :)

Have a great weekend All.
The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter
Read more at http://www.notable-quotes.com/e/evil_quotes.html#oZUkd22ajxYfOTFE.99

The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter
Read more at http://www.notable-quotes.com/e/evil_quotes.html#oZUkd22ajxYfOTFE.99
"The soul that has conceived one wickedness
can nurse no good thereafter."

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brrrr... Baby, Its Cold Outside!

Red Kitty on Pennsylvania this morning

With the temperatures in the teens this morning, its no wonder that even with two layers of socks, my toes were frozen three quarters into my rounds.  I could barely feel them, but they ached on my drive home.  There were lot of cops, ambulances in different locations this morning - lots going on in the early morning hours.  But for me, its quiet, nothing changes, the cats are still waiting for me.  I laid down a lot of towels over the snow covered ones.  I do this just where they have to stand to eat, so that their little toes can at least rest on something dry, cottony, instead of the frozen snow.  I also spread a little more straw in some of my spots, but I think someone donated a bag of hay by mistake.  I wish I knew the difference in sight - I think hay is more shiny?  Anyone know?  Tomorrwo, I will pack a bag of the other bale I received - which I am sure is straw.

Regardless, they are cold.  Here is a pic to tell all.  These cats are waiting on Central for me each and every morning.  These cats need adoption, fast.  If you can't commit, at least foster one of them?  Please please please spread the word.  Winter has not even started.  I fear that the Almanac may be right this year - we are going to  have a brutal winter.
Central - my only location where there is NO shelter - they destroy whatever I put there

Day Two of Captivity - Abby!

Abby's Match.com picture - SEXY!

Abby's Mugshot

She is a very very sweet kitty - I am now wondering if she is pregnant.  Her belly feels a little round to me.  I must get her to a vet.  She is NOT very good getting a picture of.  She is quite camera shy.  But she does love her belly rubbed!  I must find her a home, and fast!  Gordie looks at me every morning now on Chamberlain and says "is today the day you will rescue me, is today the day you will take me to your nice warm home?"  Heartbreaking.  Please consider fostering a kitty - you will not regret it.

I have tomorrow off - hurray.  I also am late getting ready for tomorrow's feedings and then getting myself read for work, so keeping this short but sweet. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Zoey and Other Stuff

Zoey's mom sent me her picture yesterday, along with this little note:   
Dec 10 at 8:41 PM
I found out today that the meaning of the name Zoey is "life".
The vet had to shave the side of her neck, but she still looks beautiful.

Makes me cry, it really does.  Such a sweet little kitty.  I still pray for a miracle for her.

In regards to yesterday's post, and comments, I have to say a few things.  First, thank you everyone for all the comments, I love to hear differences of opinions, that's what makes our world the way it is, complex and beautiful.  We all have our opinions and there is nothing wrong with them.  They are the way we see life to be, and who is to judge?  I do have to say though, unless you are who I think you are, you really need to walk in my shoes day in and day out to know whats best for these cats.  And legally, they may not be mine, but morally, I am the only one to know what is right and wrong for them.  I am their caretaker, and if I believe one of them is in danger, then I will do whatever I can to get them out of it.  There are far less dangers in a barn situation than there are on some streets and some neighborhoods.  I know this firsthand.  Prince was darting in and out of two busy streets before I made the decision to move him.  I pray he is still ok, but I don't regret the decision to take him away from those conditions one bit.  He lived in a box on a porch of a boarded up house.  Who has ever picked up a cat, that was literally frozen, from under a porch.  I have.  I know what these cats face every day, and the more I can take off the street, place them into loving homes.  A barn is not where I would ideally want a cat to end up, but its far better than the streets. 

I did it again.  Guess who's in my bathroom?  ABBY!!!  Abby is the sweet young black kitty, less than a year old, from Pennsylvania and Fourth!  I need to find a home for her temporarily so that I can rescue Gordie, the grey kitty on Garson/Chamberlain who I originally intended to rescue.  But Abby is not eartipped, so its likely she is not spayed, and she is young.  Also, who could pass up a little kitty sitting waiting for you every morning in the snow.  And in the conditions we are in now in Rochester, with temps in the 20s, and two inches of snowfall overnight, I couldn't just leave her.  She is too defenseless.  So please, consider fostering Abby for me.  There are thousands of unwanted and mistreated animals out on the streets.  We may not be able to solve world hunger and war, but this is something concrete that we can do to improve our community - and that is to help, in whatever way is possible for you.

Pictures for you tomorrow!

Have a great day!

"Don't be so quick to judge, you never know when you might just find yourself walking in that person's shoes."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Where There's A Will, There's a Way

I rescued Prince and Cedric, two males that I had been feeding for ages on a regular basis on Central Park at a boarded up house, with feeding stations and shelter on both the porch and in the back of the house.  I brought them to a barn out in Scottsville after this kind woman posted for cats for her horse barn.  Things went well, she kept them caged for two weeks - Cedric was shy and ran and hid when he was released, and Prince was Prince, just the sweetest and friendliest boy.  A week later he had an injury to his paw, but his new 'mom' said it was getting better, and he was also seen by a vet tech that comes to look at the horses there.  Cedric was still in hiding but coming out to eat.  There is lots of hay and straw there for the several horses that are kept there.  Its a nice 'barn' building, I could live there!  Anyways, all was going well until Monday when Pat informed me "wanted to let you know Prince wasn't at breakfast yesterday or today. I hope he's just out roaming but it's very unusual fro him at the barn. He spent all day friday with us as we were working in the barn. He had lunch with us, sat on out laps around the fire. I remain hopeful but sad at the thought that he may have left or ...... "     That was on Sunday night. On Monday I got this:  "Some friends told me they saw a cat that looked like prince at the side of the road on sat. I went to try to find it but it was not there today. I am very sad about all this"

I also am very sad about this.  It makes me rethink the whole barn situation.  There are predators in the country, lots of fox, coyotes - I am so sad to think that something has happened to my little Prince.  Then again, it happened in Webster to my mother's cat when a coyote snapped her little neck seconds after she was let out of the house in the early morning hours.

The other bit of news:  Winky/Zoey - this is the kitten I rescued when she was about four months old - a sweet little thing that ran across the road to me starving - on Garson Avenue.  I was able to swoop her up while gobbling food, thought she might be feral because of how frantic she was, and within minutes after soothing her in my bathroom, she because a cuddle bunny.  Sweetest little thing in the world.  My neighbor fostered her, fell in love with her, and then she was adopted by Chelsea.  But there was something that just wasn't right with her- after Tracy mentioned to me that she wasn't feeling well, I brought her to the doctor for lethargy, and not eating, she was placed on antibiotic and got better.  Then after her adoption, Chelsea reported the same thing, and here is what she reported yesterday:  "We are waiting to hear from the Doctor today regarding Zoey's test results. We are hoping the test went out on Friday so we can know today. If not today then Wednesday. She is SOO active when we give her the steroids. She acts like a wild kitty, you would never think she was sick, unfortunately she "crashes" shortly after. I thought we had turned a corner on Thursday, but sadly we have not. She is not eating as much as she use to and you can just tell that she is uncomfortable. She would be happy just to lay in your arms forever.  My heart is quite heavy, but I am reminded often that she is very loved and happy where she is right now. I have loved every second of being with her and I am grateful that you were able to find her and bring her to us. I will let you know if we hear anything else today. "

Of course, this is doubly sad for me.  But I am so grateful she is not suffering in the streets like she would have if it hadn't been for that one second I was able to grab her.  Thank God.

There are two sweet kitties I want to rescue so bad out there.  One is a little black girl, uneartipped, but not pregnant.  The other is Gordie on Garson.  He is such a sweet grey boy.  Where there's a will, there is a way.

Have a nice day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You

Some updates:  My cold is still hanging on, and I am still miserable!

Winky/Zoey - her mom reports:  "I'm sorry that I have to share this with you, but our Zoey does not have a good prognosis.  She has a large amount of fluid in her belly which is pushing on her heart.  They are almost positive that it is FIP and it is not treatable.  There is not much at this pont we can do but just love her."

Or course, I am very upset about this.  This tiny little baby that I rescued from the street, nursed and loved until her adoption a month later, only to have her get sick with some terrible disease that is not curable a month after that is just heartbreaking, for me and for her new parents.   I continue to pray for this little girl, who would have suffered a great deal had it not been for my daring rescue.  You have to remember, these cats would rather get hit by a car than let some big human grab them and take them away, but once they realize they are in safe hands, they are so grateful.  I can't tell you the feeling to rescue an animal.  I get teary eyed just thinking about it.  To see the ones remaining out there, suffering, and to see all the rescues I've made and to know the warm safe environments they are in now is priceless.

A few notes from this morning:  Its icy and cold out there - I picked up and held GORDIE - the grey kitty from Garson that I want to rescue next.  I actually kissed his soft fur this morning - so I know he is good to go.  Gordie from Garson.  I think its a great name!

There were EIGHT cats on Baldwin this morning.  EIGHT.  Two furry red fluffballs, that literally have red fluffballs - they are not fixed - and the other usual kitties that have been hanging around.  I've never seen the calico kitten in over a month there.

There were at least six cats on Pennsylvania and Fourth.  The sweet little black one, and the pretty fluffy red one still run to me, rolling on the ground at my feet.  They are not fixed either.  Big Red #2 and Baby Kitten are still there, along with a host of others.

On Sixth, a pretty grey with white, very shy, continues to limp on her back foot.  And a pretty red on Central continues to limp also. 

That's about all I have to report today.  I will get some more pictures tomorrow morning so that you can see for yourself all the sweethearts that need your help - from feeding to adoption. 

Have a great day!

"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.  For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people."

Friday, December 6, 2013


Thank you for the sweet comments yesterday.  I have some very intelligent people reading this!  :)

I don't have much of an update on Zoey/Winky - her 'mom' sent me this yesterday morning - "She is doing ok. She socializes with us when I get home from work until we go to bed (she groomed herself for the first time last night!!) and is up with us when when I go to work. She is doing less hiding under the bed and coffee table and her eyes seem to be improving as well. We will take her  back to the vet either later today or tomorrow on my day off."  I continue to keep her in my prayers and hope she continues to improve, from whatever is ailing her.  Poor baby girl.  :(

While this blog is mainly about the cats I see each and every day, my thoughts and feelings creep in and this blog becomes sort of cathartic for me - a diary almost.  I have been down lately due to finances, and expressed this to a distant cousin who lives in the Catskill Mountains with my favorite Aunt Mary - whom I remember with great joy from my childhood.  My grandmother had six sisters, and Mary was one of them.  She lived in New Jersey, was a wild redhead who was larger than life to me with her makeup, constant tan, jewels galore, and that Jersey accent.  Her husband, Uncle Don, was a handsome man too.  Her daughter and I have recently started to keep in touch after many years apart.  I sent her a note telling her about some of the difficulties I've had recently, and with Christmas coming and how down I was about it.  She sent me something that was so beautiful I wanted to share it.  I hope you get something out of it also.

"Dearest Cousin,
It is never a trouble when you share your concerns with me.  On the contrary, it is what family and friendship is all about; to help share the burdens of those we love.  I truly believe that capitalism has just ruined the real meaning of Christmas.  It is not about Santa Clause bringing us all lots of presents.  The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate God's love and HIs gift to us, Jesus.  And Jesus's love and gift to us of salvation and eternal life.  That is why we give a gift to those we love, to honor that memory.  But our gift does not have to be a material thing.  However we can give love to those we love; either with our time, our service, a heartfelt note, or even food.  You know what those you love can use the most.  Love, support, time, all count as gifts.  So don't fret about not having enough money to BUY something.  Gifts from the heart mean much more than those things purchased in a store.  And those who love you realize your situation and do not judge you or think any less of you.  Hard times, poor health, injustices happen to us all at one time or another.  With God's love and grace, if we trust in Him, we will get through anything and come through it stronger and with a blessing for being faithful.  
Mom's dementia is progressing.  She will be 96 in February.  She does not get dressed and rarely bathes.  She only wants to eat cookies, desserts and ice cream.  Her short term memory is non-existent and her long term memory is failing her.  I can no longer leave her alone for very long and she refuses to have anyone come in to stay with her if I have to go out for the day.  Each day is a challenge.  She asks the same questions over and over and complains about the same things nonstop.  However I count it as a blessing that she is still here with us, still able to walk and talk and still there for me to hug and love. "

So, thanks for that note Cousin.  I am so thankful for all the people in my life.  The new and the old. 
Have a great weekend.
"Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances."

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Straight to Hell

That's a note I wrote this morning and laid it on top of a tiny shelter I placed on Central, under a tree, for this sweet black and white kitty who is very homeless to use in storms, not that its going to really be a shelter for him, its very tiny, but it has straw, and stryofoam insulation in it.  Not sure that he can even turn around in it.  I set it there three days ago, and its remained intact until I drove up to this feeding spot where I feed an average of four cats per day, and saw it tossed into the street this morning.  That was someone randomly coming along and destroying something not tied to the ground.  Cruel cruel cruel.

On my way home from feeding over 50 cats that I feed each and every day in the hood, Bob Lonsberry was on the radio preaching about this or that - but what I took from this rant of his was that there are rich people and poor people.  Most of the rich he's met were poor to begin with.  Its the choices we make in our lives that lead us to where we are today.  Now, I didn't go to a four year college, but I did get a degree and I began the illustrious career as a secretary.  Through steady paychecks, and small fortunes thrown my way due to deaths in the family, I was able to purchase a house, and have been able to make the mortgage payment since.  Not that it has been easy, but so far, so good, by the chinny chin hair on my chin?  Isn't that a saying?  I may not have much, but I can say that I've done something in my life that I believe has done good for this world.  Even if its a small portion of this world, I've done something to make a difference.

That's all I have to say today.  I am feeling miserable with this cold, but I still must get to work and bust my tail. 

Have a good one.

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt
the person doing it."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do You Know What Day It Is?

Uh huh, hump day!  hurrah!  I had five days off from work last week - that includes Saturday and Sunday, and boy was it heavenly.  Back at work, the hours drag slowly by.  I am almost asleep by 2 pm.  Oh, how I would love to win the lottery!

Speaking of, its been a very tough year for me - filled with worry, and sadness over my own personal affairs - I also was not able to TNR (trap neuter release) many cats either - certainly not as many as last year - and it showed by seeing a few pregnant cats, and also seeing new kittens running around.  But I rescued over 10 kittens this year, and found them all good homes!  I rescued a ton of adult cats, and found them all good homes too!  I also had to euthanize quite a few of my own, and also some very sick kitties on the streets.  I've also never someone adopt a kitty from me and have them get sick, and die shortly after.  Not to say that this has happened to Winky/Zoey - I actually don't know how she is today.  I think her new family are very concerned about her - but somehow I feel responsible, even though she was tested for disease before she was adopted, and was negative.  I pray I hear good news sometime soon.

I have a cold today, my throat was raw last night, and I am dragging.  Its so hard sometimes to get myself motivated to head out into the cold, and the wet - its raining this morning - and get out of my car 15 times within the hour - to move boards, to fill plates, to pick up wet towels, to trudge to the back of empty lots and behind abandoned boarded up houses.  Its so hard to give a pat here and there to the friendly ones, knowing they are hungry and just want me to put the food down, and then drive away from them.

I guess I am throwing my self a pity party this morning, but that's OK.  I deserve it.  We all deserve our own party once in a while, right?  :)  Well, break out the champagne and pour me a glass.  Kidding.  Its only 6:35 am., and I need to get moving and ready for work. 

Sorry for the lame post today - but I deserve it!  :)

Some more pictures I took yesterday morning:

Pennsylvania (side of house shelter for food)

Pennsylvania (back - shelters - kitty inside!)

Central Kitty (sweet - he was very shy when I first started to feed him)

Again, Black Kitty on Central - definitely homeless - needs a home!)

A few more on Central - Charlie Sr. at left, Snickers in the middle

Have a great day!

"Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential."