Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! BETH and PAT I.!!!

My friend Pattie's family.  Thank you BETH and PAT I.  You both helped me to feed some cats for Christmas.  And they thank you as well.  Beth and Pat are relatives of my good friend Pattie, who adopted Cricket from me.  I am so thankful for Pattie, she is there for me through thick and thin.  I wish she didn't live so darn far away.   Thanks again Beth and Pat!

Nothing to report this morning really.  There is an injured striped grey cat that goes from spot to spot in the Second/Pennsylvania/Central Park/Third streets area, has been for at least a year now.  Unneutered, I believe. He has a very sore paw, he came out of the little tote shelter on Pennsylvania two days ago and I haven't seen him since.  He cried, and could barely walk on it.  I had every intention to grab him this morning and get him help, but he wasn't there.

Nor was the young unneutered black and white guy at the next and final stop.   I will continue to hunt them down.  :(

While at home not feeling well yesterday, I noticed a few things about my own indoor cats.  It’s a well-known fact that kitties are indecisive. A classic example is how they stand in doorways, not committing to one side or the other. Mary Jane shows her hesitance at my bedtime.  She first acts like she wants to burrow under the covers, so I lift them, giving her access.  She’ll spend a few seconds underneath the covers, and then crawl out. Then she waits for a few seconds, and desires to go undercover again. This goes on and one about four or five times before she eventually makes a decision.


Leo and Smokey are my constant companions while I’m sitting on the couch. I usually sit on one end, near an end table.  They don't normally demand to sit in my lap, but instead opt to plop themselves right up against me. I know this is common behavior for cats. They like to be as close to us as possible. What’s funny about Leo, though, is that he insists on plastering himself against my left side. What’s weird to me is that my left side — the one that’s nearest the end table — is on the edge of the sofa. He could comfortably lie on my right side. In fact, the rest of the couch is available on that side. Nope; he wants to claim the space that’s only sliver of surface. If he jumps to the right of me, he makes his way to the left. He doesn’t even consider the right side. I guess you you can say he’s a “lefty.”


Buster, she’s always been particular about her food rituals. Instead of lowering her face into the dish, she likes to use a nail to pull one or two pieces off the plate, onto the floor. Then she eats the little bits from the floor. She’ll spend an entire meal using this dainty dining method.   These cats kill me.  :)

Update from Peppercorn's mom!  :)  He was not a happy camper when I brought him from his foster mom's house after his rescue, to his new home.  In fact, nor was his mom, with him.  But as I tell all adopters, patience.  It will all be worth it soon.  Mom says: "he is my shadow and incredibly affectionate!! he is much more tolerant of the dog and he is bff with the cat that hissed at you...they chase each other and wrestle quite often"

Peppercorn Today!

Have a great day!

"Happy are they who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life."

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  1. That's too funny about Leo! Charley insists on sitting on my left side. If Pumpkin gets there first, Charley will sit and stare at him until I slide Pumpkin into my lap, and then Charley happily settles down in his spot. I love cats.

    Sounds like Peppercorn found a great family! Thanks for the update.