Thursday, January 19, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! JAN R.!!!!

Thank you JAN R.!!!  You helped me this morning to feed many many cats through the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign!  Thank you so much Jan, for your generosity!  I think Jan knows me through either the media, or from a friend.  Jan, if you are reading, please clarify!  And please know how much I appreciate you, and how the cats appreciate you!  :)

This morning's pic:  Niagara Street
There has been a new one or two kitties at my Short Street location.  None have their ear tipped, so I figured I needed to get them TNRd.  They are friendly also, they look like sister sister, or sister brother, or what ever.  I haven't seen the other in a while, but the one has been hanging around religiously.  This is where Mr. Whiskers and Baby Buttons live.  I have not seen either of them for a day or two, and then prior to that its been scattered.  Not sure why.  Regardless, this morning I noticed a little pop around her sides as she ran in front of me after greeting me near the street when I got out of the Jeep all the way to the back of the lot.  I firmly believe this little one is pregnant.  I also felt her middle and her little nipples were popping.   I will be making an appointment this morning for her to be spayed, hopefully Tuesday.

Why?  Because we can't have any more kittens running around.  You are upset about this?  I am upset about this!  But remember this.  This cat could go off somewhere and have her kittens under a porch, we could have a snow storm, its winter, and the baby kittens could easily freeze to death, if they are not mauled by a larger hungry animal, or mama has a hard time delivering.  Not to mention, do you know how many cats are euthanized because there are JUST TOO MANY?  Across the world?  You think we need another litter being born and have thousands across the country being put to sleep that very same day?

Very young cats and very old cats rarely enjoy the kind of physical condition that would warrant allowing them to give birth. Birthing and nursing a litter of kittens would easily take their last ounce of strength, and could kill them. This is even more evident in pregnant strays, who may have already given birth to many litters of kittens already.  A female cat can have at least three litters of kittens each year. The kindest and most compassionate action anyone could take with one of these cats is to spay/abort her.

We have an enormous cat overpopulation problem, primarily caused by cat owners' failure to spay or neuter their cats. Often the resulting pregnant female cats are thrown out on the street, where they and their surviving kittens continue to mate, and the offspring from those matings continue to mate. The horrifying reality is that a pregnant female cat and her descendants can account for the births of several hundred kittens in just a few years.  There simply isn't enough space to house them all, and something must give. It's a matter of supply and demand. In a world that loves kittens, kittens are a dime a dozen.  You want a kitten?  There will be thousands being born come spring because of irresponsible adults not having the cats spayed or neutered.  You have a problem in your neighborhood?  Please, do something about it!  Its up to us to care for these animals!

Thanks for listening, and caring!

Have a GREAT day!

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” 


  1. Too bad we can't spay and neuter irresponsible pet owners so that they will not teach another generation to be irresponsible as well...makes me laugh envisioning you stuffing one into a carrier for the clinic. lol

    1. they may be easier to trap than some of these kitties!! lol