Friday, January 6, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! MICHELLE W!

Thank you MICHELLE W.!!!  You helped to feed MANY cats for the day, close to 100 to be almost exact! :)   Without people like you Michelle, I would be not only out there feeding cats at 4 am., then going to an eight hour full-time job, but I would also be going to a part-time job in the evening to be able to feed these cats.  It costs me a fortune, every day, to do this.  So thank you Michelle W.!  and everyone else that has contributed to this holiday campaign! 

At 4 am. this morning, the thermometer in the Jeep read 12 degrees, but with the slight wind, I am sure its in the teens.  I felt so bad for the kitties out there, but I was also SO grateful to know that they have shelters where I've placed them, if they are smart enough to use them.  I know there are more cats than shelters, so PLEASE consider placing a shelter or two outside your house year round.  It might mean life or death for some of these less fortunate animals roaming out streets outside our windows.

I have ANOTHER feline sleeping on my porch at night now, besides Annabelle, the muted calico I've been harboring for years now.  He large, black with a little white under his chin, and has a very bad URI.  He is not ear tipped, and we haven't gotten friendly enough with each other for me to 'feel back there' to see if he is neutered.  I will have to figure out something to get him to the vets.  :(  ugghg.  I can't take it. 

Scene from this morning - I tried to get a picture of this little, young calico that hangs there, but she runs when I approach.   There are three regulars here at this location, one is in the picture (or do I see another in the far back?).

Under the porch from picture above
Speaking of teeth.  Oh wait, were we? 

Anyhoo.  I did have the tooth extracted yesterday.  I walked in and the surgeon, who I never met, was right out of a movie.  He was the most handsomest dentist I've ever laid eyes on.  And when he introduced himself as Alessandro Geminiani, my mouth dropped.  His right off the boat thick heavy Italian  accent.  And blue eyes.  I nearly died.  But I regained my composure, and tried to listen to what he was telling me, about my gross tooth.  I made a total ass out of myself as I flinched and cried the entire time, but it was over in half an hour, and I walked out feeling like an idiot.  When will I ever grow up.  I went home and babied myself, being under the influence of an anti-anxiety pill, and woke this morning feeling GREAT.  I don't even have pain in that side of my face.  YET.

Smoothies, here I come though.  I do not want to disturb any healing going on.  I made a great one with Almond Milk, frozen Blueberries, cocoa powder, fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla.  Yum.  And totally low cal.  Anyone else have a good recipe, low cal/fat? 

Have a GREAT day!

"At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling."


  1. If you can get a picture of the cat that is new to your porch, I can look around to see if he is missed by anyone.

  2. dental pain is some of the worst, even worse when infected, don't be embarrassed