Monday, January 23, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! ANN & PETE B!

ANN and PETE!  Thank you for helping me to Feed MANY Cats through Christmas!  I go way back with these two.  Pete was my old boss at a big law firm.  We were buds too.  Some would call Pete cantankerous, I would call him a teddy bear.  I left the firm, Pete retired but soon thereafter became the judge of a small town east of Rochester.  Although Pete was always a hunter, they love their animals, especially dogs.  Thanks for thinking of me you two.  Even though its been many years apart, I still consider them good friends!

House being demolished soon (old feeding spot)
This weekend was INSANE.  I arrived Saturday morning to one of my spots, that is a vacant house which I have two feeding spots, one on each porch of the house, only to find a tape surrounding the house.  I knew that the next step would be demolition, as its on the demo list that a friend provided me for the new year.  I knew the day would come for this, but you are never ready - nor are the cats, to move to a new location, if its even possible.  I looked across the street - saw the vacant city lot, and Saturday Sheryl and I began dragging all the shelters over, and placed a tarp over that.  We called for the three kitties that were sitting on the porches of the house, across the street, to come eat at their new spot, but they were very confused.  I later stopped back and pretended I was pouring the food down at the new spot, all the while calling for kitties, and it did look like one or two found the new location as some of the food was gone.


Sunday morning, I dragged a pallet to the new spot and placed it to get the food off the ground.  This morning, I replaced the tarp with a larger one, although I am in desperate need of heavy rocks.   The wind is coming also.  And this morning I did notice the kitties have found their food source.  I just pray they use the shelters here to take cover in once the house is demolished. 

DASHER now named BOGART!

Dasher has been adopted.  I am thrilled at his chance for a better life on the streets.  His foster mom loved him so, and found it very hard to let him go, but she knows that in order to save another, it must be done.  His new parents will keep in touch, and so far it sounds like the adjustment is going well.  Dasher's going to have a great life, and I couldn't be happier!  More news to come on that!

Baylee goes to get his remaining teeth out today, and Bacardi is going for a check up to see why he is still having 'bathroom issues'.  And then Bacardi is going to be adopted!!!  He must!  Such a SWEET boy!!!  Thanks to him foster mom for loving him unconditionally.


More pics from this morning: (don't forget to click on pics to see up close!)

Fluffy Red on Tires at Auto Garage

Kitty on Central waiting for Breakfast

Cats I saw on Side of Road on Melville/Webster - HAD to feed them - all un ear tipped :(

Have a great day!

"Keep smiling
And one day life will
get tired of
upsetting you."


  1. Hi Janine, can you find out if 4 Staudinger Place is set to be torn down this year 2017? It's one of my sites and it has been boarded up for at least 2 years, and now they have yellow, blue and red flags/markers around.

    1. Please email me at and I can send you the list for 2017! Whoever you are. :)

    2. Yes it is scheduled to be demolished in 2017.

  2. I wish Dasher and his new family lots of joy and many happy years together!

    Is Bacardi peeing outside the box? Hope the vet can get to the bottom of that (no pun intended!)