Monday, January 30, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! Tracey U.!!!!!

TRACEY!  Well, this is a coincidence.  Since the Feed a Cat for Christmas started, I've been posting my thanks and praises to each of you that donated in the order I received donations.  Tracey adopted Paddy, now Patrick, around Thanksgiving time, and NOW has adopted SUNSHINE! 

Just yesterday!!!  I am so thrilled that her name fell on my list for today!  Tracey is a super girl, I wish we lived closer, I think we would be good friends.  As it happens though, she lives way out in Hamlin, but gorgeous country.  I did love the drive.  But Sunshine did NOT love the drive.  I have never heard of cats with car sickness but she sure did have it.  Puked twice and then the worst ever.  Yup, she messed up the carrier, and herself.  I actually arrived to Tracey's place way too early - I need to pay more attention sometimes - and I got out and got in back seat and tried to clean her and the carrier up as best as I could.  Thank God I always carry wipes with me - could be my obsession with germs!  When Tracey arrived home, and hour and half later, she didn't flinch too much about Sunshine being sick and needing a cleaning, as Tracey is a dog/cat groomer!😺

Update today is that she let Sunshine out of the bathroom she had put her in originally, she and Patrick were staying apart but knowing each are there, she is exploring, and she has used the litterbox and has been eating.  All good!  I am so happy about this adoption.  😻😘

But Sunshine was the LAST of the three this weekend!  Our little Princess was picked up on Friday to be delivered to her new home today or tomorrow as a gift from my good friend Donna to her old neighbor.  😃

And on Saturday, Bacardi went to his new home.  He joins Piper, the other kitty they adopted from me a year ago.   Bacardi goes into hiding, but sooner or later, he will come out on his own.  In the meantime, his loving humans get him and bring him down to join them.  He loves to be held.  He purrs and purrs.  My friend Karen, who fostered Cammy for a long time before he was adopted, came over that morning to give him a little shave under his chin area, and on chest, because of the matting that just could not be combed out.  Despite the loud noise, he was calm, and I think he loved it.  Karen was so gentle.  Karen, can you come shave under my chin?  :)

So all in all, a GREAT weekend.  Little boy was there this morning - the one on 4th and Pennsylvania, but I was not feeling up to par this morning so did not grab him. Plus I need to make an appoint at the clinic, but they are so booked, weeks to be exact.  I am actually home sick today.  I feel better than I did, lets put it that way.

Enough about me.  Its all about the cats.  Please consider foster and adoption!  🌚

Have a great day!


  1. 3 adoptions in one weekend? AMAZING!!! Simply amazing....

  2. Awesome weekend for the cats! Hope we'll hear updates on them soon.