Thursday, January 5, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas!!! JACQUELINE W!!!

Thank you Jackie W!.  What a lifesaver you've been!  I appreciate so much your help always, especially with helping to Feed a Cat for Christmas, and Beyond!  :)

Thanks to all of you that have reached out to me to help in any way you can.

Thanks to those of you that sympathize with me regarding my tooth!  Ugggh!  So I go to an oral surgeon yesterday and he tells me I need a root canal, and with that comes a crown.  So altogether this would cost me close to $2500, give or take a few bucks insurance would kick in.  It would include four painful trips to surgeons and dentists altogether.  It would include time out for work, and mileage on my car.  I have to consider all that.  So instead, I considered having the tooth removed, of which I am doing today.  Its going to be horrible, for me.  I have major anxiety when having anything done to my teeth.  Now getting them cleaned, on the other hand, is a joy.  LOVE the scraping.  Sorry.  TMI?

So wish me well.  The cost of gas has gone up, to over $500 a pop - so Novacaine, and narcotics is all I can do.  I wish I had earbuds to stop the sound of drilling.  I am going to be a wreck.   

The wind was brutal yesterday, last evening, this morning, and will be continuing to be today.  I layed there this morning thinking how a lot of tarps would be missing.  So I packed the jeep with extra shelters, extra tarps, extra straw, and the only heavy thing I have to set on  to keep the wind from blowing, one big rock. 

Click on photo to zoom in:

This morning:  Central Avenue - two tiered shelter apparently!

I was surprised to find everything pretty much in order.  I do however need the following:

Heavy brick or pavers, light enough for me to carry.
Batteries, both AA and AAA.  The headlamps I use wear out quickly.
Dark colored tarps - either black, brown or camoflauge.

Otherwise, all the kitties were out, and hopefully taking shelter against this wind.  The temp is 20, so with windchills, I am sure it close to zero at times.

Have a nice day (and wish me luck).  I think losing a tooth, or any part of your body, is traumatic.  I am one big baby.  :(


  1. Good luck Janine! Yeah, the price of going to the dentist for anything is ridiculous! I'm at the point in my life now where if they say "root canal/cap" -- I say pull the damn thing and add a tooth to my partial (cheaper).

  2. Good luck Janine - you got this and the pain will be gone soon!! I understand how you feel about losing a tooth. My 1st one ever pulled (prior to an inplant) I was devastated. I drove home in shock - felt like a bag lady - lol. Love you and your in my thoughts today. Nancy C.

  3. Hey Mama Bean, I hope your extraction went well and that you're feeling better. I'm also surprised all the tarps were still in place after all that wind. I thought for sure you'd have a lot to clean up. Praying for you (and the kitties in this frigid weather!)