Monday, January 2, 2017

Feed a Cat For Christmas! Laurie W!

Laurie's gift was in honor of her friend Shirley!  Thank you so much Laurie!  The Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign was a great success, and it will extend into January, so thank you Laurie - today - for helping me to feed all these kitties.  Laurie has been very kind to me in the past, and I appreciate her generosity. 

Saturday morning - New Years Eve day - I was out at my last stop, and as I got out of the car, I heard crying.  I saw all the regular cats winding their way to me, and I looked to the left and there came running this little guy:  20 degrees, light snow, 5:30 in the morning.

Her cries were pitiful the whole ride home.  when I let her out of the carrier to hold her, she cuddled right into me with the longest and loudest purring.. I set food down for her and I've never seen a cat eat like that - it must have not eaten for days.  After that, she slept for 12 hours.  I estimate her age about five weeks.  I named her/him Happy for now.  As in Happy New Year!

When I picked her up, Tim, the black man next door that hated me and the cats for years and tore my shelters up before I called the police, and built my garden, came out of his house and walked over before I drove off and asked if I had the kitten - I hesitantly told him yes, and he said 'thank God - the little thing has been crying for days now - I called 311 - they came but kitten disappeared - its been crying for days now and I couldn't let it in because of my mother'.  I couldn't believe it.  He really does care.  I was very happy I could get this baby off the street. It was obviously someone's kitten, but was put out, or something.  I did call for others but there didn't seem to be any other kittens around.  I was elated about this catch, my last rescue of the year!

Our little Dixie went to her new home on Friday.  I nearly cried.  Such a sweet little girl.  Here she is in her new home!  They renamed her Marnie!

I was thinking about what would happen if I couldn't do this anymore.  Who will take my place?  Who will feed these cats every day?  What will happen to them if no one does?  They have come to know and love and trust me.  We need more road warriors!  Teach your children well, as Crosby Stills Nash and Young sang...  we need more of me for the future generation.  Teach them compassion, and teach them about what others are doing to help these creatures who ask for nothing but the basics - food and love. 

This morning at my second to last stop, homeless Will walked up to me, looking spiffy.  He was wearing the pair of jeans I bought him last year, and a hat with a tag hanging from it, a jacket and scarf.  I knew I hadn't seen him around for awhile, and told me the has been in rehab, for "alcohol and weed."  I told him how proud I was of him, and to keep at it, one day at a time.  He did ask for change, which I never have, but would give to him in a heart beat.  I told him I will start to carry a few bucks for him in the jeep for him when I see him.  He's a good person, kind and sweet.  He left me with a joke.  Knock Knock, who's there?  Nobody, Nobody Who.  And then he walked away.  I didn't get it.  :)  He did tell me a joke a while ago and I still remember, and I never remember jokes.  It was 'why do white people like going to black people's garage sales?' 'because they can get their stuff back'.  Ha.  Hey, you gotta laugh. 

Have a great day!

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."

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  1. Two adoptions are a great start to the year! From the pictures on FB, Happy seems to have made himself right at home with his new family. :D