Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! DEB G. and MARK!

Thank you Deb G. and her man Mark!  Thank you for making a difference in Rochester to help feed its homeless cats.  There are so many, and your gift to the Feed a Cat for Christmas is so appreciated.  Deb is special, not only because she is who she is!, but also because she adopted a kitty from me that had been hit by a car on Webster Avenue, taken to the clinic to heal her wounds by Lori from Habitat for Cats, but needed to release her back to the streets in this area, and I agreed to take her, and found her the perfect home with Deb.  Peanut was not good at first, very fearful, not getting along with Deb's other kitties, but she came around and is now a beloved member of the family!  Thank you DEB and Mark!  :)

Peanut THEN

Peanut NOW
Yesterday was a sad day for me - but also great relief.  Funny how that works.  Little kitty Hope was finally ready to be taken by me by going into my carrier I had waiting for her, ready to receive the only love she probably ever had, by a human that did not want to see her suffer any more.  She was euthanized in the early morning hours, as the mass on her tongue and most likely in her body somewhere was very bad.  She must not have been able to eat for a long long time.  The vets said  that the mass would have grown and Hope would have either suffocated or starved to death.  Poor angel.   I am so thankful she let me take her.  Sweet dreams little angel.

The hut I coaxed HOPE out of yesterday
Today was balmy outside.  I loved it but knew in the back of my mind it would soon be crunchy out there again, with the snow underfoot, and the wind howling, and the temperatures in the zeros.  I am sure the cats are loving it right now too.

I left work early yesterday to go home and get Baylee to take him to Southtowne Vet, Dr. Gschrey.  The Genius.  I spotted Baylee on the side of the road one day, pretty pathetic looking sitting in front of someone's house in an open area against the concrete base, on Bay Street last summer.  Of course, I stopped, got out, placed a bowl of water and some food under a bush next door.  I drove past there daily and kept leaving food.  Each time, Baylee would creep just a little bit closer, and I heard him breathing laboriously, and I decided to try to treat him with antibiotics in his food.  So for two or three weeks, Clavamox, nothing.  Then for the next two weeks, Doxycycline.  Nothing. By this time, he was allowing me to pet him, and by this time also, his breathing was bad, and he had drool coming from his mouth.

Baylee THEN
I decided to rescue him and get him to a vet.  He was already neutered, and it was determined he was about nine years old or so.  Teeth barely there also.  A shot of convenia and it was suggested he go for an MRI.  Big bucks.  No can do.  So he's been with me - a LOT better after that visit - but have had to bring him for convenia shots every other month due to what sounds like upper respiratory issues.  Oh, did I mention, he has FIV.  No biggie.

But I wanted a second opinion so I brought him to Dr. G.  He is so knowledgeable, he doesn't skip a beat when talking to you.  He checked him every which way, and finally prescribed two meds to be taken together and he was hopeful that this would clear up his breathing issues.  Azithromycin oral suspension and Cerenia tablets.  We will see!  Another kind person who knew of Baylee's breathing issues brought me over some Lung Gold for him to try a month ago.  I mentioned this to Dr. G. and he will be looking it up to see if it would be beneficial to Baylee, as he hadn't heard of it before.

Baylee TODAY!

Have a great day!.  


From the silence of your pain I heard my name 
       and on the wings of light I have come 
              to see the sadness in your eyes 
                     that cry without tears 

Can you see me, I am here 
       I will always be near you 
              to calm your shattered heart 
                     and to make you smile at the memories 

Do you feel me, perhaps a soft brush of fur 
       You ache to believe it's real 
              but you are afraid to hope 
                     You brush away a strand of hair 
                            But it was I, whispering..... 

I am only here for but a moment 
       The silver thread gently quivers 
              I will leave behind my love in a dream 
                     When you awaken, and without really knowing why 

Your heart will know at last 
           That it is all right, for now 
                     to say good-bye


  1. Love the stories of Peanut and Baylee. I'm so sorry about Hope but her suffering is over and she knew you would help her. Love you Janine - Nancy C.

  2. I'm glad that Deb was able to work with Peanut until he felt comfortable with the other cats. It just takes a lot patience and time with some cats. Kudos to her for not giving up and for committing to giving Peanut a forever home. We need more like you, Deb!

    I thought you'd started Baylee on Lung Gold already, but I guess not. I'm praying it helps him get better!

  3. Dr Gshrey is THE BEST vet in my opinion. Seeing him tomorrow for a follow up of a dental surgery with multiple extractions. You are so right he doesn't miss a beat ❤