Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! WANDA!!!

WANDA!!! Carrie's Mom!  Thank you so much for helping me to feed kitties over the holidays!  Carrie has been instrumental in helping me to get cats adopted by her cute little framed pictures of them.  I am so grateful!  Wanda obviously raised a very good girl.  Thank you Wanda!

Some sad news:  Bacardi was 'unadopted' yesterday.  We had to go get him from the home we thought was his forever home.  I am not blaming the adopters, we all have our burdens in life, and some can handle things better than others.  I do not judge.  Mental pain is invisible, and we can't always know what someone else's torments are.  They just weren't ready for a pet.  A messy one apparently.  Poor Bacardi, I think he was so confused, he made a few messes where he shouldn't have.  And that was it.  So he is back at his wonderful foster mom's house until we can get him adopted out permanently.

The male cat I brought in for neutering yesterday, Fred, the one that comes on my porch to feed, and sleep occasionally, tested positive for FIV.  Not a biggie to me, but to others who don't know about FIV, its big to you.  But realize this.  There is NOTHING wrong with these cats, they can't pass it on to you, or the dog, or the bird, or the pet rattlesnake.  They can't even pass it on to the other cats unless they bite each other severely.  Which, when is the last time you saw that happen? 

The Truth About FIV

Thanks to Pet Pride in Victor, NY, I would like to share some information on FIV positive kitties.  I have several in my own household, living with several who are not FIV positive, and have NEVER EVER had a problem.  Even though they FIGHT sometimes!  In Pet Pride's recent newsletter, they share some good information on this subject:

People are often hesitant to consider adaopting an FIV positive cat due to a lack of education about the condition.  Many cats with FIV are not fortunate and end up living out their lives in sanctuaries or are euthanized.  The belief is that if people become more informed about FIV, more people may open their hearts and homes to cats who carry the virus.

FIV attacks the immune system in the cat.  The primary mode of transmission is from ‘deep’ bite wounds from serious fights.  The virus is transmitted when the saliva of an FIV positive cat enters a deep bite wound of an uninfected cat.

Unlike previously believed, cats that have FIV don’t transmit the virus to other cats around them through typical daily activities such as grooming, sharing food, or water bowls, playing and use of litter pans.

Also, a mother cat doesn’t pass FIV to her kittens.  Many cats and kittens have lost their lives due to FIV because of the lack of knowledge of the virus.  FIV will not survive out of a hose for more than a few hours.  It also does not cross mucous membranes easily.

Cats with FIV make great pets!  While FIV does damage the immune systems, making it difficult to fight off common infections, it doesn’t need to make the cat unadoptable.  These cats can lead active, full and wonderful lives in loving homes.  If the public’s understanding of FIV improves and people become more open to adopting an FIV positive cat, more cats can brighten the lives of the families that adopt them.

Unfortunately, after Fred looked a bit less drugged up last night (I did sit with him for a while, made sure he ate), I had to open the door which he was dying to get open.  Little Annabelle, I knew, was waiting outside to get in from the wicked weather that was brewing.  I had to make that decision, because I had no where else for Fred to go.  My house is full.  I need more fosters. 

Speaking of storms, I battened down the hatches for some of my shelters, lost a few tops to Styrofoam shelters, and replaced a few boards.  That wind was wicked, for sure.  I nearly blew over, if you can believe that one.  :)

Have a great day!

"My mission is to rescue.  My dream is that one day I won't have to."


  1. That sucks about Bacardi being returned. He didn't get a chance to even try to adjust. :( Poor guy must have been very confused. Hope he finds his forever home soon!

  2. I agree and am not afraid to say that it stinks that they didnt give him longer to adjust. Did you instruct them to keep him in one small "safe room" with his food and litterbox to give him time to adjust- and they didnt listen? Or didhe go outside the box even in a small room? Either way he just needed more time. I agree obviously they werent the right people for him.
    Carole R.