Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! NORMA S. H.!!!!!

Norma S. H.!  Thank you for helping me to feed a cat for Christmas!!!  Norma has been very kind to me over the years.  She ran a shelter for cats out in Victor for many many years and worked very hard for them.  She donated food to me for the city cats as much as she could.  Norma, I appreciate you so much.  So do the cats! 

It was miserable out this morning.  Not only the rain turning into sleet turning into snow, but I pulled up to my second Parsells location where there has been 15 cats counted one morning, regulars about 10, and all my - THEIR - shelters were thrown to the curb.  Knowing these cats had nothing, I immediately placed them back, haphazardly, and then placed their food down, and drove off knowing I had to get my morning feedings done.  I also knew I had to rescue a pregnant female from Short Street who has a vet appointment this morning.  What if she wasn't there?   Back to these shelters removed and put to curb...  what a HEARTLESS thing to do.  Couldn't they have left a note, saying to please move it?  The lids were off, inside the shelters the straw was soaking.  They did this yesterday, obviously, sometime during the day, so these animals had NOTHING all day, and night.  They were sleeping in these shelters, this was their HOME!  On a day like today?  HEARTLESS.  Another unkind person moving to Parsells.

But you know what?  Kindness still exists on Parsells.  I was at Baldwin getting out of the car and a van pulled up and the window opened.  It was Carl, the man next door on Parsells, the kind man. Remember his son at one point came out and I had to call the police because he was threatening me not to leave food there for the cats.  Anyway, he told me that someone had bought the house. And all the while, I thought it was his son that did it.  What a kind man.  I asked him if he knew of a spot I could move things to, I told him I was desperate, that there were over 10 displaced cats.  He thought and thought, but couldn't think of anything.  If it weren't for his wife and son, he might have let me move my stuff to his place next door!  I thanked him profusely.  He didn't have to drive and find me to tell me that.

I raced to Garson, then Baldwin, then Webster, and then finally Short Street.  There she was.  Her name is Princess for now.  Sweet little thing.  She will be spayed today, combo tested, and hopefully good to go.  I don't think I can place her back on the street.  I visited with her while she was in the carrier in the Jeep when I finished my rounds and got back home.  I put my fingers in the door and she just rubbed and rubbed her had against them.  Too sweet to put back there.  I must find a foster.


I also need to get Sunshine out there.  She has been being fostered by a kind woman, but we must get her name out there.  I have had so much on my mind that I've nearly forgotten her.  So besides Bacardi, Sunshine needs a home.  Please spread the word!

UPDATE:  Hi Janine, can you find out if 4 Staudinger Place is set to be torn down this year 2017? It's one of my sites and it has been boarded up for at least 2 years, and now they have yellow, blue and red flags/markers around.
  1. Please email me at janine.wagner@rochesterregional.org and I can send you the list for 2017! Whoever you are. :)

Have a great day!

"And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, they who partake of benefits which are gotten by wronging one of God’s creatures, cannot be righteous; nor can they touch holy things, or teach the mysteries of the kingdom.." 


  1. Those flags are marking where utilities are located so I think there is going to be some excavation work done in that area...so possibly it is set for demolition.

  2. Yes it is set for 2017 demolition and is city-owned. So it will first have to go out for bid to contractors. So it wont be happening tomorrow. Im sure not till spring.

  3. Thank You for letting me know about Staudinger Place, it was a dear old blind woman's home, a friend of mine. She is with The Lord now, but I still feed the ferals that she took care of when she was alive.