Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! GRANDMA BERRY!!!

Thank you JEANNE!  Sweet woman from England!  Grandmother of two of my favorite ladies, Sharyn and Jessica!   Thank you Grandma Berry, even though you are not a 'cat person', for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  Such a kind woman. 

I received an update on Peppercorn.  If you will recall, Peppercorn went to his new home and didn't like it at first.  He was like 'whats goin on?  first I'm with the lady who rescued me, and then she ships me off to another lady's house where I start to get all comfortable and all, and then they ship me off to another person's house!  hmmph!  I'll show them!  I will hide, and be miserable!'  Well, thanks Mr. Peppercorn, for coming around and showing your new family how wonderful you are! 

Peppercorn fresh off the streets!

Peppercorn NOW!

It was drizzly out this morning.  I went round and saw all the babies that show up for their breakfast.  On Parsells, there was sweet Jane - the older girl I posted a while back, that I was going to rescue for someone during one of those bitter cold mornings, but she never showed up the next day for me to rescue.  She is sweet, she allows me to pet her.  At the next Parsells location, I counted 10 cats yesterday.  They gather around my feet and make it hard for me to pour the food, they are so hungry.  Others sit outside the porch area waiting for me to leave, those ones are more scared of humans.

HERMAN on Monday (Pennsylvania Avenue)

The day I rescued Hope on Monday, I did see the little black and white boy on Pennsylvania Avenue, who I will name Herman.  I could not rescue him that morning because of Hope being in my carrier.  And no, I can't carry two carriers, I don't even have two large enough for when I rescue.  At home, I either have too big, or too small.  You need the carrier to be just right because you are a grabbing a sort of wild animal and you are placing them into a 'box', and they are scared.  And you can't have their claws grabbing hold of the sides making it hard to get them in to.  Rescuing - you have to do it very quickly!  No messing around!  So, I do need to invest in a carrier!

Thanks everyone for reading, I appreciate you so much.

Have a great day!

"Give me strength when I stand
and faith when I fall."

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