Friday, January 27, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! NANCY F!

NANCY F.!  Thank you SO much for helping me to feed cats through the holidays.   As I stated yesterday, I go through nearly 40 pounds of dry food in one day alone. I feed so many cats out there, some I don't even see because they are super feral, but super hungry still, and come when I leave.  I can count at least 80 - 100 cats a day that I see either coming up to get the food, or waiting for me to leave as they wait in the distance.  I also give them a spoonful of wet food - over 50 cans a day those spoonfuls add up to - but that is the only good thing they have to look forward to, the wet food.  They crave it and they love it.  So needless to say, Feeding a Cat for Christmas was so appreciated.

Its very cold, and very blustery out this morning. The snow was falling lightly with the wind whipping it around.  It was dark and quiet, but the cats were all waiting.


I received the following from a person who adopted two cats from me.  One passed away, and the other she adopted from me not too long after, Buddy.

Hi Janine,

Hope all is well in your world.  Mine, not so much.  I moved out of Steve’s house. (long story), but I took cats with me initially, because they are my babies.  Well, I am at my parent’s home to take care of them, and this is what I could afford on short notice. My dad last a week. He has severe asthma, and just can’t handle having them there.  He feels terrible and I am heartbroken, without a doubt. In one week, I lose my home, my boyfriend, my animals……I sound like a damn country song. 

I begged Steve to keep them, but he won’t.  He will keep them long enough for me to find homes for them.  I have been asking around and so far no luck.  Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated.  I am sick about this and so sad!! But I cannot be the cause of putting my father in the hospital!!

Please help,

 Here is what I responded to her, and I have yet to hear back.  My first instinct was to lash out, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR "babies"???  But I never want to kick someone when they are down enough, and I don't want her to NOT contact me if she is going to give them up.  So I toned down my reply.   Again, I have not heard back yet.

__________, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am hearing this.  I am sorry about your father.  Really I am.   And I did not know you got another cat.  

When will you find your own place?  Can you keep in a room?  Have you asked your family and friends?  Its hard to understand that your own family or a good friend would not take them in until you can get yourself together.  Can you keep in your bedroom for now?  There ARE options!   Have you tried the following?

Vacuuming frequently. Vacuuming can control pet dander and hair inside the house.
Practice good hair removal. Grooming your pet regularly and keeping your home and furnishings free of hair will help.

Try shampoos and sprays that neutralize dander. Dander consists of tiny scales shed from your pet’s skin. Because these stick to a pet’s hair, many people focus on the hair itself. In fact, it is the proteins in your pet’s saliva that get attached to the dander when your pet grooms that are the true source of your asthma attack. Some products claim to be able to neutralize dander. Tan recommends these products to her clients on a trial basis, but says she is still waiting to hear success stories.

Control pets’ access to bedrooms. The best way to prevent an asthma attack is to avoid the allergen, says Tan. Keeping pets out of the bedroom or limited to certain rooms in the house are ways to coexist and still create an allergen-free space for yourself.
Keep bedding clean. Dust mites love to eat pet dander, says Tan. "It’s one of their favorite foods,” she says. Tan recommends dust-mite covers on beds and cleaning pet beds often.

You know rescues are overloaded with cats right now, and kitten season coming. 


I am in the business of rescuing cats off the street.  I am not in the business of rehoming them.   You rehome a cat if its person dies.  Or maybe there is one or two more reasonable reasons.  This puts a tremendous strain on the cat community out there that want to help.  And this is a cat I rescued so 'guilt by association' falls on my shoulders.  By having to take them in, the ones on the street don't get a chance.  There are  alternative choices when your situation is a temporary one.  Thank you to those that responded when I posted on Facebook yesterday.   I will take you up on your offers if I do not hear back positively.

Some great news, Sunshine is being adopted, sight unseen, by the woman that adopted Paddy not too long ago last year, just around Thanksgiving.  I am so happy for Sunshine.  She deserves a home of her own.  And Paddy, now named Patrick, you have a new sister!

Bacardi and Foster Mom Rachael!
Bacardi will be doing a meet and greet, and if all goes well, the family will want to keep him right then and there when I bring him over!  :)  This same family adopted Piper from me not too long ago, a year or so ago.  I am thrilled!

Last but not least, as of this minute, Princess is being adopted!  :)  WOO HOO!!!  Will keep  you posted on the next post as to the updates here.

Have a great day!

"Never cut a tree down in wintertime.  Never make a negative decision in the low time.  Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. 
Wait.  Be patient.
The storm will pass.
The SPRING will come!


  1. Yay for little Sunshine! And Yay for Bacardi! Who wouldn't LOVE him? I hope that Buddy's mom can find a temporary place for her 2 kitties so that she doesn't have to give them up. Sometimes people get so upset about things that they have trouble thinking outside the box and believe their only option is to give up their pets. There are SO many other possibilities if you give it some thought and ask for help.

  2. You are on a ROLL with adoptions!!! Go TEAM BEAN! And Praise God.

    I'm glad to hear that Buddy's situation seems to be resolved for the time being. Let's pray his mom can sort out her living situation quickly. I feel for her, but the cats come first, in my mind. :)