Friday, April 1, 2016


I need to be on this.

Seriously.  Its been a short./long week.  Short because my company is leaving this morning, long because of work projects.  I love to be busy at work, and I sure have been.  Keeps me from thinking.  Once again though, I have a ton to do/catch up on this weekend, so it will be another busy one.

I got to my third spot this morning, the second location I feed at on Parsells Avenue, and lo and behold, the @#$@##@$ took the two shelters I had placed there after they took the last bunch.  This is where Parsley was recently rescued, and where little Scooter and Bruno, and several others, are still hanging around starving, waiting for me each morning so that they can eat.  I need to rescue Scooter immediately. He is a young grey tabby, sweeter than pie.   There was a piece of paper taped to the front window of the place with 'FIVE BROTHERS' property maintenance or something or other, it was dark and hard to read.  I left a not so friendly note to those boys before I left.

Thanks for all the suggestions for Parsley and his boredom in his new home.  I will be contacting Eddie this weekend to see if he has made any alterations to his apartment for kitty, and also if he has spoken to his landlord about a second cat.

I didn't see the comments until this morning about the gated kitties, and throwing the food underneath.  I will do that tomorrow.  Its been windy out so I can't tell if that @#$@# is throwing the food out that I am placing under the tree or not - the paper plates will blow away if the food is eaten from them - with this wind we've been having.  He'd better not be touching the plates.

The kittens are totally adorable.  They are now potty trained, or at least Arnie is, and maybe Charlie although he might be thinking its a big sandbox.   I mixed up a slurry of wet kitten food and KMR (kitten milk replacement) but only Arnie seemed interested in that, not Charlie.  Arnie is the runt, for sure.  He is much smaller than his brother, but both are still very very tiny.  Just too adorable.  I have them now in my bathroom upstairs so they can wobble around.  They are still a bit wobbly on their feet, but they can run too! TOTALLY adorable.

Thats it for today folks.  Gotta get to work!  I leave you with some pics of some of my rescues:

My Daisy





Baby Cloe



Violet, Barney and OMG, I can't remember!







Have a great day!

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