Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Money, it's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream,
Think I'll buy me a football team

Pablo, the young male grey tabby that I 'trapped' yesterday for neutering at the clinic was let back out this morning.  He had a good dinner and then a good nights sleep in a cozy bedded very large carrier and spent the night on my porch.  Sad to let them back out.

Flies - someone wrote me asking about the flies in the summer when you put food out.  I told them I am sure it affects the cats - they get worms, etc., but now I know I can get cheap dewormer in liquid form, and can give a dose here and there to the kitties when I place their food down.  Last year I had enough for the first half of my route, knowing I did not treat ALL the cats that eat there, but some.

My WISH LIST, if I could wish, would be for liquid deworming - Petco sells it - and cat food, and money. My bill for taking the kittens in for a wellness visit, and a spay and neuter yesterday, was $264.00.  That is a lot cheaper than going to a regular vet, but very very expensive for me.  I have not heard from the man who we did this favor for - getting the mother cat and her kittens out of his mother's house so that he could sell it. He seemed genuine at first, but not having heard from him, nor getting a donation to help with finances, I am beginning to wonder.  The bill on Saturday for Sparky, one of the other kittens (total of 6) was $40.  Not only did I have to pay this, but I received a notice that the clinic cost for TNR per cats is going up by $10 to $60.  I will not be able to continue to do TNR of two cats per week like I used to.  I have been a recipient of Missy's Fund - for those of you that wonder - but that is not everlasting.   With costs of food of $150+ per week, and then to top that off with $120 in TNR's per week, I just can't afford this.

I do have an attorney working on getting my tax exempt status soon, so that will help.  But in the meantime, I must cut back.  I do thank the handful of people who occasionally donate - you are amazing.  And you know who you are.  If every person out there, that cared about animals, donated just $1.00, just think of how much of this burden I carry - to pay for the food and spay/neuter of Rochester's city cats - could ease.

If you read the comment yesterday about the two young kittens that need homes, I must address this now.  I am not a 'rescue'.  I just feed and shelter and care for the cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  How will I respond to this???  I already have three/six kittens in my custody.  I feel so overwhelmed sometimes....


Marbles continues to run to me each morning, and do a spinning pirouette for me.  He needs to get off the streets.  I am hoping someone will offer to foster him at least.  There are two unneutered males on Baldwin - a sweet red boy, young, and old ornery black cat.  The kittens need adoption...  anybody?



Poppy Birdie and Sparky

There are just so many challenges doing what I do.  Please spread the word for me.  I do need help (yes, and mentally.  :))

Have a nice day.

"You're going to go through tough times - that's life.  But I say, 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.'  See the positive in negative events."


  1. I am disappointed that YOU (as always)followed through with what you said you'd do to help that man but HE did not hold up his end of the deal. It's so sad and that people do that to one another and think nothing of it. Their word means nothing to them - they have no sense of honor or what it means to make a commitment. I hope he will come through and send some money to cover costs. I will be sending you some :)

  2. The wormer sold in Petco is probably the OTC strength which is something like 5 TIMES less strong than the pyrantel pamoate you can order thru a vet supply place in a 16 oz bottle. So not only does it cost a LOT more, it would be harder to get the cats to eat food with it mixed in, since a 10 lb cat then would need 5 mls rather than 1 ml. I can get you a bottle but am not sure how to go about getting it to you since you arent speaking to me and declined my offer of doxycycline. C

    1. Please rectify your differences Ladies for the good(sake) of the Cats. C you are obviously an animal lover as Janine is. Work it out please!

      Walt Simoni

  3. A 16 oz bottle of liquid wormer will be delivered to your house in 3-5 days.Dosage is 1/10 ml per pound or 1 ml for a 10 lb cat. Hope you have a 1 ml syringe to dose it with or you should be able to get one at the clinic.Remember to shake well before use. Use it in the cats' good health.

  4. Walt I agree and I have tried- and I will continue to do so, as you said- for the good of the cats. I agree with Janine's mission and I support her in her efforts to help these cats, as I have for many years. I do not think that a difference of opinion should be allowed to get in the way of sharing info and helping the cats. So I continue to try to help. C

    1. Thank you very much C for your support of Janine's mission and attempts to resolve your differences. The Cats desperately rely on all our support. Please keep trying! I am confident you will eventually succeed.

      Walt Simoni