Monday, April 18, 2016


Sort of quiet weekend in the hood.  I haven't seen the monster on Niagara Street, but he's there every morning throwing away the food for the eight cats that live there.  And he has the rake out when I come back and dump some food on the grass inside the gate.  Does this guy have a life?  How pathetic it must be.  I would love a bunch of you to offer to drive by, place some food under the fence, and drive off.  Just knowing these cats have something to eat during the day.  Its bad enough I am going there three times a day.  I go there first thing after I leave my house at 4 am., swing back around before I cross Goodman to do the other side, and then on my way to work. He knows my schedule in the early hours.  I would love some other individuals to NOT be afraid to drive up, get out of car, place food in a bowl, lift up the fence underneath, and pour the food onto the grass, and drive off - throughout the day.  As far as getting the property manager to open up the gate to let the cats out, I don't think they will, nor do I think the cats will just walk out and cross the street.  They literally consider this their home, and they are frightened of the cars that go whizzing by.  And rightly so.  I don't know what else to do.

The kittens are thriving.  We have Arnie, Charlie, Peppercorn, Sparky, Birdie and Poppy.  We have three boys, two girls.  They are totally adorable.

And the mom Penny, she is actually coming around to touch.  I don't think she will be returned to the streets.  We may try to socialize her and get her adopted!  She was just scared out of her mind, and wasn't used to humans for a very long time, but obviously, if you can touch her, she is not completely feral.   I am going to try to get her spayed as one of my clinic spots tomorrow.  The kittens are still nursing, but eating also.

I am having an issue with RATS also!  Isn't that a lovely topic.  :)  On Second Street, behind Paul's house, I have shelters set up back there.  Many kitties, including our sweet little Cleo most recently, have been rescued here.  Many have been TNR'd here.  Paul is the kind man who has allowed me to feed behind his house on his property for many years now.  Right now, there are many rats here.  They run right in front of me.  The past two or three mornings, I have not seen my regulars here.  The little black kitten with the head tilt and cloudy eye, or Spot, the white kitty with a few black dots on him, or the older girl tabby who I fed for years, until recently, where come to think of it, have not seen.  This is also where TUFFY hung out, many years ago, and hasn't been seen in over a year now, at least.  Anyways, this morning, as I walked to the back of the house in the dark, I did not see any kitties, but I did see the rats, and heard them scuffling about.  I see holes in the ground against the house, and I can hear them nibbling the food when I place it behind the board.  Its quite gross to listen to really.  So I did not leave food there this morning, after making sure there were no kitties hiding, waiting.  I don't know what to do about these rats.  If I don't feed there for days, will they leave???

Such problems!  :)

Have a great day!

"Some people are like clouds.  Once they go away, it's a beautiful day."


  1. hey Janine - I am still willing to go to Niagara street with you and scope out some alternatives. :)

  2. What did you mean when you said "LIFT UPCTHE FENCE UNDERNEATH"? Can the fence be lifted and propped up to allow the cats enough room to squeeze under it?

    1. No, let me explain a bit better. The fence - its a regular chain link fence. You can pull it out from the bottom, and barely fit your hand in to slide a plate into. But THAT can be done, you just can't bend it, nor can you lift it high enough for a cat to fit under.

  3. Ugh, rats are disgusting. They're pretty brazen too, with the cats right there.