Friday, April 29, 2016

Kee Kee

I just thought this guy was cute!
That's her name.  This is the GIRL that texted me yesterday morning and said I could feed the cats in the back of her property, right next door to where I was just kicked out of on Parsells Avenue two days before.  She happened to be standing outside at 4:15 a.m. waiting for a cab.   I thought it was a guy, the one that I had exchanged words with about a month ago, when he was going to his car from that house, and I had told him what I was doing, and he mentioned something about how kind I was.  She said her landlord wouldn't care because she didn't do anything for the tenants anyway, and that she was moving out as soon as she could.  I was disappointed to hear that, but I thanked her again, and when the cab arrived, she motioned toward me for a hug.  Sweet.  Sweet girl.

Yesterday, as I was turning the corner from Bay onto 7th, I noticed a calico kitty on the corner on the opposite side of Bay.  I turned around, drove down a few houses, pulled into a driveway with my lights off, saw two cats, got out, got bowls and food and water out, placed them in someone's garden as the two kitties came closer, and then I saw a third red kitty squatting in the corner of this garden.  Totally out in the open.  He looked scared, but didn't run.  None of these cats were ear tipped.  As I walked back to the car, I saw them run to the food.  Today, I checked again, and sure enough, there was the calico, and the red cat huddling in the corner of this house, totally out in the open.  It was a very sad sight to see. I can tell he is sick with URI.  Must remember meds tomorrow.  These poor animals.  At least they got to eat again today.

This weekend I will be getting the remainder of the litter of kittens that were found in the empty house on Karnes Street.  The woman that used to live there was moved by her son who lives in Arizona, the son that promised he would help financially if we helped with the cat situation there, but never did.  There are two girls and one boy - Sparky, Birdie and Poppy will be rejoining their brothers Charlie and Arnie.  Both Charlie and Arnie are getting bigger, I can tell. So five little kittens will need their mittens.  (sorry, couldn't help myself) - no, they need homes.  So spread the word!

Kris and Jack
Sharing my friend, my very talented art teacher friend's paintings.  Kristin Miller McBride.  After a very long struggle finding the right printers, she is now able to print reproductions of her work, and are for sale for a nominal fee.  What a mind this girl has. And of course each picture has a name, and a story behind it.  Imaginative, and brilliant!  :) Click on them to see up close.  ENJOY!

Have a great day!

"You must be the change you wish to see
in the world."


  1. this art is beautiful!! what a talent Kristin has; what is the cost of a print? I'd love a couple. nancy c

  2. Wow Janine!! Thanks for featuring my work on your blog! I am so flattered!! :) The frog on the tractor is not mine - it's from a book I bought - but all the rest are. I am selling matted prints for about $30. :) I am glad you have a place to feed the kitties at least for a little while. Yay for Keekee!! - Kristin

  3. So happy that Keekee is a good person and came thru for you! You needed a break. Sometimes you just have to stubbornly outlast the bad guys and then things turn around- thats happened to me at my colonies!