Thursday, April 21, 2016

Last Count

Thank you to those of you that offered food, and donated recently.  As I've said before (and so did Hillary), it takes a village!  These cats are our cats, those of us who live here, who work here, who care for any hungry stray animal.  Its OUR responsibility.  I am only their caretaker.  Thank you SO much for anything you can donate.  I just can't do it alone.

Thanks for all the deworming tips also.  I think I will do Sunday when Sunday Sheryl joins me.  Too much for me to do when you are driving around feeding all these cats.

Speaking of all these cats, here is the count today:  This is how many cats I actually saw this morning at each location:  There are 15 locations I go to - unless i am missing something...  I thought it was 19???

Niagara - 7
Short - 6
7th - 3
Central & 5th - 4
3rd - 5
Penn & 4th - 5
Penn & 2nd - 5
2nd - 2
Webster - 2
Baldwin - 8
Garson - 4
Parsells behind house - 7
Parsells Porch #2 - 4
Parsells Porch #1 - 4
Melville  - 4

WOW, how many is that?  EXACTLY 70. (I just counted - :)) But that doesn't include this little guy I found on the side of the road after I left my Garson spot.  In tact male.  Young, fluffy, hungry.  I had to leave him after I placed the food down.  There are so many.  This number does NOT include the ones that are hiding that I can't see, and there are many, at each spot. This does not mean all are spayed or neutered either. There is so much work to be done out there!  I can't do it alone!

Maryleigh - I have not seen this crazy chick since winter.  Wonder what has happened to her?  

Freak on Niagara.  The 'man' that throws the food away for the cats inside the fenced in Susan B. Anthony apartments on Niagara and Central continues to do his thing.  This morning, it was my intention to leave food there before going to work, so when I pulled up, I kept driving because I saw someone inside their car, inside the fence, throwing bread in the same area, for the birds.  At least someone loves nature.  I waited, and then pulled up an reached under the fence and plopped a bowl of food on the ground.  What I had left there earlier was swept up and thrown out.  All the cats were watching me.  Sick.  This 'man' must be stopped.

A rescue group has stepped up and offered to take in Marbles.  So if Marbles can hold on, and not get hit by a car, or killed some other way, I will scoop him up Sunday morning, and get him to the clinic for combo testing on Monday.  

Other than that, its a wrap.

Have a good day.

"We can't help everyone, but everyone
can help someone."


  1. That's SO wonderful that Marbles is getting rescued!! Who is taking him in? When? YAY!!!!!

  2. One more thought about the liquid dewormer. The "margin of safety" is so big that I read something like 40 times the usual dose-which means you dont have to worry about overdosing by a little or anything. So if you have a group of 10 cats just figure 10-10lb cats is 10 mls of the liquid and just mix it well into canned food (maybe dilute the wormer a bit first so it mixes in with food better)and try to divide it up for them so everyone gets their dose.But you dont have to sweat it much or not at all if one cat gets too much. You can only do what you can do.
    This does not cover tapeworm. You can buy separate tapeworm tablets if you have a cat who you see tapeworm segments on. Thse two things (liquid wormer plus tapeworm tabs) = Drontal, but for way less cost. And easier to dose the ferals with.
    And at least the ones you have at home especially the kittens, should be dosed again about 2 weeks later.Figure ALL kittens have worms from now on.

  3. I'll keep Marbles in my prayers! Why does he have to wait?