Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Purple Rain?

Not quite purple, but it was definitely rain.  And it poured.  I was a drowned rat this morning.  My hair, my clothes, I had to peel off my shirt and pants.  Sunday Sheryl gave me something waterproof, can't remember what it is, but I certainly forgot to wear it this morning, as I was soaked in the first ten minutes of my route.

What a failure for TNR it was this morning.  I saw very few cats on my hour and a half route.  I must have placed two traps at four spots, each time leaving them while I went off on my rounds.  First at Central and Fifth in the back of that lot, next on Pennsylvania and Second.  There are many unaltered cats at each of these spots.  Then I went off to do the  rest on this 'back nine' of my route.  As I returned to each of the traps, both soaked (I did place a towel over the trap so the food wouldn't disipitate under the rain), and no cats, but one miserable raccoon.  I opened the trap and said GIT!  I then went to Webster and Ferndale where there is a lovely calico kitty.  I set the trap there, and went off and set a trap on Baldwin and Grand, hoping to either get black kitty, or the young pretty red short haired tabby there.  I drove off to Garson, fed the kitties there, and came back to Baldwin to find nothing but the black cat sitting inside the shelter waiting for me to put its 'proper food' down. 

I then raced back to Ferndale and Webster and found nothing there.  Filled the bowls, and gave up.  Finished my route, and here I am.  What a freaking morning.

I did phone the NET office for the quadrant where the Susan B. Anthony apartments are, and have yet to hear back after leaving a message to call me.  I hope they can help me out here with a solution.


Marbles tested negative, and wonderful rescue GRASP is taking HER in.  Yes, she is a female.  And a lovey dovey too.   She also doesn't display any markings on her belly, so we don't think she is spayed, but I've never seen her pregnant in all this time I've been feeding her.   That's kind of like my Buster, who also is a female, but I never had her spayed, and she has no marking on her belly, nor has been pregnant.  Wonder why that is.  The vet believes Marbles to be about a year old, but she's a big girl.  With big feet.

That's it for today.  I am off to an all day training class for work.

Make it a good one.

"Another day, another blessing."


  1. I can vouch for the fact that Marbles is insanely sweet and friendly and cuddly!! She stands on her hind legs so you can pet her better!! I would adopt her in 2 seconds if I didn't have so many kitties already. PLEASE let people know about Marbles!!! And Janine - TNR never seems to work well in the rain - so don't get down on yourself. You are not god and can't control the weather!! :) xoxoxox

  2. Sorry you had a miserable morning. :( But Marbles is so adorable!! How did she get the name Marbles? I hope GRASP finds her just the right home.