Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What a Day!

Dear Mr. Whiskers #2.  You will never know how lucky you are to have me.  I know you are mad and upset and angry now, but if you only knew the trouble I went through for you today!

I know you came up to me willingly this morning because after all these years, you finally trusted me enough to run to me daily when you heard me pull up to your ‘home’ on Short Street, and allow me to pet you, if only briefly each time.  You didn’t trust me so much when I had you neutered, along with the rest of the gang you hang with there.  But finally there came a breakthrough.

You got your name Mr. Whiskers the Second because you looked identical to Mr. Whiskers the First, whom my friend Nancy adopted sight unseen, because he was so cute. 

This morning you gave a lot of people a lot of grief.  When that nice lady came over in the dark after we finally finished feeding all those other kitties, and trapping the other two for spaying, she just wanted to check your paw.  But unfortunately, you were very strong and pushed your way past her when she opened up the carrier door.  You went crazy trying to get out of the box you were in (jeep) and didn’t know where you were.  She tried to grab you but you bit her!  Not just once, but couple of times too!  Finally, after she got up the courage, she tried to get you back into the carrier again, and she did.  We know that hurt your paw even more by all this, but what were we to do???

After I, your food and shelter source, was so upset about all that had happened, and about you!, I reached out to some nice folks on Facebook (I know, you don’t know what that is…) and asked for advice.  A few people pointed out that I should take you to those nice doctors near the lake, and I called and got you an appointment.  Then a nice lady offered to come pick you up, and take you to the appointment!  So Val came and took you, the nice doctors opened up the carrier door, and you went crazy again!  Not only did the abscess on your paw burst all over the place, but you bit someone in the room too!  I know its because you were in so much pain and you just didn’t understand all these people were just trying to help you out.  Then the nice doctor finally got a shot of anesthesia into you and off you went to sleep, while they cleaned out your wound and gave you your shot of convenia that is good to go for two weeks. 

Then some nice person, and we don’t know who it is, called to donate money toward your $107 bill!  Then that nice lady Val came back to get you and put you on my porch for the night.  We fed you and kept you covered and warm. 

So let me tell you little fella, as much as it pained me to put you back to that hellhole of a home I tried to make for you and your friends the best I can, where most recently little Buttons was rescued, and at least 15 others before her over the past few years… must do it.  I also think, for the time being, you will be happy to go back there to Baby Buttons, and Little Red, and Molly.

The weather will soon be better than the six inches of snow we’ve had the past two days, in which you had to limp your way around on three legs, but you will be feeling better in no time, and I can’t wait to see you hippity hop up to me when I come to feed you again.

You are much loved Whiskers #2, and someday soon, you will have all the love, comfort, safety and peace that you, and all the others out there, deserve. 

But no more biting! 

With Love, your ‘mama’  xoxooxoxox


  1. Oh Mr. Whiskers - you poor, naughty kitty. I hope that now that your fear has subsided you start to feel better, you somehow realize all those people you chomped on were just helping you. You are actually a very, very lucky kitty to have a whole group of people caring about you.

  2. Elizabeth WhippleApril 6, 2016 at 11:31 AM

    Janine you are one amazing care giver to all these street dwellers. Mr Whiskers is one lucky baby. He was scared and truthfully who wouldn't be if they were in his position. I forgive him for biting me. He did what he thought he needed to do. And used the only weapon he could that wouldn't hurt him more than he was already hurting. I'd do it all over again if it meant I could help another kitty in need. God bless you Janine and Mr Whiskers.

  3. What happened with the blue eyed fluffy gray kitty you also caught?

  4. To every single one of you that has stepped up to help these homeless kitties, simply saying 'thank you' doesn't seem nearly enough. But I hope you know so many people appreciate you & your efforts. Because of you, I'm confident one day, this will all have been just a nightmare. Please continue doing what you do, the kitties are so very thankful.

  5. Oh, W2! You've certainly been living up to your name, causing anxiety and pain during tax season! LOL! I hope the nice lady you bit went to the doctor to get some antibacterial medicine. She sounds like a special person not to hold it against you, because we know you didn't really mean it.