Friday, April 8, 2016

Thank God.

Just a quick one today.

Finally, there was Mr. Whiskers #2.  I have not seen him for two days now since I released him back to Short Street after he had his abscess treated on Tuesday.  I could see his paw looked red and raw, but hopefully its good.  I did not see him limp, so maybe it really is on the mend.  He was steering clear of me, that is for sure. He, along with Baby Buttons, the fluffy red, Molly-the black and white kitty, the muted calico, and the friendlier one who is unneutered that has been hanging around were there, as they all usually are each morning waiting for food.  The bowls are totally empty there when I arrive each day.  I think there are so many rats there that they eat up all the food.

Marbles was there to greet me this morning.  There are so many cats waiting for homes.  Right now, Marbles is my next target.  But there is also a very fluffy red beautiful baby on Melville that has been coming up to me more and more.


Esmeralda, the kitty I rescued back in March from Parsells, went to her new home yesterday.  They will rename her, but here she is with her new pop.  I couldn't be any happier.


Tomorrow, we bring Hermie, the kitty I rescued from Webster Avenue last year, who had been fostered by Melissa for several months now, to his new home to join Parsley.  This will be a tough transition, because Hermie was afraid to the extreme, he had some tough times trying to survive on the streets, carried a baseball sized hernia for a long time that was zapping his strength, and has come to trust Melissa and his feline sibs, and the only place he has ever felt secure in.  We are hoping that in time, he will learn to trust his new human Eddie, and love his new brother Parsley.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  :)

Hermie on the right


Its snowing out today.  Really.  C'mon.  Its April 8th.  Can we get a break here.

"One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day."

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  1. The picture of Esmerelda says it all. Look how utterly happy she is to be on her new dad's lap!! What a wonderful happy ending for her! YAY!!!! Bless her new family for adopting her and bless Janine for rescuing her.