Tuesday, April 19, 2016

TNR Tuesday

It is very difficult to trap two cats on Tuesdays when you still have to feed over 70 cats at 19 different locations all within an hour and half.  If you place the trap at one spot, you have to go to the next one to feed, come back, check on trap, go do another spot, come back, check on trap.  If there is nothing biting, still, you have to move the trap to another spot, and then go and feed at another spot.  Its a lot of running around, and leaving the trap unattended for a short while, which is OK, but its the running around.  I had the trap set up at two different locations - one at Baldwin, and one on Pennsylvania and Fourth, but they are too smart there.  I knew I could grab one of the kittens that were born last spring, because he lets me pet him now after I place the food and he is eating, the one on Parsells behind the house there.  That is how I got this guy this morning.  He was upset, but I reassured him all would be fine.  He was going to the doctor, he would be neutered so that he can't make babies, and given shots to make him well, and then I would let him back with this mom, sister and brother.  All of whom were spayed and neutered.

Mom cat Penny, the one that was rescued from the basement with her five newborn kittens on Karnes Street will be spayed today also.  It was discovered that she has worms.  Totally gross.  Nevertheless, her kittens have them too, obviously.  She is with three of them at a foster, and I have three of them, one being Peppercorn from another mother.  My three went to the vet yesterday and had a kitten wellness check where they were given deworming medicine, so hopefully Arnie will begin to grow big and strong now!  He is the runt of the litter.  This whole fiasco is costing me a fortune.  I have asked the man to help with finances, it the man in Arizona who's mother is the one that he asked for help for, with her coming in from Henrietta to feed the ferals, with her house being vacant and up for sale (kitty stuck in basement!).  Habitat for Cats have taken care of spaying/neutering the ferals outside, and I have undertaken to care for the mother and kittens.  I haven't heard a word from him, which I am disappointed about.

I went back to check on the food I dumped on the grass under the fence on Niagara, and it was still there on my way to work.  What I am concerned about is the ants.  They will out marching soon, with the warm weather.  Whats the point of placing food on the ground for the cats to eat it if its covered with ants?

That's all I have today folks.  Its never a dull moment.

Have a great day!

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness.  I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me."


  1. Buy s bottle of pyrantel pamoate liquid wormer (Strongid or a generic) from any online vet supply place for about $20 and at a dosage of 0.1 ml per pound of kitten or cat, you will have enough wormer for thousands of cats. Covers everything but tapeworms and is exactly what the vets use.

  2. Janine, Hi. I sent you an e-mail at janinethebean10@yahoo.com

    but don't know it that's an accurate address. I have a dilemma re 2 orphaned sibling kitties (4-6mths old)living under my car in the open driveway and under a bush in front yard. I feed them but I cannot take them into house!! Called every organization to take, everyone full. Will not call Animal Control 'cause they will kill. I will DONATE any and all funds you need to take them,(or I can bring them to you) to get them neutered/spayed etc etc etc and foster them out.

    One all-black, gorgeous and very petable- the other black-body, all-four white mitten paws, white face and black-tip nose. Adorable. Both keep pawing and mewing at door to come into house. I cannot. It's all so horrible impossible.
    With hope,
    Nancy ( I left my ph # on my e-mail to you in case it WAS your correct e-mail)

    1. Nancy please post an email address so I (or others) can get ahold of you with information of who to contact that might be able to take these two sweeties. Sounds like they were tame kittens who were dumped and need to be taken in or at very least they will be pregnant soon.You might not have contacted ALL groups who do rescue.

    2. Gosh, thanks.

      Pregnant?? Oh no!!!!

      If anyone does have info on any groups who can do what's necessary for them,(I'll fund) here's my e-mail.



  3. Hopefully Arizona guy will get back to you and help out financially. Maybe he's sick or on vacation and hasn't finked out on you.