Thursday, April 7, 2016


To update from Tuesday.  

Esmeralda will go to her new home today!  I am so excited!  I hope she lives a good long life with her new family.  Thanks Costellos for a successful third fostering!  

Marbles was waiting for me this morning, and yesterday morning. He sure needs a warm home right now.  

Mr. Whiskers #2 was let back to his spot on Short Street after I got home from work.  He was treated for an abscess on his paw, given antibiotic, and was good to go, according to vets.  He was in a cramped carrier, and I just couldn't see him in there overnight.  He was miserable.  Both cats trapped yesterday were males, both pretty - I'd say between feral and semi.   Today is day two that he wasn't there.  I am so worried now.

I had a few individuals inquire about the beautiful Himalayan/ragdoll/whatever – the pretty kitty – about if a rescue could take in the cat.  Keep in mind, I don’t’ have a lot of time to research/investigate/make calls/write notes etc., even if I did know specifically who I was writing to – it’s a matter of 24 hours on Tuesdays when I TNR (trap, neuter, return).  In those 24 hours, I have a nine hour day at work, hopefully seven hours in bed, an hour and a half feeding homeless cats in the hood, and hour (if I get up on time at 2:45 am.) to dress and groom, have coffee, wake up before heading out the door at 4.  I won’t bore you with the other two hours I have before I have to go to bed in order to get up at 2:45, but you catch my drift.  My life is pretty boring.  Thanks God for wine.  

In an ideal world, all rescues, and people interested in keeping a cat that will be returned to the street the next morning, would read my blog, and offer to take them, within the short window I have them, but it doesn’t happen.  God bless you to those that hope and pray they don’t go back to the streets!  Both kitties trapped on Tuesday were pretty feral.  Neither would ever let me see them.  Well, Little Red would peek around a corner but if I shined my light on him, he would hide.  His brother and sister, all whom were born last spring, allow me to pet them.  But not Lil Red.  And the other pretty one, he runs far until I am gone.  I could have sworn he was a she, and pregnant.  But no, it was a he.  BTW, he was not around this morning either.

Sometimes, these TNR’s will come around and slowly trust me, and many have.  Many many TNR’s have been adopted.  Ask most of the adopters, the ones that have their ear clipped. They were TNRs, and now they are loving companions.

Unfortunately its usually the pretty kitties that people inquire about.  What about the other not so pretty kitties?  They are all beautiful in my eyes.  And I’ve seen some really ugly cats.  I’ve even got one (sorry Brady) that no one wanted to adopt.  So I had to keep him.  All are worthy, all are beautiful in my eyes.  But of course, there are those that I have rescued that were absolutely gorgeous, who am I kidding.  Especially the really fluffy ones.    Here are a few stunners I’ve rescued: 

OOPS!  How did my luscious lemon cake get in there?

Hey!!  How did this get in there?

I could post pics all day of beautiful kitties I've rescued, and believe me, they were hard to give away.  Maybe tomorrow, some pics of not so pretty kitties!  :)

Have a nice day!

"There is a kind of beauty in imperfection."


  1. Hey now... Fraser's pic should have been #1 (but I am a bit biased).
    -Sheryl :)

  2. I remember the day you rescued the baboon and the chimp. Your bathroom was trashed! LOL!!

  3. I see one of my grand kitties! I think there are two of her, actually. HEY...where's Mr. Handsome--- aka Sawyer!?!?!? (this is Lynne -- because I don't know how to do the other way)

  4. My handsome Charley! His eyes have a kind of come hither look in this photo, don't they? LOL! I'll have to send you some recent ones. ;)