Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Over My Head

Marbles was there in the cold snow.

I trapped a beautiful blue-eyed Siamese - no, not Siamese - same coloring, but not Siamese, very furry, or pregnant, on Parsells, near Crazy Lisa's house, and at the next two stops, behind a house, I got another very fluffy red kitten - just a year old.  Both flipped out, but calm now in the truck. 

Born last spring

I also grabbed Mr. Whiskers #2 who cannot walk due to a very swollen paw, and he will be going into the emergency clinic today.  I am way over my head with this one.  I have no idea what they will charge.  I have nothing.  I need help.  I am beyond too proud to ask for it.

Mr. Whiskers #2
If anyone can contribute, please go to the donate button on this page to your right, and click on it.  It doesn't matter what amount.  If everyone did just something, you will have done your part to help an injured animal today, an animal that is not mine, but ours.

UPDATE:  Whiskers is being whisked off to Caring for Cats right now for 9:15 appt.  If anyone wants to call vet directly, its 585-865-5220.  Thanking you in advance.

Have a nice day.


  1. If you are going to the Emergency clinic across from MCC, it's $110 just to walk in the door. Their fees are outrageous. I would try Southtowne vet first to see if they could squeeze you in today or tomorrow. He's safe & warm in your house now, so maybe he can wait a day? It'll save you plenty of $$ instead of giving it to the Emergency clinic.

  2. Wow the blue eyed kitty is beautiful ! Can't imagine not being able to find her a home. If I wasn't already at my kitty quota , I'd be right on that one. Be sure to post a better picture of her or possibly another rescue will take her. As I said .....she's a beauty ! Also , I made a donation to help using the donate button on this page. Saying prayers for Mr. Whiskers.
    Carol Graney

    April 5, 2016 at 9:50 AM

  3. Hope you'll be checking the lost and found ads for that beauty- unless you are sure its a true feral. Is it a newcomer?

  4. I wonder if fluffy blue-eyed kitty is a Ragdoll? If so, a Ragdoll rescue group might be interested in taking her. http://ragdoll.rescueme.org/NewYork