Monday, April 4, 2016

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

So this may be the creep(s) that have been taking my shelters off the porch of this house here on Parsells.

Does anyone know of them???

Lots of stuff this weekend.  It was a tough weekend for me emotionally.  First, my company left.  She was wonderful company, and I will miss her.

Saturday morning, I noticed Mr. Whiskers #2 on Short Street limping, but ran into the shelter upon seeing me pull up with his breakfast.  Yesterday morning, after peeking inside where I place the food, where the shelter are grouped and covered with tarp, I saw Mr. W inside a shelter peeking out, not moving, but staying still while I placed the food down, and thought - maybe tomorrow morning he will come to me and I can grab him.  This morning, same thing, but he came out.  You can tell something is wrong with his front paw.  It looks swollen, and is certainly painful.  He came out, I pushed the dish toward him for his convenience so he didn't have to move too far, and he dashed out of the shelter.  Of course, there was four fresh inches of snow on the ground since Saturday morning.

Between him and the Niagara Street cats situation, I can't sleep. I awoke last night (Sunday early morning) and just couldn't get either off my mind.  I have such ill will toward the man who is throwing the only food these cats that live inside the gated apartment community have.  I was told I could leave under the tree, past the side walk, on city property, but I believe he is throwing that away, as the past few mornings this week, there was no side of the dishes, even if they were blown away further down the street.  I placed a plate inside the gate yesterday morning, only to find he had come out after I left and threw it away.  I know, I went back and checked.  So I slid another plate of food in, and dumped it there.  It was still there this morning, covered in snow.  Those animals must have been so confused about their food.  This morning, I went there first thing, 4:10 am. and did the same thing.  Food was still there when I went to check on it 45 minutes later.  Again, this is legal animal cruelty, to withhold food for these cats that live there, that don't know enough to go somewhere else, for the ones that cannot climb that fence to get the food under the tree.  Its disgusting and I don't know what to do about it.

And I don't know what to do about Mr. Whiskers #2 either.  I don't know how to get an injured cat.  I don't think he will fall for a regular trap.

Tomorrow begins TNR clinic each Tuesday, where I have two spots available to me each week, at $50 per cat.  With all this snow, I don't know if it will work, and I don't know if I can afford the $100 per week extra.  You really can't place a trap on the snow.  I can't at least.  And I do have to leave for work by 7ish, so I don't have a lot of time here.

I spoke with Eddie on Saturday night, and he confirmed he would take a second cat for company for Parsley.  I was elated.  This would give our Hermie a home. He has been fostered by a wonderful girl who has really gotten him to come out of his shell.  Not a ton, but enough for him to come to her for a pet here or there.  I was elated.  But then I received a call from a dear friend who if you recall, took in at least five-7 cats that I was desperate to get off the streets.  From that moment on, I owed her a lot.  Not that I felt I had to repay her somehow, just that I wanted to, for her goodness.  She called me to say if I hadn't already had a second cat planned for Parsley, would I take one of the kitties she took in, who had been her tenant's cat, who was now moving, and couldn't take the cats.  She actually told me that two needed to be placed.  My heart sank.  I know I owe this woman so much for what she has done, but then the foster for Hermie really needs to move Hermie along too.  He couldn't stay with her forever.  I owe both of these dear women so much.  So since that call, I've been so torn.  I believe I have to go with Hermie, because that was the initial desperate plan.  But now, we have two more cats to find homes for.  I have until June 1st to find them homes.   I will have pics and descriptions of them soon.  I feel sick.  Not just that, but for the mother and six kittens I have to place.

Kittens are a lot of work.  I feel the need to go in and nurture these tiny things every hour.  I wake at night wondering if they are crying.  Its terrible.  I would rather have 100 adult cats than 1 kitten.

Six kittens because Peppercorn came back to me on Saturday morning. If you will recall, my niece's cat had given birth to many stillborns, and one survived.  That was Peppercorn. He was whisked off after a plea for help, to be bottle fed, as momma had no milk.  Momma had an emergency spay.  That cost me $400. Niece has no money.  So I have three kittens in my house, and the mother of these kittens - along with her three other kittens - are being fostered by another friend, who was the one that trapped momma, and saved them all from a basement in the city.  Mother cat is still feral, and after spay, which I will need to take care of, she will go back to the street she was taken from.

If you are still reading this, now for some good news.

I rescued Scooter a/k/a Pixie from Parsells Saturday morning.  I was offered to grab one of the two desperate ones (Marbles on Third and Central being the other one) and a rescue group would take it.  I was thrilled at this. So Scooter (aka Pixie, who was named when I TNR'd her last May) is safe and cared for in a wonderful home right now.  Not so good, I have not seen Marbles now in two mornings.

Sunday morning a couple went to my other fosters to meet Esmeralda, so fingers crossed, thats a match.

Overwhelming weekend, to be sure.

Sorry to be a downer today, but as was mentioned to me, sometimes its one step forward, two steps back.

Have a nice day.


  1. No wonder you can't sleep - you have so much swirling around in your head. But it will all work out. It always seems to somehow. I think it is times like that that you have to have faith that each day will bring you a bit closer to solving the current situations. There will ALWAYS be these things going on - just keep reminding yourself you are doing the best you can - and that you'll deal with it during the day. Then imagine yourself on a warm, sunny beach in a lounge chair reading a good book and a handsome waiter bringing you drinks..... :)

  2. If the kittens are all together then they have each other and are happy! So you don't really have to worry about that. Hope you got some good sleep. I'm praying that Marbles shows up today! He may just be hiding because his friend disappeared and he doesn't know what to do. Just a theory.

  3. Try to gt some antibiotics into whoever that is with the infected paw. Doxy would be best.
    And no reason why you cant place traps in snopw. Just tromp it down a bit. If anything it gives a more level surface than unlevel ground. If you put cardboard in bottom of trap anyway it works exactly the same as on grass.