Monday, April 25, 2016


Well, I did it again.  Sunday morning, I rescued Marbles!  He or she is the SWEETEST kitty!!!  Loves belly rubs, and pats..  Will go nose to nose with you.  Since being on the streets for God knows how long, the sweet personality of this cat has remained.  My little pirouette kitty.  :)  Today Marbles goes to the clinic for a combo test, and to confirm its sex!  It is not ear-tipped, and I just can't tell by feeling in the back!

My Garden on Pennsylvania.  Its growing beautifully.  Thank you to those of you that donated bulbs last year, and helped me plant.  This picture was taken in the dark Sunday morning, but this morning, the tulips were opening up too!  If you click on it you can see it closer, but this summer mulch will be added, a nice dark mulch to contrast the beautiful annuals I would like to add.  The kitties and their shelters remain intact in the back.  So far, so good.

A nice family came over on Saturday, and guess what, PEPPERCORN has been adopted!  Or will be on Monday, of next week.  I tried to get them to take two, but they wouldn't budge.  Out of the three, I am glad they chose Peppercorn.  I don't think I could break up siblings Arnie and Charlie.  Arnie is still too tiny anyway.

I mentioned a woman that reached out to me recently.  She is looking for help with two younger/older kittens that she has been feeding.  PLEASE HELP.  I reached out to help someone last year that contacted me, please, can someone do the same for this person?  I can't do it all alone.

Janine, Hi. I sent you an e-mail at

but don't know it that's an accurate address. I have a dilemma re 2 orphaned sibling kitties (4-6mths old)living under my car in the open driveway and under a bush in front yard. I feed them but I cannot take them into house!! Called every organization to take, everyone full. Will not call Animal Control 'cause they will kill. I will DONATE any and all funds you need to take them,(or I can bring them to you) to get them neutered/spayed etc etc etc and foster them out.

One all-black, gorgeous and very petable- the other black-body, all-four white mitten paws, white face and black-tip nose. Adorable. Both keep pawing and mewing at door to come into house. I cannot. It's all so horrible impossible.
With hope,
Nancy ( I left my ph # on my e-mail to you in case it WAS your correct e-mail)

  1. Nancy please post an email address so I (or others) can get ahold of you with information of who to contact that might be able to take these two sweeties. Sounds like they were tame kittens who were dumped and need to be taken in or at very least they will be pregnant soon.You might not have contacted ALL groups who do rescue.
  2. Gosh, thanks.

    Pregnant?? Oh no!!!!

    If anyone does have info on any groups who can do what's necessary for them,(I'll fund) here's my e-mail.


A SORT OF impasse has been made with me and Creepy Guy from Niagara.  He was there full throttle this morning.  A minute after I slid the dish under the fence for the cats to eat, he started walking toward me.  I yelled out 'what a pathetic life you have... what, do you set your alarm just to come out here and throw the food out?  what a jerk you are..." and then I said 'if this door were only left open, perhaps over time I could convince these cats to cross the street over to the shelter!"  He then started to talk to me....  that he would be willing to work with me to keep the door open but I would have to talk to management.  So, I guess I am going to try to call the NET office to see if they can talk to the property manager about this - my heart is too much into this to speak rationally to ignorant people (the cats are scaring the females).  Ugggh.  I don't need another situation to handle, really I don't.  I don't know how successful this is going to be, but willing to try.

That's it for today. Fingers cross and prayers said for Marbles to test negative.  Then, a rescue group has offered to take Marbles and find a good home for IT.  :)

Have a nice day.

PS, that 'nice man' from Arizona, who asked for my help, in which we got the mother cat and five kittens out of his mother's basement, has never responded to me about helping out financially.  Not a word.  Not a penny.


  1. Thanks, Janine.

    As an update, since the two cats live under my front lawn bush and under my car on the open front driveway, on Saturday, I noticed an unknown large cat roaming around the front lawn. *He* started to chase the 2 kitties, trying to "mount" them. They dashed under the car on the front driveway for cover. I ran outside w/ a squirt/spray bottle filled w/ water trying to run this cat off. He and I kept circling the car playing tag as I was fervently squirting water at it. I was racing around and around the car on my hands and knees trying to get some good squirts out. This went on for about 1/2 an hour. The two kitties under the car stayed put during this ordeal. The stranger cat was not taking NO for an answer. Finally, it leaped over the side fence into the neighbor's lawn very drenched and disappeared. The two kitties under the car stayed there for some time, then crawled out. I petted them, put food out on front steps and then I had to leave.

    I set up an appt (hopefully not tentative) at the Bay clinic to get the 2 sexually altered. (Given Saturday's drama, I am presuming that they are females. But don't really know.) BUT I have no place for them to be or go to on pick-up while they're recovering from surgery.

    Also, would love, naturally, for someplace/someone to foster them immediately afterwards and find them a home. (will donate funding)


  2. God bless you for taking in Marbles! I know you're up to your eyeballs in cats so that's a relief that a rescue will take him/her. I hope Peppercorn has a happy life with his new family!
    Darn, I was hoping I was wrong about Arizona guy finking out. Some people. :(
    Interesting how the Creep responded to you differently after all this time. God's been working on him! We'll keep up the prayers!