Friday, April 15, 2016

Hey Wanna Have Some Fun?

The hookers of Bay Street are back.  I saw four this morning.  Two looked so young.  I am always tempted to pull over, ask them why they are doing it - selling themselves to strangers (not that I've never done it before - pulled over to talk to them that is...), tell them there is a better way to live.  But I keep driving.  It won't make a difference what I say.  That's their life.  Who knows their story.  There are so many messed up people in this world.  You can't change them all.  You can only be an example to others.  If they see it, then so be it.  If they don't, they don't.

It was a quiet morning.  Marbles was there, faithfully as ever.  I've got to get him next.  But I must get him into foster because of the three DARLING little kittens I've already got under my wing.  Arnie, the runt, is still so so tiny!  Little Peppercorn and Charlie (Chaplin) are thriving.  Arnie is too, but in a much smaller way.  A friend is taking them for the weekend, to give me a break.  And boy do I need a break.  Get my house in order, relax from the every hour visits to see them, play with them, feed them.  Arnie is still drinking from the bottle, but eating a bit more regular food on his own.  Then we have Poppy, Birdie, and Sparky being fostered by my other friend, who are still with their mom, who will be spayed either this Tuesday or next Tuesday, and then let back out to the street where she came from. She is still pretty feral.  So sad.

Latest pics of the kids - LETS FIND THEM HOMES!!!:

Charlie, Peppercorn, Arnie  (l to r)
To answer yesterday's comment, Habitat for Cats, the rescue group, were the ones that TNR'd most of the kitties inside the gates of the Susan B. Anthony apartments.  I TNR'd most of the ones across the street.  HFC was given permission to come in and do that.  Just that.  I haven't seen the rotten excuse for a human being since the last confrontation - Tuesday.  I have been going a lot earlier so that the cats have a chance to gobble up some food before he comes out to throw it away.  POS.  People like him shouldn't be allowed to roam the earth.  I hope you all know, mankind is precious to me, but not people that will allow harm or despair come to an animal.  No way.

PS, the other comment - these cats ARE confined.  They cannot climb that fence.  If they could, surely, if hungry, they would cross the road to the other side where there is shelter and food.

Have a good day.

"Every day is a new chance to change your life."


  1. Are the cats essentially trapped inside the fence?

  2. That is why I commented that hopefully you can work something out with the property manager to leave a gate open so you could get the cats to follow you out (is there a gate?)