Monday, May 2, 2016

Play Misty For Me

Wasn't that hunk Clint Eastwood in that movie?  The fog and mist are as thick as thieves out there.  Where did that saying come from?

My hair is just a mess.  The mist is so light that you don't realize its misting.  So I did not cover up my hair. Yesterday, Sunday, was worse.  It just plain rained. 


I had the remaining three kittens delivered Saturday morning.  I had decided to get them from the foster they were with, and their mom, so that they could be closer to Rochester, where its all happening. Ha.  But it is closer to those that may want to come meet them, and adopt them.  So now I have Peppercorn, who is hopefully going to his new home today, and Sparky, Birdie, Poppy, Arnie and Charlie. All hellions.  They are so playful, and adorable.  One minute they are zipping across the room, the next minute snoozing on my chest, all six of them. 


I have been medicating a red kitty that I see huddled in the corner of the foundation of a house on Bay Street for the past few mornings, although with yesterday's rain, he wasn't there, so I placed bowls over under a bush next door.  The bowls I had placed when he WAS there were removed both mornings.  Whoever lives there doesn't seem to like me feeding cats there, even though there is a cat tree on the porch.    I think I may have seen red kitty 'kittycorner' from there at the shelter on Seventh Street this morning so hopefully he found shelter, and the food I leave here daily.  If you remember from over a year ago, I TNR'd a beautiful sweet black and white boy I named SEVEN, and he has been coming around a lot lately.  He was soaking wet this morning.  In an ideal world, I would grab this kitty and find him a home, he is that sweet.  The black kitty on Baldwin and Grand, who I just cannot trap, has a wound on his foot, so I gave him some doxycycline this morning also.  Hopefully this will help his wound.

I have rebuilt the shelter on Parsells behind KeeKee's place, but I fear that KeeKee has moved out.  This place is a shambles.  Disgusting. Tires all over the back yard, wood, trash....  Whoever owns this place doesn't care about its tenants, that's for sure.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I can get away with this spot for a while.  The kitties depend on this so much.

Tomorrow is TNR day for me.  I have two spots at the clinic for kitties.  There are so many out there, but I must be doing something wrong, they just aren't falling for it.  Its so hard to race to the spot first thing in the morning, and get to other spots to leave food, and then keep racing back to the trap that is set for fear someone either takes it, or there is a cat scared out of its wits in there.   Lately, there hasn't been either.  I hope this rain ends before 4 am. tomorrow.

Wishing you all a great day!

"If you want a happy ending... that depends on where you stop your story."

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  1. Oh my gosh, all six at once! Do you let them play with your other cats? I don't know what Charley and Pumpkin would think about 6 kittens running around their house.

    Good luck with the TNR! I know you dread it but eventually at least one cat will be desperate or dumb enough to get caught! You've done it before, and can do it again. :)