Wednesday, January 14, 2015


That is what the gauge in the car said the entire hour and half I was out there this morning - being the temperature outside.  There is no wind, so that is a blessing, but you can feel it.  I never really warmed up - jumping out every three minutes, from one spot to another, and rushing over to the bowls to replace towels, and replace food and hot water.  At some locations, a cat or three sit and watch me and wait, others come right up to me having anxiously awaiting my arrival, hungry, thirsty.  There were a few spots (actually just one - on Sixth) that had no cats waiting for me.  You always wonder where they are, in this Arctic air.  I have not seen Tuffy in well over a month.  I have to assume he is dead - he was not a healthy boy the last time I saw him.  There is one cat on Baldwin, a pretty buff colored boy, who has labored breathing, you can tell he has some upper respiratory or something going on.  I must get some medicine into him.  I keep forgetting to bring something.  I have not seen Tippy Toes on Central, and I have not Mr. Fluffypants on Pennsylvania.  Was he hit by a car?

When people say to me 'boy, its TERRIBLE' outside, or "its going to be REALLY BAD" tomorrow, I can't stand to hear it.  I always retort back "no, its not that bad out".  I have to convince myself that its not, and that we can handle it, because I won't admit how hard it is on animals - I think of the deer, the squirrells, dogs left outdoors, that have to endure this.  I can't watch animal shows that show other animals killing each other, I can't watch the news when devastating weather hits a town, or country, knowing about the animals that will suffer because of it.   Each morning, I leave each cat and tell them to 'hang on', it won't be that much longer.  I can't stand to watch the weathermen, saying 'dangerous' weather with the the temperatures, I tune out.  It will depress me so I choose to live in my sunny warm world, while others complain, and are miserable, ranting about how cold it is.  We have yet to have a second big snowstorm after the first one in November (or december?) that dumped nearly a foot and a half on us.  When it does happen, and its bound to, I will still say 'its ok, we can handle it, the kitties will get through it."   I have to stay positive, even though its the saddest thing being out there in the morning seeing these cats....

Onto a happier note - here is a picture of Charlie after rescue:  These 'after pics' are what makes my world go around....

and here is a picture of Cody (previously Calvin):  Calvin survived under a bench last winter.  And you all remember last winter, I am sure.  It was one of the worst winters in my life - can you imagine what it's like for homeless animals?

Please consider foster or adoption for the sweetie pies still out there, like Garson, Hayden, and even Elvis and Jelly. You will never regret the feeling of helping an animal out from its misery.

Have a great day!

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, because

you never know how soon it will be too late."


  1. Janine,
    Your car gauge must not go below zero. That is probably a good thing. But all the news channels this morning stated it was -8 !!!!!!!!. Karon and I thought about you this morning as we do most days. You are a real inspiration and Hero as far as I am concerned. God bless and watch over you as you make your daily rounds Cat Angel.

    Walt Simoni

  2. I hear you on this Janine , it affects me the same way, because we have actually seen it....i do the same at my house for the birds and anyone else that might be desperate for water, food, some shelter, sometimes they take my offer, sometimes not, always i wonder what happened to them, shot, run over ? but i continue it if one animal has comfort from it, its worth it, thats what we believe isnt it

  3. Hello all... just a(nother) reminder about the 2nd annual "Meow and Chow Fundraiser" currently set for Saturday, August 1, 2015 at the Rush Creekside Inn. Let's get that "going" number up there!!!


  4. I always think of you and the animals left outside when it's so cold. I don't know how they make it.

    I'm so happy to hear that Tigger is settling well into his new home! He seems like such a sweet boy, his new family is lucky to have him. :)