Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Colder Than a Witches' ___

you know.

Yes, its very cold out this morning.  There are two shelters that my heart aches when I pull up to them, and after I drive away from them.  One is on Parsells - its got three totes there on a porch, and not much else.   There is a fluffy boy cat that I had neutered, and two fairly young cats, both under 9 mos.  The third kitten I have never seen again since I had her spayed, she was the pretty calico I TNR'd (the one that bit me through the trap). The other spot is Central and Fifth, where Elvis and Tippy Toes, another black with white stripe on his nose, a grey, and a white with black spots hangs.  For some reason, Elvis won't use the shelters provided in the rear of the lot.  Neither will the grey, or the white with black spots.  The two latter cats won't get near me either, so they sit at a distance and watch me.  And wait for me to leave.  This morning, there was a skunk inside the shelter, and a red and white cat ran out before Mr. LePew.  

Gimli, the boy from Garson that I rescued,and my friend Mylene took in to foster, has been adopted! GREAT news!!!  He will go to his new home in Geneseo sometime this week.  Thank God for those that are willing to adopt an older cat from the street.  They make the most grateful companions, knowing you have given them a warm, loving and safe life.

Now we must get Jelly a home. She is going to the clinic today to be leukemia tested, and updated on her shots.  She has been a good girl while in my home.  I allowed George, and Rufus in with her, and they went nose to nose.  She is on the submissive side as she bows her head to them, and they lick the top of her head.  Its very sweet.  You can tell she loves to be with other cats, and she loves attention.  Once I pull her away from a corner and set her on my lap, she starts to purr, and loves getting scratches.  She even let me kiss her nose this morning!    She will be going into foster care, so lets try to spread the word about Jelly.  this morning, I thought to myself, she reminds me of David Bowie, with the two different eyes.  One eye looks like she has eyeliner around it, the other is pure white.  She is very unsual looking, very pretty, with the pinkest nose I've ever seen!


And Peanut Butter seems to be adjusting well in his new home!  I received the following reports:

"Hi Janine: Sorry about the delay in letting you about our little boy. Thank you for doing the exchange, & Janine, you are so special, I really love you!! I bonded with Peanut Butter then he explored many areas, & he still came up to me when  sat on the stairs from the basement. he has eaten, but not all, this am, has not finished it still. he is hiding somewhere. He uses his litter pan. I am sure he will come out eventually, but I miss him, & can’t wait for us to get to know him, & vice, verser. he is a lovely boy!  I have been thinking about poor little Jelly, & if she is any happier. also it must have been horrible for you this morning feeding at your stations, & that awful wind for those poor cats! I am now going to read your blog. Thank you again, Janine"

and then today:

"Hi Janine: We still haven’t decided on a name for our little boy yet, but he has come out of hiding & has roamed around & played with a couple of toys. I would like to hear him meow, but that will come in time, I’m sure. I was very happy to read about some one taking Jelly. I kept thinking of her. You must have the “magic touch”, or something that cats can sense, because you being able to pet her, etc, just like in the beginning! I gave her a bad start.  Kudos to you & King for giving that man your gloves!

So there you have it.

At my 7th Street colony, each morning when I am walking to the back of the lot, I hear a rooster crowing softly.  Its the saddest thing to hear this - almost haunting.  The man in the house who keeps the bird in the shed is not a good man.  He also breeds a female dog there that has been bred over and over and over again throughout the years.  He doesn't speak much English.   If you will recall, when Theresa and her family lived across the street, they told me he had a gazillion bunnies in that shed that he was using for bait, and that he was also trapping cats and using them to feed his dogs.  Of course I called Animal control to come take a look, but I can't remember the outcome.  I think he was fined for the bunnies.  I would love to set that rooster free. Anyone want to help me?  :)

Have a great day everyone!

"Hope is that beautiful place between the way things 
were... and the way things are yet to be."


  1. Hi Janine - haha setting the rooster free! It sure is cold out there! The kitties are very thankful you give them a nice warm shelter. See you soon!

  2. Could he be cock fighting the rooster? report it

  3. I didn't have a chance to comment on your blog yesterday, but wondered if there was no end to your giving spirit. Not many people would take gloves from their own hands and give them to someone else. You (and Kings) are truly special. Keep focused on the good news about successful rescues and adoptions. You've had a positive impact on more lives than you can possibly know. I'll pass the word on Jelly and am thankful Peanut Butter is making a good adjustment. The tiger you featured yesterday is beautiful. I wish...... -carol

  4. Butterscotch will be gorgeous. Fraser has become incredibly handsome. My hands are full with a few strays I feed at home. I'm trying to get this cute fuzzy little girl to trust me. Catnip is helping -lol