Friday, January 16, 2015


HAYDEN (don't look at my feet!)

Well, look who we have here, its HAYDEN!  Someone has offered to foster Hayden, and so I swooped him up this morning.  He ran to my car, as he always does, and he was easy peasy to place in the carrier.  Not a peep from him.  When I let him out of the carrier in my bathroom, he was fine.  I know he has been socialized, he may have been someone's cat at one time, but he's been homeless for as long as I've been feeding him, since I had him neutered last spring. He was a young boy then, and now a young man.  I would say he is between 1-1/2 to 2 years old.  Sweetie pie, for sure.

On another note, Tigger is very sick.  He went to his new home last Saturday, and has not been well since.  He was at the vet yesterday - well, I will let you hear it in his new Mom's words:

"Tigger is having some issues. 

What I thought was him being shy is I think something more related to his health.
He   has not tried to leave the bedroom upstairs since Sunday and he just lays where you put him down and stays in same spot for awhile.

Last night I put him on Tess’s bed and he looked so comfy and cozy I let him sleep there, I checked on his early this morning and he had peed where he was laying.

I was worried he could not walk but that is not the case he walks fine. He has been eating and drinking does not gruel or hiss or look like he is in pain if I touch him anywhere. He also has not pooped since Monday & His pee also has that same smell…I could smell it from downstairs this morning so I knew he peed somewhere.

So I called my vet and they got us right an apt right away my husband took him over at 9 cause I had to get to work. They are keeping him there for now while they run blood test and give him a laxative. So far they think he may have a heart murmur they are running some more tests

Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayers for him I am hoping it nothing serious.

I will keep you updated."


"He is home now resting .

Vet said she ran blood tests said a lot was inconclusive for right now. He has results that could be from underlying issue, stress or reaction to anesthesia.

She said white blood count was a little high not really bad though.  So she gave him fluids and she gave him an antibiotic to see if it helps and he perks up.  She said his heart murmur is not too bad and can be from stress or if he has infection. So she wants to have us keep and eye on him and see if he improves. She said it could be stress from changes over last few days.

The pee smell is normal for cat just neutered but she gave me sand to add to litter box to catch some to test. His bladder was empty when he was there. She feels stool in him but said it is not hard so she does not think He is complicated.

His glucose was low but he is eating so she said that means it is not as much to worry about. His kidney blood tests do something minimal but other test is not a match to show a big issue for that.

So keep fingers crossed it is just minimal she said he is a very sweet guy."

I am waiting to hear back from her this morning as to how he is.   I am sick over this.  Poor little guy.  I thank Toni for caring for him.  I offered to take him back and nurse him, but she refused.  She is definitely a good mom to him.  I WILL POST AN UPDATE WHEN I HEAR BACK FROM HER.

Please keep in mind our little Jelly and Elvis, who are dying for a home.  Please consider.

Have a great day!

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.”


  1. Aww, poor Tigger! I'll be praying that he feels better soon and starts using the litterbox.

  2. Gee, that is an ordeal for both you and Toni with Tigger, she is an exceptional girl to take this on and not hand him back to you Janine, I am comforted by the care and conern she has for Tigger, she will for sure, make the best desiion on what route to go with this, as always, the people you allow to adopt from you, are given much research and consideration before you give up a homeless street Kitty, thats why we love ya, and those that pass the test ! xoxox