Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grand Central

1st rescue of 2015

Weather in Rochester today:

Lake Effect Snow Warning/Advisories, & Wind Chill Advisories A lake effect snow warning is in effect for Wyoming County through 10am Wednesday. A lake effect snow advisory is in effect for Monroe and Wayne Counties through 4am Thursday. Lake snow has the potential to bring 4-7" of accumulation in the most persistent snow bands.  A wind chill advisory for all WNY is in effect from 10am Wednesday through 10am Thursday. Winds between 15-25 mph will create wind chill values as low as 20 degrees below zero through this time period.

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I don't think I have to convince you of how bad it is outside today - please say prayers to all those that have no shelter - that includes humans too.

Why, who is this in my bathroom?


and who is this???


and my goodness, who is this???


These are all extra cats in my house!  It was an insane morning.  I rescued Tigger from Garson, and wow, I've never seen a more happier cat in my life.  He is SO GRATEFUL to be warm and safe!  I have him in one bathroom, I have Jelly in the other one, and Butterscotch continues to hide, although he has made progress - I hear him playing upstairs with Leo, running back and forth, and when I lye in bed, he is laying on the floor watching me.  Thats progress.  But it takes a while to wrangle him, and then you have to hold him because he needs that human contact.  But now with these other two, its very hard.  I will be taking Jelly to the clinic today for shots and Leukemia testing, and Tigger will be going tomorrow for neutering, shots and testing.

I am praying someone steps up and offers to foster Tigger.  He is a BEAUTY!  He is SO affectionate.  I held him on my lap this morning, and he just did not want to get down.  He was loving that human contact.  I called for him when I pulled up, and Garcon ran to me, but no sign of Tigger.  Then, I saw him from the side, running to me.  I immediately thought 'he is not using the shelters' and my heart just sank.  I swooped him up and he was a willing participant.  Quiet as a mouse, and then he sprung out of the carrier like a cannon!  He is going to make someone such a sweet sweet sweet boy.  He reminds me so much of Webster, who I rescued from Webster Avenue two months ago and is now in a warm and loving home with Toni and her family.  PS, Tigger really does look like the Winnie the Pooh character!  Except for his color!

Lets get Tigger a home!  Please share, and please consider fostering one of these babies...  Thank you, and...  have a great day!

Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.
 – Albert Schweitzer


  1. Yay Janine!! Another fantastic day for a very deserving kitty. I know this is VERY stressful for you - I just hope that the wonderful feeling you get from knowing little Tigger is warm and safe helps to offset the stress a bit. I was also SO SO happy to read that Butterscotch is now playing with Leo! That is great progress - thank to you and your patience and love. And tonight I don't have much schoolwork so I will be begin totaling up your rescues from 2014. :) Sorry I haven't had a chance before now. Stay warm and GREAT JOB once again!! ♥ Kristin

  2. As I looked at Greta this morning I couldn't help but think of her being on the streets last winter, and thinking about the many more that are still out there. God Bless You for getting Tigger off the streets. I just called RCAS to help with the costs. -Carol

  3. I am so happy one more has been rescued from the bitter cold... I think of the poor animals out there in the cold and it hurts my heart... if I didn't have 10 cats already I would help to ease your burden... as for now I can only share your cats and your stories hoping someone will open up their home. It had to be hard to leave Garcon behind when he ran up to you. Hopefully his time will come soon.

  4. Great job Janine, toda especia;;y hard for you and the poor kittys, i also look at the two kittys you rescued and gave me and it breaks my heart for the at a time I guess xoxo

  5. Aww, Tigger's inside! He's a gorgeous boy and I just know someone will take him. I've been thinking about you and the kitties a lot these past few days, praying God will keep you all warm and safe. Glad to hear that Butterscotch is slowly coming around, too! We have to celebrate these small victories, right?