Monday, January 5, 2015

First Monday of 2015!

Man of man, so much going on ...   lets see, lets start with New Year's eve morning.  As I was driving home, cutting through a street from 7th, onto Goodman, I saw a man crossing up ahead, and he was walking witht a gait - he just seemed odd, especially with it being 5 am. on a cold dark morning.  As he crossed the street in front of me, he turned around, as I was watching him, and after opening my window slightly, he asked if I had any money for a cup of coffee.  I could see in his eyes that he was freezing.  I knew for sure when I saw his gloveless hands.  I told him I didn't carry money with me, and I asked him where his gloves were...  he replied he didn't have any, so I looked at my own gloves, just little dollar gloves from Walmart, and then turned around and asked Kings to give me his gloves, which I then gave to this man, who blessed me and was on his way.  As I drove off, my eyes welled up.    This poor man, I can't imagine what his life must be like, but it reminded me of the spirit of giving to those less needy.  We all need to be reminded to do just one kind thing for someone each day.  Even the tiniest thing to us could make a huge difference in someone's life.

I also lost a nice feeding hut that Julie gave me a few months back.  It was near the road, under a tree, on Central.  Tippy Toes and Charlie used to use it to sleep in, after i placed a soft fleece blanket in there, and the open part faced east to help block the wind coming from the west.  It had enough room to house a bowl for food.  Someone, the same week after my shelter in the back of the empty city lot was trashed, took this heavy wooden box with roof shingles on the top of it.  Its very territorial here, with Tippy, Elvis, and at least three others, and it helped to break up the fighting.  Now, some of them have nothing.  I have continued to place a dry towel down and food, so that they can at least have their feet warm even through the whipping freezing winds.  Shame shame shame on you who did this - God will judge you in the end.  

On Sunday morning, I had to go to the couple's home that had adopted Jelly.  I got the dreaded call on Saturday - 'it just isn't working out'.  My heart sank.  I thought, oh God, what am I going to do with Jelly.  I reassured this woman that it wasn't her fault, and that we would switch Peanut Butter with her, and see how that goes.  Peanut Butter was rescued last week and was going to be fostered by a wonderful woman who adopted Kingsley last summer, and also her husband builds these wonderful wooden huts.  I immediately called this woman to tell her that I was going to switch Peanut Butter and Jelly, and she told me she would take Jelly.  I can't tell you how relieved I was.

Peanut Butter
When I arrived to this couple's house and went into the room where Jelly was, I found her huddled in a corner, and she began to growl and hiss, ears back.  I thought, wow, she is nearly feral again.  I managed to get her into the carrier, and we introduced Peanut Butter to the couple.  After I got Jelly home, I left her a for a few minutes and then went in and to sit and talk to her, and to coax her from the carrier.  If you can believe it, she came out after I placed a fork with food in front of her nose, and I began to stroke her, and immediately she began to purr.  I couldn't believe the change.  It was obvious that Jelly just was not a good fit for this couple, and I pray that Peanut Butter is working out.  I think they are changing his name to George.  Fingers crossed, again.

There is a cat on Garson that I need to get off the streets.  The morning after the huge snowstorm we had, he was trapped and crying in the distance.  He has shown up pretty much daily ever since.  He runs to me, and he cries, and then he tries to follow me back to the car.  He has been named Tigger.  Here is his picture.

The temperatures this morning are hovering around 20 degrees, with the wind whipping up to 60 mph.  It was a very bitterly cold morning for me, not to mention these poor animals.  Most of my shelters remained intact.  Its supposed to be even worse this week.  Please consider adopting or even fostering one of these angels out there.

Have a great day!

PS, below is a picture of Blackie taken yesterday, who I took out to Branchport after those evil people kicked me and the cats out of their boarded up house, that still no one has moved into, on the corner of Grand and Stout.  Blackie is getting closer to her new parents,and might someday be let inside!  In the meantime, he is must safer, and hopefully happier at his new home in Branchport!


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