Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Numbers

I brought Tigger to his new home on Saturday.  I can't tell you how good it was to see him on the couch with these two little girls hugging him. and he was just loving it.  He went from being very frightened (he went from the street, to my house, to the vet for surgery, back to my house, to the foster house, to my house, and then to Toni's house, all in TWO days.  He had been through a lot, so when he got to Toni's house, he was bewildered, to say the least.  Here is a Tigger update - thanks Toni for adopting him!:

"Sorry did not get a new picture of Tigger this morning was rushing out door but he is doing great!

He was a little constipated yesterday I heard him while he was under couch let out a weird cry like a cat was near him but no one was - and then he pooped under the couch while laying down. It was very hard so I was thinking he was not getting enough liquids or with switching of foods effecting him. So I put him upstairs in his own room gave a can of tuna with extra water and a can of wet food later with extra water, He used litter box in room and it was not as hard this morning so I am hoping that is all it was.

This morning he wanted out of his room so I let him meander upstairs away from the others.  I sat on floor next to him and he came over and layed down next to me stretched out then layed his head on my knee and just purred and purred away.  He looked up at me with that look in his eyes that said  “thank you” so I think he likes it here.  We just love him already he is a big ball of purring love.  He loves to snuggle and the kids just love him too.
Thank you Janine for saving him I am so glad he is off the streets and out of the cold wish I could take them all.

Here is a picture from Saturday night will send some new ones this week ."


2014 Numbers - Thanks Kristin, I know this was a big undertaking, to go through my blog since the last time you did in August, to get a total number of cats (and dogs) I've rescued and adopted out from the streets of Rochester SINCE August.  Here is what Kristin had to say:

"Hey Mama!!  Well, the numbers are IN!!  Since the end of July, you have rescued and adopted out 32 more cats!!  Add that to the 40 you had already saved and you rescued at LEAST 72 cats last year!!!!!!!  I say at least because maybe I missed 1 or 2.  I have all their names but that list is at home, so I will email you the list of names tonight.  Also, I have to count up the TNR's but I think it's about 15 from that same time period.  I am in awe of you - seriously.  

Do you have today off?  I hope so cuz I know you love your long weekends.  If not, bask in the glow of saving 72 babies while you're working today.  Then go home and have 72 glasses of wine to celebrate each cat.  Then go to the emergency room so they can pump your stomach.  haha. 

Ok, here are the names of your rescues from August 1st 2014 to today!!"

1 Sweetie/ Lucy
2 Moonbeam
3 Piper
4 Mystic
5 Mojito
6 Odi
7 Lacey
8 Cookie/ Bella
9 Bubbles/ Merlin
10 Boris/ Greyling
11 Willow
12 Peaches
13 Brady
14 Elvis (not the most recent Elvis)
15 Jelly
16 Purrcy
17 Sparkles
18 Luna
19 Webster
20 Peanut
21 Sweetpea
22 Kingsley
23. Butterscotch
24. Henry
25. Autumn/ Bonnie
26. Blackie
27 Roger
28 Patches
29 Charlie
30 Gigi/ Gimli
31 Peanut butter
32 Tigger
33 Elvis (your most recent rescue)

8 with no names
The mom cat of the 4 kittens from that man's porch in Brighton
Frida's cats on Clifford ave

Plus you saved Beethoven and Butterfly (the puppies) don't forget to add them to your total rescues of the year.  :)


I could NOT have done all this without all of YOU who have adopted these cats! So, hurray for YOU!!!!

GREAT news!

A Hundred Years From Now

It will not matter
the sort of house I lived in,
what my bank account was,
or the car I drove.
 But the world may be different
because I was important
in the life of animals
and the creatures on this earth.



  1. Thank you for spreading happiness to so many through your unselfish acts. I stand in awe of your compassion, determination and many, many accomplishments. -carol

  2. Congrats Janine - to say the least!! That's a whole lotta little lives you've SAVED - not just made their life better - saved from horrible conditions on the streets. And thank you Kristen for taking the time to count back thru the year and being such a strong supporter of our friend - great job!

  3. There is no doubt, those numbers rock ! and love both slogans, especially the first one xoxox

  4. That is a lot of cats (and dogs)! Congrats! Now if we could just make them stop coming.....the cats that is. Tracy