Monday, January 26, 2015


It was 11 degrees out this morning.  Terribly bitter cold air - my heart breaks when I go out each day.  I can only pray that these homeless animals out there are using the shelters I have for them.  And that the straw keeps them warm.  They say it does, but I've never lain in straw before, so I don't know it for a fact!

So life is (not always) good.  I got a call from "Julio" on Friday after leaving a note with my number on the porch at 4th and Penn, after noticing my plates and towel had been placed in the front of the house a few days ago.  This is where EIGHT cats LIVE, and have lived for years now.  He said 'I cannot allow this - the home will be renovated soon, and I cannot allow this' - he said is the manager of a management property, and said the owner will not allow it.  He did not mention the shelters I have set up in the back against the garage.  I feel like driving over there right now to be sure those are safe, but I can't.  I will get into an argument, I am sure, because he will be a prick and will not be compassionate about the situation.  I have to trust that he will not destroy the shelters.  For now, hopefully, he only wants the feeding on the porch stopped.  I feed on the porch, and in back where the shelters are, because all eight cats that are there, starving, cannot fit into the shelter in back, and also some are territorial, and scared of the others.  I am absolutely sick over this.  Maybe I need to get in touch with this man and find out if he is the one that trashed the shelter I tried to set up in the vacant lot and threw all the stuff in the open window of the garage last fall.  I need someone to help me talk to this man.  I am not good at this stuff because I get very emotional.

I go from high - rescuing Garson - to low - getting this call, all within the hour.  I hate people.  (update since Friday, the shelters in back have not been touched - yet)

Tigger Update:

So glad you got Garson he is a adorable as they all are!
I usually have that special spot for the Black ones they always draw me right in to me they are still the smartest of them all.

Our Tigger is doing great. I did not have time this am to snap some pics will get some this weekend.
He is talking away and getting tougher each day
Purrs like a beast and is coming around more and more I just love seeing him get his confidence and courage back.  
I tell him if the cowardly lion can find courage so can he! Looking more like the Regal tiger he should be each day

Monday Morning:  
"Sorry for the pic mess had to send them to work, Tigger is doing 80 to 85 percent better. I think in another week or 2 we will be 100 percent. He still is a little hissy with some of the others but coming along. He comes downstairs on his own all the time now and mingles. As you can see in my pics he loves my daughter Callaway she is his favorite. He now sleeps in her room a lot and hangs with her on the couch. He is a total sweety and purrs like a chainsaw. We are thrilled he is feeling better. Will bring back to vet to check the heart murmer but for other issues he has turned a corner. :)  Also he no longer eats alone upstairs he eats in kitchen with all the others :)"

Above is Fraser - a before (left) and after picture.  He was rescued last winter, in that horrible winter we had, and boy did he get lucky!  Sunday Sheryl took him to foster, and fell in love in no time and adopted him.  He is such a beautiful boy!

GARSON - what a love SHE is!  Its a girl.  Yep, I messed up again, but I think its because there is a twin out there.  As I left Hayward, which is just the street over from Garson, I saw another black cat with white on it.  Almost similar, but hard to see from the car.  I will have to monitor this situation.  I renamed Garson GEMMA.  Not only is Gemma a girl, but she is a true GEM, so the name suits her.  She is the most lovingest girl I've come across lately.  She never wants you to stop petting her, or holding her. She is ready for adoption!

We also need to get our sweet Jelly and Elvis adopted.  They are doing well in their foster home, but they deserve their own home.  Please spread the word about these angels. 


  1. Janine is the gentleman you have to speak to Hispanic, if not what nationality, maybe could get a person of his same heritage to accompany you ? got my thinking cap on foryou and kittys love. xoxoxo

  2. I wish I could take all the kitties that need homes for now I am happy to give Webster and Tigger new ones they are both awesome and Tigger looks like a star in his picture above. Love to you for all you do saving them. Good luck with that man good thinking to get someone who can speak to him maybe he will listen to them easier.

    Toni Spencer