Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It Is What It Is

I often think about what I am doing.  What I am doing every single day of my life.  The 'golden years' of my life.  This is how I am spending them.  I travelled quite a bit, met a lot of people when I was 'younger', so maybe this is how the last half/quarter will be - getting up each day at 3:15, getting myself ready to start the day, be alert enough to drive to my first spot five minutes away and feed the teenage kitten and a few adults that are waiting for me each morning at a vacant house porch.  I then move on to another 16 locations, all within an hour and a half in the wintertime, where there is an average of three cats that I can see per spot, waiting for some warm water to replace the frozen, and some dry and wet food to eat.  I often change the towel or blanket I've left for them to stand on under the shelters or boards that I place the food under to protect against the weather, so that they are not standing on cold snow, or cold cement, whatever the case may be.  I medicate some here and there, and I rescue who I can.

I suppose there might be one or two people that say - we got them spayed and neutered  and now you are taking them and getting them adopted - when they should be left on the street to live their lives out, but I see it as having the chance to get them off the street that is the real bonus.  I am always waiting for the day when someone says 'I'll take a kitty.'  And with each person that says that, one cat is saved.  I look at some of my spots now, and there are hardly any cats anymore, that I can see in the few minutes I am there.  Second Street used to be overrun with cats!  Now I see one.  Central Park was overrun with cats!  Now I see just a few or three.  Its a good thing, but there are so many more out there, and I will continue to get them spayed and neutered and rescued as long as I am able to walk and breathe.  I think I got off track with what I was saying above, but that's for another day.  I must finish up here and get ready for work!

Little Tippy Toes didn't move much during the day yesterday after he was rescued and held captive in my bathroom until his foster mom came to get him.  But he is a sweetheart.  He will let you pull him out from behind the toilet, and will sit sweetly on your lap, but has had not eaten or used the litter box.  Lets hope we have better luck at his new foster house.   Update - he tested negative for leukemia and is a sweetheart - he will hopefully be adopted TODAY!  Fingers crossed!

Tigger is doing a fraction better each day!  Update from his mom:  "He seems to be more comfortable coming around now and stands straight up where he has been slinking before, I think he just did not trust us and was used to be shooed away rather than held and hugged. I always get down to his level so he is more comfortable and I do not tower over him or stand behind him to spook him.  It has been where he would slink into things like the wall or things on floor almost to hide into them. I am thinking maybe he did this while living on the streets and under houses. He seems to be trusting us more and more each day he is great with the kids."

Jelly and Elvis update from their foster Debbi:  "they are doing well - Jelly isn't hissing at me when I give her her food in the morning, but still is hiding - very slow going as I thought.   Elvis is doing well - good appetite, doing ok with other  cats, not a fan of dogs at this point but this is still a new situation for him.  He's really a nice cat."

I still have a lot of regret that I did not keep Jelly and socialize her more.  She was good with me, and then went from house to house in a period of time that was critical to her socialization.  She got lost in a big house first, and then retreated to her fright after she was put back in a room.  I should have kept her, and stayed with her, while she learned to trust humans.  I pray that her foster mom is giving her time and attention enough that she will learn to trust a human again.

Here is an update on the cat we traded for her - Peanut Butter, who was renamed Ben:
"Hi Janine: Thought you deserve an update on Ben. He is a very active cat and his favorite toy is a bit of string that he loves to chase when I run with it. he takes it in his mouth & walks around with it. he follows us every where, loves to look at the squirrels, & also, Smokey. they look at each other through the glass, and seem to like what they see! He is a very good boy, and is a real pleasure to have living with us. We will have to get him some kind of scratching post, soon. So thank you again for our little Ben.  How is Jelly with her foster Mum? I so hope she is feeling happier than when she was in our house. and hope she and Elvis are adopted soon!  Hope the milder weather sticks around for you and the cats. And do you hear the rooster anymore?"

So there you have it.  The cat world.  The crazy crazy cat world.  Thanks for joining me.   :)

Have a great day!

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  1. thank you for all the updates Janine, yes it is indeed a bonus if you can find a home for these poor kittys, but not your true mission, which we know, is, TNR. You go the extra mile in doing so, it is very difficult to find a home, a good home, for any anima God Bless you.l

  2. Wow you have made such a difference in the number of cats in the area! Good job :)