Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Very cold out there today.  We got about three inches of snow overnight.  Thank God we did not get the magnitude of the storm that the east coast got overnight and is getting today.  We have been spared so far this year for a blizzard.  Blizzards are tough because you have the winds whipping every which way, blowing the snow around, so the shelters are never safe, not matter how good they are - there is snow getting in somewhere, usually through the opening.

There have been some kids that have been egging the bowls in a shelter on 5th and Central the past several days.  Must be very bored kids - you can tell they are because of the footprints in the snow, and there was a little football left in the vacant lot.  I swear, if I catch these kids, I will.... no, I would talk to them kindly and explain to them how sad these cats are that are trying to keep warm, and eat the food that I provide them here.  That this is their only home, and they don't have a nice warm bed to lie in like they do.  I am very gentle with kids in these areas, because I know they don't have enough, of anything.  Most likely good parenting to begin with.  It worked on a group of boys that I actually did catch playing in a vacant lot on 7th. I explained to them about the kitties there, and they've never bothered trashing my shelter since.

But speaking of bribery, I am putting this out there to anyone who may have an extra $50 or $100 to spare. A friend of mine suggested we get a gift card to a nice restaurant and offer it to Julio, the man on Pennsylvania who is fixing up a house that I feed EIGHT cats at.  These cats, and this includes an eight month old kitten, LIVE here.  Behind the house in the shelter I have built.  At least I pray they use it.  But this man doesn't want them around. He has not trashed the shelter YET, but he will come the nicer weather.  I would like to be able to speak with him, reason with him, and bribe him, yes.  I think this is the only way to do this - he obviously does not feel for these animals out there.  So I need to bribe him with his stomach.  So, if anyone is interested in helping, a gift card to a nice restaurant would be so nice to have.  I do need to meet with this man soon though, which means I will have to leave work at lunch and hope that he is there working on the house.  I thank you in advance!

Look at my girl, Buster in a box!  :)

I have left a box in my living room for the cats for about a month now.  They LOVE this box. Each of them takes turns in it.  They play in it, they rest in it, they stalk each other from it.  They love boxes!

This is a video of a cat that I rescued as a kitten, and my friend adopted.  This is Montego, with his canine pal Savannah.  Its amazing how these animals can come from the street, and learn to love everyone!  They are so adaptable.  Don't ever hesitate to get a cat just because you have dogs!  Living proof!

Tigger a few weeks ago - sick

Tigger today - better:
His mom says:

"Tigger is doing 80 to 85 percent better. I think in another week or 2 we will be 100 percent. He still is a little hissy with some of the others but coming along. He comes downstairs on his own all the time now and mingles. As you can see in my pics he loves my daughter Callaway she is his favorite. He now sleeps in her room a lot and hangs with her on the couch. He is a total sweety and purrs like a chainsaw. We are thrilled he is feeling better. Will bring back to vet to check the heart murmur but for other issues he has turned a corner. :)"

Now we need to get our other little darlings adopted!  Jelly, Elvis, Gemma and Tippy Toes!

“A simple act of kindness the size 

of a rice grain can weigh

as heavy as a mountain"


  1. adorable video clip, and i even if one has a dog that does not want to play with the kittys, although my own dog does play with my cats.....a cat is a just a wonderful creature to have in the house. I am very atttched to my dog and he to me, but when i feel down or ill, it is my kityys that i find most comfprt from , the soft warm fur and purr of a kitty is beyond any medical cure for what ails you

  2. Along with any gift card should be some information on the good a feral colony can do for keeping his property free of unwanted critters.

  3. Janine,

    Try your charm first. Bring someone with you that speaks Spanish if you are sure that is his primary language. There are no guarantees he would be amenable to your suggestions and or advise. The $100.00 could be better used for 2 spay/neuters. If he is cooperative than you can cook/bake something for him. He may very well tell you he has no choice in the matter because he is not the owner of the property.

    Walt Simoni

  4. I agree with Walt's comment. He won't refuse one of your delicious home-baked dishes....and he only gets that after he cooperates!!