Friday, January 9, 2015

Tigger Tigger Tigger!

Update on Rooster - I did not hear the rooster this morning.  But not hearing it made me wonder:  Did it die? I don't have a clue.  Because, of course, I never did hear from animal control like it was promised to me that I would.  I have lost faith in what little resources we supposedly have here in Rochester when it comes to animals in neglect or cruelty cases.  I specifically asked the operator to have them call me, twice, and she reassured me, twice, that they would.  This is not the first time either.  I used to have a friend in this department, and she used to call me, but either she is not there any more and there is a new officer, or they just dont' like me because I report things that I find disturbing when it comes to animals.  This officer was actually the star of my very first post when I started this blog in 2008.  This is very disappointing to me - I KNOW they are busy.  No question, but take the minute to call.

Now, granted, I can see how they might have snickered when I called two years ago about a raccoon 'stuck' in a second story window of a garage.  In hindsight, learning more about raccoons as the years passed, I realized they can get into anything and pretty much get out of what they got into.

Regardless, there have been cases where I've asked them to call me back, but they didn't, and that disturbs me.   Did they even bother to go over there - for a rooster?

Same goes for the NET officer that never called me back, after I left THREE messages for him.  They just don't care.  And I am not some crazy person - they know I am sane, but that I have a passion for these animals and their welfare.  So no excuse.

Update on Tigger - Tigger and Jelly were picked up last evening by the woman with the very huge heart and too many kitties - for fostering.  I don't know her as well as I would have liked, so when she arrived, I practically accosted her asking her to tell me a bit about herself.  She must have thought I was a crazy person.  But the stories she told me about of her taking in cats from certain situations, she is just amazing.  I wish she would post on my blog - let her tell you some of these stories - your heart would melt.  Anyways, you wont believe this:  The girl that adopted Webster?  She wants to adopt Tigger!  Woo hoo!  So, we will see about getting Tigger back and into a permanent home.  But poor Jelly.  We must get her into a good home now too!


"I hope and pray that Krissy finds a home. She sounds like a really special dog, even though some one would have to be willing to bear the expense of her medications, poor little girl. There are so many wonderful hearts out there that I think she will find some one. I was thinking about you this morning, Janine, being out there feeding all those cats in this vile weather. I do not know how you do it, and I can imagine it is wear and tear on your stress levels, along with the three extra cats in your home. I also think about the cats who don’t have a Janine to give them food each morning. and at the dogs left outside!! If you tried to rescue that rooster, would it be in the early hours? I would love to help in some way or another, but how? That horrible excuse of a man should not have any animals! The HS should have taken both the rooster, and the dog away from him.
 Our little boy has settled wonderfully, he loves to play, & follows us around, purring like crazy! He roams all around, but likes to sleep in the area down the basement under a table that Jelly once was, in the beginning. I am thinking that maybe her scent is still there. So we keep his food and litter there, too We really love him, and his name is now, Ben. We thank you for getting him off the street, and giving him to us, and all the others you have rescued. I am hoping that Jelly finds someone who will love her, and that she can love, too."

Ahhhhhh....  BLISS......

"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." 


  1. 2 heartwarming stories to start the day on. In my heart I choose to think that Animal Control intervened and the reason you did not hear the rooster is that he has been transferred to a safe and warm place. You are my heroine Janine Wagner! -carol

  2. Janine call RAS and ask for answers...speak with Jonelle or Chris who are in charge. 428-7274. Hit # to get right thru. Julie

  3. there seems to be a world wide shortage of animal control responders and tougher penalty to animal cruelty situations., lets hope thats the reason why they cannot always step in and help, and not because animal cruelty/neglect is on the rise.........we all know Janine does more than her share to help. So happy for Tigger, you must have worked overtime on this one J. xoxox

  4. This may be the reason animal control did not return your calls...
    Last night, channel 13 news showed animal control officers investigating a dead, frozen dog in the trash bin after being alerted by a kind hearted neighbor that had been tossing food to the dogs. Other nearby dogs were found to be emaciated (and obviously used for breeding) or limping from frost bit paws due to insufficient shelter from the freezing temps. I can only hope the monsters that allow this will be heavily fined and or jailed, thus making an example of what "should" happen to those committing these crimes.
    Only then will they think twice about leaving ANY animal out in this severe weather. roosters included.
    Even a young child knows living things need food and shelter, so these are not acts of not knowing any better, as some tend to think, this is total disregard for life.
    More people like yourself are needed to report this type of crime. I would love to see a reward system set up for those that have the courage to take action on these types of crimes inflicted on those that have no voice. They suffer and die in silence while others turn a blind eye.
    This is a very sad example of the Rochester community.