Monday, January 12, 2015

February 2010

The following is a post I wrote back a year ago, reminding people to report neglect and abuse on animals, even if they aren't sure about it.  After Friday's comment on my blog, I was sickened, and saddened beyond belief -  I was reading it at work, having tears stream down my face.  NOT that I didn't appreciate it, don't get me wrong, I appreciated the comment, good, bad, sad, happy, it doesn't matter.  Its whats out there.  Its REAL.

Why aren't people being jailed for more serious charges when they harm an animal - why aren't they being tried for murder when they kill an animal?  Why aren't these people jailed.  This evil creature, Love Jackson, wasn't.  She got a slap on the hand, not even her face, for what she did.  And it began and ended with Judge Schwartz, even as hard as we all tried, those that went to defend the dead dog that day.  Please remember, I worked in a law firm for ten years, I have attorney friends, but there are some that don't stand up to these monsters, and for that, they are equally monsters in my eyes.  What is wrong with our legal system???

In keeping with the theme the past day or two, and to show you my determination to help end animal abuse, I wanted to share something that I did several years ago, and the follow up post.  For some of you , this is a repeat. I would hope you would consider fighting for something in your life, especially when it comes to children, the elderly, and animals.  Although Ms. Jackson got nothing more than a slap on the hand, at least I tried.

The original abuse charge on Love Davis, the evil woman who left her dog chained in the garage during a very cold February in 2010 with no food or water, is archived in the Democrat and Chronicle, including the little blurb in the paper about her 'sentencing', which I could not open today (and I don't know why I can't, I pay each month for my Sunday and holiday papers!), but following this letter is the post I wrote after the trial:  I probably wouldn't have been as determined as I was if this location where the dog died was right on my route that I travel each day.

Here is a letter I wrote to the Judge prior to her sentencing:

Honorable John R. Schwartz
Rochester City Court
99 Exchange Boulevard
RochesterNY 14614

Dear Judge Schwartz,

I would like to re-introduce myself to you as I was one of the spectators involved in a recent animal cruelty case that you presided over, both in the April pre-trial process and the trial on July 27, 2010, the Love Jackson dog starvation case. You made a great impression on me seeing your sincere interest toward the people involved in bringing charges.  Those who took the time to unmask this kind of cruelty, and actively did something about this kind of tragedy. I was grateful for the opportunity to speak with you that July day and sincerely appreciated your advice that you would read and consider any additional information that came after that trial date. As you explained, you could not read my letter attached to the petition until after that trial procedure.

This letter further elaborates my deep concern for animals that are abused. My love of animals stems from an early age when my grandparents and parents taught me how to love, treat and respect animals. My grandfather, Bill McCann, was very much involved in Rochester's political scene in the 1960s, one position was a personal assistant to     Rochester's Police Commissioner.  He ran for Sheriff taking on Sheriff Skinner. Unfortunately, he did not win the election. He, personally had many pets, even taking in orphaned cats. He was my mentor.

Over these past years I have assumed the task of seeking our feral cats, feeding them, giving them the necessary medical care and finding good homes as much as my position allows. My work has evolved into setting up a blog site.- -to make this plight known to a large population.

As any large city, Rochester has a major problem with homeless and abused animals, and people with an indifference to what animal's rights should be. With this Jackson case, I saw our judicial system work and it energized me to continue with my goals to bring animal cruelty to the forefront.

With this letter, it is my sincerest request that you give the person who brutally abused God's creatures in such an inhumane and unjust manner, Ms. Jackson the fullest sentence to the extent the law allows.  In addition to her jail sentence, we should set a precedence to assign parole-like work to continue after her time served, to work in an animal shelter under strict guidance where hopefully she would find remorse and compassion for the animals in her care. 

I am most grateful for the time you took to read this letter and I hope you will give my requests serious consideration prior to Ms. Jackson’s sentencing on August 27th.  At present the law considers this degree of abuse a misdemeanor. Life, be it animal or human, deserves respect, kindness, compassion and love.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Janine Wagner 


Well, I went to court this morning.  Ms. Jackson doesn't have purple hair anymore. Besides that, when I arrived I saw Kate from The Barking Lot and three of her friends, one from the D & C named Renee, she was not a reporter, but has her connections there! My friend Mary also came, for which I was very grateful. The Judge called Ms. Jackson up and before sentencing asked her what she would like to say, she mumbled something about being sick back then, when she couldn't feed her dog for I don't know how many weeks it takes to starve a dog to death, and that she was sorry. The Prosecuter did speak on behalf of the good guys, and mentioned that when Officer Muller arrived on the scene, it was a 5, 5 being the worst scenario for an animal in trauma. This stuff just sickened me to hear. Not only that, but Officer Muller had shared with us the last time that this dog had chewed his feet off he was so hungry - which was not shared with the public. Hows that? And she was sick. The Judge then spoke and said that in all his 25 years on the bench, he has never had such a showing of compassion for an animal, and he has never received as many letters on behalf of the dog. He told Ms. Jackson that this group wanted her to received the maximum possible. He then told her he would not sentence her to the year in jail, it would be a waste of taxpayer's money. He told her he was sentencing her to 100 hours of community service - to be served at an animal shelter, and a fine, and she could never own an animal again. I was in tears, but composed myself. I get so emotional about this stuff! I am not happy by this, as who is going to monitor that she never owns an animal. And she will take the easy road and show up at the Verona Street shelter where they don't have time to monitor what she is doing as they are inundated themselves with animals. This is in comparison to Lollypop, where there are more people who would make sure she spends the time necessary to give her the dose of reality she needs. She most likely doesn't have a car, which make the Verona Street Shelter an easier place to serve out her sentence. The newspaper report just came out, I attach the link below. All in all, a small drop of justice was served. I do hope they make her work in the worst possible area - not sure what that is, but she needs to be shocked back to humanity.

If you want to read more about this, and what happened between me and MS JACKSON before her hearing, this can all be found if you do a search on Love Jackson in the search bar above.  I could have smacked her.

Please do your part to save an animal!  and have a nice day!

"Raise your words, not voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."


  1. agree with you 100% Janine, and what you wrote is very impressive ! as individuals and as a group, we can only keep nagging the authouritys to set up meaningful deterents to the ones that commit cruelty by neglect or sadism to animals, by now every one knows it has been well proven, and documente,d that persons who inflict cruelty to animals more often than not are misfits of society that will progress to ant_isocial behaviour and harm to humans, look at Sadam Hussain son, "Ooday" was his name, he had a history of animal cruelty and led an anti social life......

  2. I couldn't even read the article or your letter because I know what they contained and I can't handle the heart-wrenching cruelty of it all. I know what goes on and I do everything I can to stop it whenever I see it - I don't need anymore sad images forever burned into my mind to spur me into action. I am just sick about it. These people are sadistic and need to be punished severely. I have been telling my students just today that they need to keep an eye out for animals left out in the cold and to call 911 if they even suspect a dog is being left out. They need to be a voice for the dog who cannot speak for him/herself. And I will keep saying this all winter - and summer too regarding leaving them out in the heat. We cannot stand idly by. Bless you for always taking a stand.

  3. Yes, we all need to be a voice for the voiceless, animal and human. More than that, we need to act where we can and when we can to help these animals who are the victims of brutality and neglect. Janine's my inspiration in that regard, to never give up or lose heart in helping the strays.