Friday, January 23, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust!

Got him!  Meet Garson!  WHAT A LOVE HE IS!!!


Yes, another successful rescue.  Its been a pretty good month!  I think I've rescued four or five cats so far, I need to go back and check out this blog.  This boy I've been feeding for quite a while.  Ever since those evil people around the corner kicked me off the porch of the boarded up house on Chamberlain and I had to find a new location around there due to the four cats that depended on shelter and food by me for years there.  If you recall, I was first booted from the boarded up house on Garson, where I fed for years, but the owner who was fixing the place up a year ago or so didn't want me or the cats there and booted me from there, and by the way, its still boarded up!  I found the vacant house kitty corner on Chamberlain, and after months and months of sheltering, feeding and rescuing more kitties, I wound up face to face with the evil wife threatening bodily harm if I continued to feed there, so I had to move.  Garson has been running to me each morning, even on the coldest mornings we've had so far, from the end of the field where the shelters are, to my car.  And he does the roll over trick, on his back, so excited to see me.  So he was on 'the list' and I am thankful that my friend Mylene has partnered with me, for now, to take a few kitties and get them either fostered or adopted straight away.  She has had some great luck in finding fosters and adopters, so I am really grateful for this dynamo in the cat world to friend me!

Garson will be going to the vet tomorrow for leukemia testing, fingers crossed.  Today, he will spend the day in my warm cozy bathroom where he has soft blankets to lay on, a window to watch the birds at the feeder, and as much food and water as he wants!  And cuddles galore!  He will be ready for adoption anytime!

Not so great news about Blackie, the little guy I fed for years inside a garage, and then under the porch after the city decided to board the garage up, with my shelters and all inside.  No matter that this was 'home' to at least three regular cats - but we found alternative homing under the porch, with straw, and tote shelters placed under there.  Then the evil people came and after confrontation, involving the police, I had to relocate these animals.  I could only do Blackie, who had an offer to live in the country, Branchport to be exact.  A co-worker had a barn situation and was looking for kitties.  I was hesitant after a few bad situations with barn rehoming, but I brought him out there anyway.  He escaped after a day and I thought I had lost him forever.  He wound up comiing out of whereever he was hiding, and being so comfortable there that he began  peering through their windows, like he wanted to come inside!  They fell in love with Blackie, and wanted to make him an indoor baby, and took him to the vet yesterday for shots, and testing for leukemia.  Poor baby, tested positive.  Here is our exchange:   

Caught our boy this morning but bad news. FeLV +. I'm sick about it.
FIV or Leukemia?
oh no. so, what do we do?
Nothing. Just take good care of him. I have to keep him away from my other cats
She said he could live to be 15
yes,ok Sandra, I agree with you.
I'm heartbroken
yes, it is very sad. in my world, if I had rescued him, and found this out, knowing no one would take him, i would have had to euthanize him. I would never put him back on the street, nor could he be around healthy cats. so sad.
you are giving him an alternative, life. Thank you. Please watch him for sickness.
18 hours ago
he still got all his shots today and his first monthly dose of flea meds. he goes back in a couple of weeks dose his distemper booster.
oh wonderful, how did he do?
He was wonderful! You would never know it was the same cat! He acted like a total gentleman!
no biting, growling...nothing!
omg, i am just .... sick over not rescuing him sooner..
Janine, this is NOT a death sentence. We will watch him and take care of him if he is sick. We are committed to him for life.
no, i know, I've had positive cats - i am just saying I wish I had known his true colors a long time ago, i just never gave him a chance besides feeding him and sheltering him, and rehoming him - when I could have rescued him and seen how sweet he did turn out to be.
My first positive kitty lived for nearly two years after being diagnosed - in a home where he was kept separate - a wonderful house with separate living quarters for him. I named him Homey.
LOL He can still be a little pisser! He bit me in the hand the other day!

So there you have it. Blackie will live out his days in comfort, and loved. It couldn't have turned out better.

Thank you all for reading, and have a great day!

 "In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take."


  1. Congrats on getting Garson (I like to say it with a French accent); a big thanks to Mylene for all her help!! I'm so sorry about Blackie's news but he's in loving hands and will enjoy life to its fullest. Nancy C.

  2. Garson is a beautiful cat. Fingers crossed. Should have no trouble adopting him out!

  3. Aaww, sad story with a happy ending for Blackie, blessings to all involved in this rescue. I have one diagnosed with same, he is full of life and fun and is an old cat himself, he has his very own froend that he wrestles with, swats, and eats food with, never any sickness transfered !+

  4. So glad you were able to get Garson off those cold streets he is such a cutey. Sorry to hear about Blackie's positive test just glad he can live his life out in the country for however long that maybe and not in the city on the streets.The country living will be better for his condition less stress. Bless you all for taking him and giving him that chance xoxo Toni Spencer Mommy of Webster & Tigger

  5. Janine,

    Excellent job as usual with rescuing Garson. Thanks to Blackies Mom and Dad for committing to giving him the best live possible and thank you Janine for making all that possible by rescuing him. Their is always a possibility that it was a false positive test. Karon and I have seen a few of those over the years. Lastly, for those of you who may know Kathy Rivera a long time Cat rescuer and former Executive board member of Habitat for Cats when Karon was President. Kathy is back at Highland Hospital 1000 South Ave. Rochester, 14620. Rm.E-505 and is allowed visitors. Kathy has been
    battling Cancer for sometime now and it would be greatly appreciated if we could get some cards and or visits to her.

    Walt & Karon Simoni

  6. Janine there is a 50% chance that test was a false positive. We have had it happen so many times I can't even count. Diane has had several test positive more than once and then be negative. No false negatives only positives can be false. A neg can still be coming down with it
    And them test positive but never a false positive. I would strongly recommend Sandy retest him in about a month and even if + he can live for years like she said. Other cats should be vaccinated for felv so they don't get it!! Xoxo Julie