Thursday, January 8, 2015


UPDATE 11:30 am. I've called Animal Control about the rooster!  I hope and pray the a$$____ doesn't figure it out that it was me who called, and trash my shelter!  I've asked for follow-up, so will let you know if they actually do call me, and what they say!  Prayers!

For me, rescuing is tough.  You have so many decisions to make. You try to find the best home for adoption, and the best situation for fostering.  I am always thinking of the person fostering before I am thinking of the cat.  Sometimes I am thinking of the cat - its personality and how it will acclimate being fostered - will it thrive in this environment?, but most times, I am thinking of the foster person - 'am I overburdening them'?  Some fosters have no cats, some have a few, others have more than a few.  People who offer to foster have the biggest hearts of all.  They say 'get that cat off the street, I will do what it takes, bring him to me for fostering, we will get him adopted out eventually!'.  Those are the sweetest words to hear.  When you do foster, you take on the cost of food, sometimes the cost of vetting (not normally - its usually done before the cat goes to fostering), and you have to provide attention and love to the cat to socialize it enough to go to a home.  Most times, the cat is sweet and loving after a few days off the streets.  It just learns to trust.  And a few days is all it takes, most times, its immediate.

I've had some wonderful people to help foster over the years, I didn't think I would ever have them - only rescue groups normally have them - and I am so grateful to these folks because without them, the cats that are now placed in loving homes would still be on the streets, most likely dead by now.  

There are times that I get crazy trying to figure out what to do - yesterday - having three extra cats is too much for me.  Its very stressful, and my health most likely pays for that stress.  I had a call from a rescue group offering to take in Tigger if I didn't have the ear tipped when he was neutered, and for the clinic, I do not qualify to have a 'normal' neuter or spay, so she offered me other alternatives, but they weren't until next week, and I kept thinking of the bathroom this cute guy was in, with his foul, very strong urine smell that unneutered cats have, and knowing there was another kitty in the other bathroom, and Butterscotch hiding still in the house, and I was overwhelmed.  After a few minutes, I decided to keep the appointment and have Tigger's ear tipped.  It was an opportunity for Tigger probably to find a home sooner - he would have been shown at Petco - but my circumstances sometimes take over - my stress level needs to be low, or I can't function properly.   So I turned down this exceptional offer, and decided I will try to get him adopted out on my own.  I've had great luck this past year in getting what I think is 70 cats adopted out (Kristin will tally that up for me soon (unless someone else wants to! :) - so we will see.  I am so grateful for this group to reach out to me.  Thank you.

Back to fostering, there is a kind kind woman who has offered to take both Jelly and Tigger this evening.  She lives sort of far, so it won't be easy for them to be shown for possible adoption, but we will figure it out.  Also, she has many other kitties, and as much as I know she will give Jelly and Tigger loving attention, its not possible to show your love to both them, and your own brood.  And fostering is not a guarantee that the cat will be adopted out soon. Sometimes it takes a while.  There have been times where I've worried it wouldn't happen.  One foster, Sheryl, wound up falling in love with hers - Fraser, and kept him!  So I still am praying someone steps up and offers to foster one or the otherm TODAY. Elvis is still out there, he needs to be scooped up.  Garson is still out there, and the red beauty on Parsells.  I have not seen Hayden on Hayward nor Mr. Fluffypants on Pennsylvania in over a week now.  I have to wonder whats happened to them.  It breaks my heart to think of the worst.

It was wretchedly bitter out this morning, and I did notice some shelters being used, but not all.  I changed a lot of towels and blankets used for them to feed on - we had a microburst of snow and high winds yesterday to cover every inch of the earth - well, the northeast at least.

So, please consider fostering and adoption everyone.  And thanks for the comments guys, I need feedback - it helps to know someone is reading!

PS, the rooster was crowing this morning.  I think about it in that freezing dark shed.  

Have a good day.

“Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day:

- I shall not fear anyone on Earth. 
- I shall fear only God. 
- I shall not bear ill will toward anyone. 
- I shall not submit to injustice from anyone. 
- I shall conquer untruth by truth. And in resisting untruth, I shall put up with all suffering.” 


  1. Hi Janine! I am counting your numbers - I have done December, November and 1/2 of October and you have rescued and adopted out 21 cats in just 2.5 months! I will finish tonight and get the number to you. But yes, you will be close to or above rescuing 70 cats this year! NOT including the ones you TNR'd. Simply astounding! Will the people that offered to take Tigger if his ear was not tipped take Elvis or Garcon? I will pay for them to be fixed without and ear tip (I know it's more). Let me know!! - Kristin

  2. Oh such a shame that a fraction of ear missing will deter Tigger from getting rehomed quickly....honestly I have to look twice to see the missing tips from my kittys ears and it in no way detracts from their looks :) Bravo to you Janine for those outstanding nunbers, you are keeping Kristin busy as your accountant, hah ! anyone that fosters or adopts from you is given much thought about the situation and the likelyhood of success, this we know, and do appreciate it, no just pushing them off onto someone else for Janine and, all the other helpers that bring this rescue together, Bravo ladies.

  3. Janine - I'll foster one for you. I'm in meetings until 3:30 but as soon as I'm out I'll get in touch with you. Mike and I have talked about it, so no worries. We'll do what it takes to get one more off the street. carol

  4. I am reading I am reading! I missed yesterdays blog bc it was so busy at work, so I will read it now! Tracy