Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Update on Cheddar, the kitty I rescued two weeks ago today.  Here is what his new family has to say:

"A I bought a spray to neutralize the odor and deter him from doing it again. I have been keeping him in the bedroom at night which it OK until about 5 am and then he meow's and jiggles the door handle unrelentlessly til I get up and let him free. So far the spraying has been only the one incident and really hope it does not happen again especially on any fabric cause I'm not sure I could handle that. He is a very affectionate kitty and my husband likes him alot but I feel so apprehensive about the potty issue. He is using his litter box so that is great. Hopefully he will calm as he adjusts to the house and dog. I will keep you updated. Not ready to give up on him yet -oh we renamed him Leo!!!!! ( the lion!!!)"

There is a photo of Maree, my friend who took in two of my babies from the streets, Big Red (now named Sandy) and Monkey (girl), along with a HUGE rottweiler named Cujo  - kidding, his name is Cowboy, and I think six other kitties.  She also has a bird named Pedro, he is some kind of parrot - forgive me for  not getting this right Maree, and Pedro has some sort of illness and she needs a hysterectomy but is too sick to have the surgery right now.  She is not doing well, and Maree has to feed and hold her around the clock.  Prayers for Pedro!
Pedro and His Mum, Maree
  This morning, after doing my rounds and driving past what is going to be a new low-cost clinic for spaying/neuter near my home, I was thinking about how this building, and the clinic itself was being funded.  I thought, hopefully the vet that is going to run the place isn't taking money out of her own pocket, but rather the government steps in for clinics like this because after all, this is a societal problem, one in which the government, with all its (OUR) money, should be funding to gain control over the cat overpopulation in our country.  So, I was wondering about that, and if anyone knows the answer, please let me know.   At my spots this weekend, here are some of what I observed:  

Spot 1 - I see at least two cats here when I pull up, I think one is sleeping in the plastic straw-filled tote at night here on Parsells  

Spot 2 - I feed here every other day, I see a cat run out of this shelter as I approach it, almost each time, food is always gone here on Parsells  

Spot 3 - I feed three cats here on Stout- two red, one black (he is getting friendlier with me, rolls over on his back)  

Spot 4 - Lucy waits each morning here on Garson - haven't seen neck wound kitty in a while.  this house is going to be occupied this summer, I need to find an alternative  

Spot 5 - I see a cat that I think might be the one that was pregnant a while back, and it looks like it could be pregnant again here on Hayward.  I think I need to do some trapping here - otherwise, see two other kitties in this location - fluffy red, and calico, which has been spayed.  

Spot 6 - I see spayed calico run to the food after I get back in car - sweet white kitty was not there again this morning here on Baldwin 

Spot 7 - FIVE cats there this morning (by now I am on Webster Ave) - two that I know of are spayed/neutered.   

Spot 8 - Morgan (Captain) the one eyed kitty was there, as usual, along with the younger version of himself, both black and white kitties, along with a third grey tabby I saw this morning here on Short  

Spot 9 - I feed another five here, two that I know of are spayed/neutered.  I think momma cat across the street is still nursing the babies she had here on Sixth.  

Spot 10 - I feed a black kitty, amongst others here.  I havent' seen the orange sickly kitty or the Pumpkin lookalike in a few days... here I am at Pennsylvania and Fourth  

Spot 11 - I feed behind this man's house on Pennsylvania and Second, and there are always at least three kitties here waiting, one I had spayed on my last round of TNR  

Spot 12 - the usual spayed tabbies here on Second, along with the mean old black kitty, and the mean old fluffy grey  

Spot 13 - Cedric, Rolo, and a new one with a rubber flea collar greet me every day here - wondering when this house will be sold by the bank that owns it - grass is getting very long, so someone will be by soon to mow and hopefully not move my shelters in front and back here on Central  

Spot 14 - Tuffy is usually the only waiting customer here on Central and Third, but I know there are others lurking - this is where Cheddar was recently rescued  

Spot 15 - I have been giving the very sickly black kitty some meds the past two days.  He gets close enough where I can put the crushed pills in the wet food he craves, and I watch him gulp it down.  Little fluffy mama is still here each morning waiting for her breakfast.  I must get her spayed soon, no sign of her kittens, if they lived or not.  This is my final spot that I go to 365 days a year here on Seventh.  

Keep in mind, these are only some of the cats that partake in the 16 pounds of food I leave behind every single morning.  I know there are many more in the shadows just waiting, and hoping for a nibble before its all gone.  I could really use some food donations if anyone is able.  

Thanks and make it a great day!


  1. Hi Janine! It's Kim (Harold's mom). I wonder if the Feliway diffuser would work for Cheddar... it is supposed to help with spraying and stressful behavior. I bought one for Harold and used it for a week or so and because he turned out to be such a good boy, I put it in a closet and never had to use it again. Cheddar's mom is welcome to have it if she wants to give it a try... there is a small amount of the liquid still in the cartridge... it might last for a day or so, so she would have to buy another refill but they are not that expensive (the diffuser itself is the costly part). See if she wants to give it a try and I would be happy to pass it along. Let me know! :)

  2. I believe the new clinic is going to be run by Monroe Veterinary Associates who own several of the vet hospitals in Rochester, Vet Specialists, and the Emergency Clinic across from MCC. So I would assume that it will be staffed and funded by them, just as the Sunday Friends of Ferals clinic has been.

  3. His spraying should diminish soon, he's less than a year old, and he was recently neutered. It takes a while for the testosterone to depart. Hope his family will hang in there with him.

  4. Love and prayers to the sick birdie. Such a special creature, so smart and beautiful.

  5. Thank you for thinking of my feather baby Pedro Janine, it's even harder to bear when a pet that can say your name and call the kittys is seriously ill. I know all your followers understand.....Maree