Monday, May 13, 2013

Rough Weekend

It was quiet in the hood this weekend, people wise, although just this morning on my drive in to work, I witnessed someone pulled over and being handcuffed on Culver Road.  That was the height of excitement, people wise.  In other news though, sadness abounds.  Don't read any further if you don't want to... 

One of my mother's two newborns - or Penny's babies I should say - passed quietly on Saturday.  We don't believe Penny is producing milk, or enough anymore.  So, after a frantic call from my mother very early Sunday morning, when she believed the other was being rejected because kitty mom had brought the surviving kitten into another room and left her there, we raced around to find a store open at that hour, actually a few stores, we found some cat milk, and I raced over with a dropper and we began to feed baby.  I was later advised to give it some Karo syrup, and I found some old corn syrup and we got a little of that into the baby.  Here it is, 24 hours later, and baby kitten is still surviving, after being hand fed every two hours through yesterday and the night, and still clinging to momma cat.  Seems maybe there is something to a mother cat rejecting her baby if she feels its dying, and then taking it back if its on the road to recovery?  Not sure, but all we can do is say a little prayer for this little baby to survive.   It was very sad though.  My poor Mom did not expect this!  The drive after my feedings brought more sadness after I picked up a dead cat on Bay.  It was a pretty bad hit to the poor black and white animal, but nevertheless, I scooped it up with a clean fluffy white towel and brought it to its final resting place.  I couldn't just leave it under a bush in that neighborhood.  It would have been thrown in the trash can, for sure.  To the person who hit it and drove off - karma - what goes around, comes around.  Thats all I can say...

Out in the hood, I see sadness all around, but I leave there each morning knowing cats are eating and drinking.  The weather is once again miserable - rain and cold all weekend.  I pray the pregnant kitty I was not able to get two weeks ago made it through her delivery outside on Hayward, and is safe and secure.  I sometimes don't know if I should pray for her newborns safety or demise.  There will be so many new mouths to feed, and it may not be me because they may not be able to find their way to one of my stops, so there is always that sadness.  I have an appointment set for this Wednesday if I can trap the pregnant kitten on Seventh.  She is still around, and very pregnant.  I need prayers for this one too, as I may be doing it alone, and I am not as confident about trapping as others are. 

"If you can find a path with no obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere." 


  1. Very sad indeed Janine for you and your mother on Mothersday especially, but you did such a selfless thing, running around at that hour for milk to feed that baby kitten God bless both you and your mom for doing so much, all my prayers for your kitten and your efforts. It does not go un noticed my dear friend. xxxx

  2. Aww, I'm so sorry! Give your mom my sympathies. That must have been traumatic to find the little kitten. I'll pray for the other kitten to pull through!